Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More From Bethel Beach

Notice how the design formed by the feathers of this bird in flight
looks like some ominous creature with great big eyes.
(Or is it just me?)

Whenever I use my camera's zoom function to the extreme, things get all wobbly,
blurry and ridiculous. Just know that I was a million miles away when I took this very
mediocre shot of very beautiful swans.
And I still adore my camera.

Here are some more shots from last week's very brief
trip to Bethel Beach.

Someone's peeking out the nest.

The parent kept an eye on me the whole time.

These two were very content to just stand around and listen to the waves.

Those same two seagulls are in the upper left corner of this shot, but
you have to click on the image and pull out a telescope
magnifying glass to see them. I wasn't trying to capture them but was
more intrigued by the patterns above.
It doesn't take a whole lot to amuse me. That's why I thrive in Mathews.

These were on the path at the entrance to the beach.

Even a stray crab claw can be beautiful.
I love the blue and hint of  red.
(Though I'm sorry he's dead.)

Bethel Beach is a wonderful place to visit, 
especially on a sunny May day.

Thanks for tagging along.


Fighting Mermaid said...

Noah and I love that place. When getting out on the water close by involves losing shoes to the mud and lots of cussing, Bethel's sandy shores are dreamy!

deborah said...

Swans! Just too interesting! Isn't that an osprey nest? Great pic of it!
Hubby has a dr appt today, hoping that he is doing well enough to take off the neck brace-
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Swans! I didn't realize they lived so far south. Very cool.

Great pics, but now I have this song stuck in my head:

B-b-b-bird bird bird
Bird is the word
B-b-b-bird bird bird
Bird is the word
Have you heard about the bird?
B-b-b-b bird bird bird is the word.

Quick someone start singing It's a Small World so I can get this song out of my head!


Deltaville Jamie said...

I can't wait to get back down there in a little over a week!

Daryl Edelstein said...

As I have been told over and over .. when you zoom you need a tripod or something to lean on so the camera and you stay as still as possible .. of course if there's any sort of breeze ....

Meg McCormick said...

I could sure use a couple / few days on Bethel Beach...

Anonymous said...

These pictures make me think of: just how great Def Leppard is.

Baby Sis

Dghawk said...

Thank you for taking me there...if only on the pages of this blog. I can hear the birds, as well as the water lapping on the shore. And if I sniff hard enough, I can smell and taste the tang of the water in the air. Marvelous!

Poor crab.

waterman JP said...

I can see those eyes in the birds feathers.Those eyes look the same to me as my eyes did when i accidently ran a red light not so long ago.I didn't even blink not to mention speak a word.
The crab claw is a thing of beauty. There are days when i have claw to hand combat with these creatures.Thank god for a pair of gloves,although there are times when i will fight them bare handed.I can even put a crab to sleep.All i do is hold the crab in my hand by the backfin,then flip the crab with its belly facing up and rub between the mouth and mid belly area.This crab is now in a deep sleep and probably dreaming.CBW you should try this sometime. Beautiful pictures of our beautiful county and the nature within it.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Mermaid-I know all about losing shoes in creek mud. Not to mention the *smell* (of creek mud, not necessarily the shoes). Low tide on the other end of the osprey nest/stand at Bethel exposes lots of places that are good for wading...or putting in a kayak. Or just plopping down.

Deborah-Yes, it's an osprey. I hope the doctor's appt. went well.

Betsy-You had to mention It's a Small World! I'll never sleep tonight.

DJ-Let's plan a get together even if it's brief. We have some catching up to do.

DE-I know. I have no patience for tripods.

Meg-Any time you want to drive down for a visit, I'm happy to take you there. Plus we now have a project to discuss in more detail...

Baby Sis: I have addressed the Def Leppard issue on Facebook. While I confess that you have in the past changed my opinion of certain artists (Heavy D comes to mind), I'm afraid it will take a whole lot more convincing before I come around on this Def Leppard thing. But please feel free to send me more links so I can critique what I am enduring--I mean hearing.

DGH-Yes, I know, poor crab, I felt the same way. There wass also a picture of a dead bird that I chose not to share, but it's all part of Nature.

JP-I've made it 47 years without once being pinched by a crab. If it is possible to hypnotize a crab, I will let you do it and enjoy all the glory while I photograph and blog about it. But I am not touching a live crab, not even with gloves on. (This is the secret to never getting pinched, btw: never touch one.)

If there's a blog post tomorrow it will be nothing short of a miracle. I left the house at 6:15 a.m. and didn't walk in the door until after 9 and will be up well past midnight getting ready for things going on tomorrow, including a sports banquet and 8th grade trip.

Serenity now.

Thanks for commenting.

Waterman JP said...

CBW,it can be done. I will be glad to hypnotize a crab for you.And yes,the glory will be all yours,photograph until your heart is content.This will be a pleasure.

Waterman JP said...

I also would like to add that i am 48 years old and have been bitten thousands,if not millions of times. My secret is there are no two bites the same. Same is true of the human race,no two human being are the same.