Thursday, May 31, 2012

Three Things

Notice how Son is parked as far away from
Mother and Sister as possible. Facing the opposite direction, no less.
With iPod blasting in his ears, as if to say,
"There's no way I'm affiliated with that bunch over there."

On Thursdays I like to encourage my one reader everyone to share three things which can be random, related, off the wall, straight from the Complaint Files or right from the I'm Happy For No Good Reason channel. Whatever you want.

I'll go first.

1. Chesapeake Bay Daughter graduates from 8th grade Friday morning at Ware Church in Gloucester. We have an 8th grade dinner to attend this evening, and there's a graduation party at some point this weekend-- I can't keep up with it all, there's too much  so much pomp and circumstance. Did I ever graduate 8th grade? Of course I survived it, but I don't recall any ceremony.  All I remember was the sense of sheer relief at never having to wear those pin-striped, jail-uniform-like unitards in Ms. Barkers' gym class.  Amen.

The girl has some athletic legs. And she's beautiful inside and out.
Yes, I am bragging.
Signed, Her Mother.

2. Next year both of my children will be in high school. This high school.

3. A brief two blinks of an eye years from now, this son of mine, who is merely fulfilling his duties as outlined in the Teenagers' Guide to Suffering Parents and Family By Ignoring Them All, will be going off to college. (The good Lord willing and the creek don't rise.)

4. (Because 3 is only a suggestion.) Wasn't I just dropping them off at daycare/preschool/kindergarten/first grade? When did I become old enough to have two children in high school, when I just left high school myself thirty years ago?

5. If they're old enough to be in high school/almost college, that can mean only one thing: I am old enough to be accepted into an assisted living facility to know that in two shakes they'll be living their own lives. And I'll need to line up the movers for the next phase of my life, which surely involves a funeral home an assisted living facility.

The End.

Now it's your turn to share three things. Or one thing. Or ten things, it doesn't really matter.


Deltaville Jamie said...

1. Next Friday Midge graduates high school. I am still having a hard time wrapping my head around it.

2. I am stressed beyond comprehension at all of the things that are currently going on in my small corner of the world. Not even wine helps.

3. I'd like to click my heels together 3 times and say "There's no place like that private beach CBW took me to last Sunday, There's no place like that private beach CBW took me to last Sunday..."

4. #3 is great in theory and in Hollywood and The Land of Oz but apparently doesn't work under the rainbow or on the East Coast.

Daryl Edelstein said...

Its amazing that they grow up so fast .. my god daughter graduated law school a few weeks ago, I am still in a daze over that ..

Its been horrifically hot/humid here but today its lovely .. now I am sure I've jinxed it

Gonna go get a hair cut .. can no longer continue to wait for it to get longer .. I know .. insane .. grow it to cut it ..

Waterman JP said...

1.What a beautiful day and alot to be thankful for.That must have been a great family outing for the three of you,CBW,CB Daughter and CB Son happily basking in the sun. Plus enjoying all the beautiful sites that nature has to offer,all of this taking place right on the Chesapeake Bay.

2.I don't remember any 8th grade ceremomy either,but i do remember the the gym clothes as Coach Camechis would call them. OMG... I hated those so much. I had a name for those, but will refrain from that at this time. To touch on the striped shorts you mentioned.OMG.. I can see them today as if I am back in the day. Those were the good ole'days. but today is even good er!

3.Not much happening with me today other thanI am at work for third straight day. I believe I may change my home address to my work adress. Nah,just saying. Good day to all and God bless

Mental P Mama said...

1. She's a beauty like her mama, aunts and grandmother.
2. Don't blink!
3. You ain't goin' nowhere!

Kay L. Davies said...

Beautiful daughter, handsome son, you should be proud of them just as they are instead of getting in a panic about the future. I'm sure you know that already and are actually much more sensible than your three, oops, five things would lead us to believe.
1. My kitchen reno is almost complete.
2. Part of the completion is up to me, and I'm too tired from unpacking boxes and "discussing" where things should go to worry about the backsplash.
3. Part of the completion is up to my husband. That means the baseboards will never (a) get spraypainted or (b) get put back on.
Meanwhile, however, I do love my new kitchen, even if it continues to take too much time.
4. I'm sure it's nap time. It was nap time earlier until the dog scratched at the door, having managed to get all wet. Took two of us to dry her, and she's still damp. Her towels are in the washer, the sound of which will provide a lullaby for my nap.

Meg McCormick said...

We had those gym suit unitard things. The athletic girls looked pretty good in them. Most of the rest of us did not. In my school, it was K-6 and then 7-12, and there was one graduation: Senior year. That's it.

Meanwhile, we attended the HS graduation party for our friend's oldest daughter. They had just found out they were pregnant with her when WE got married. Which means she just turned 18, and we will have been married for 19 years, in October.

See if you can book a double room at the assisted living facility. I'll check in with you.