Thursday, May 3, 2012

Three Things

Once again it's Thursday, the day I dedicate to sharing three random things. You're encouraged to do so too, but don't get hung up on the number three. Numbers and I don't exactly get along very well, we never have.

This strained relationship dates back to 7th grade pre-Algebra with Mr. Richardson at Mathews Intermediate School. I'd be daydreaming about being outdoors while he spoke in a language that may as well have been Farsi. Over the years we've come to a mutual understanding, numbers and I. They leave me alone and I try to ignore avoid them at all costs.

Let's begin.

1. These are more shots from my recent jaunt down Fitchetts Wharf Road.

2. Saturday night I'm going to my very first Cinco de Mayo party. Well, no, to clarify this will be my first one as an adult or at least since my twenties. But it is my very first Mathews County Cinco de Mayo party. I was told to enjoy the margaritas wear a sombrero, which of course I will, but I'm really hoping to incorporate the crab hat into the festivities. Somehow. There has to be a tie between Cinco de Mayo and a crab hat. Surely there is.

3. Prior to the Cinco de Mayo party, I will meet up with Betsy and Husband for a brief tour of the county. For some reason whenever I think, type or say that I'm giving them a tour, the theme from Gilligan's Island pops into my head--specifically the part about the three hour tour. (Click here for that tale of a tour gone awry.) Gilligan's Island, Gwynn's Island. It's a little too close for comfort. Let's hope we don't run into anyone looking like the Skipper or Mrs. Howell in our travels.

Now it's your turn.  What three (more or less) thoughts are on your mind at the moment?


Anonymous said...

No hay tres cosas, but as you are a Spanish speaker, I am sure that you can pull off going to the party in the crab hat (or wear it under the sombrero) and announce that you celebrate "Cangrejo de Mayo" instead.

deborah said...

Enjoy the party and wear your crab hat! After a few drinks it will be all good:)
Will be waiting to hear of your adventures on the 'three hour' tour - have fun!
Finally going to work in our tiny back yard this weekend and get it into some kind of shape. I'm ready to do a little gardening!
Only 2 weeks till hubby's dr. appt..hoping that he will be able to get rid of the neck brace! (but then, he has a big surgery coming up...)

Anonymous said...

Good morning everyone! Today we start our trip. I always say I'm going to sleep late the night before a trip, since I'm on vacation for pete's sake... but then I end up waking up early. So here I am awake, posting on the internet because it's something quiet I can do while every one else (intelligently) sleeps late.

1. The trip starts off with this tour of a 55+ community. So maybe it's just as well I'm a little groggy? Actually, I don't mind the tours or the sales pitch. Weird, I know, but I kind of like checking these places out. Plus, if you take the tour you qualify for their "discovery package." Which this time means free dinner, a round of golf, and 2 nights in a hotel at a good price. Works for me. I know I was a little grumpy about a few details last week but it's looking better now. I have a feeling this is going to be a great trip. And definitely looking forward to seeing Mathews.

2. Saturday is Super Moon. The full moon will appear 14 percent larger than usual. Peak will be around 11:30 p.m. I think we need a photo of CBW in her crab hat in front of the moon. Or maybe the sombrero. Or both! Then we can pick which photo we like better!

3. Speaking about the moon, one place we're stopping at is Astronomical Pancakes. Wonder just how astronomical those pancakes are? Eat one, look like the moon... eat two and you blow up to the size of Jupiter?

4. Hmmm, wonder where the best place to get a moon shot in Gloucester would be for us? We'll be eating at Rivers Inn, if they have an outdoor deck that might just be the place. Moon over the York River, almost as good as Moon over Miami, right? Now if a cooperative dolphin will leap up just as I hit the button... A smiling dolphin, please. And a sailboat. Is that too much to ask?


Meg McCormick said...

1. I own a sombrero! Stole it from Chevy's...

2. Did I tell you that my Chevy's HAS CLOSED? One day it was there, the next it was GONE. So so sad.

3. You are making me hungry for Mexican food. Baja Fresh, anyone?

Anonymous said...

ps. Just what are Skipper and Mrs. Howell doing sneaking off to Gwynn Island anyway? I always suspected the Professor and Mary Ann.... but who knew Lovey Howell was a cougar?


Waterman JP said...

1. I don't own a sombrero,i don't even like wearing a hat.If it involves good times and fun i may be convinced into wearing a sombrero.

2.I love the mention of the three hour tour you have planned with Betsy and her husband this Saturday. You see i feel as though i have been on a five day tour,today being day five.A day consists of 24 hours every other day in my line of work. Then you throw in two 24 hour shifts of overtime,and thats where the five day tour comes into play.In case anyone is wondering i am allowed to sleep,the answer is yes,just not alot at times.

3.But one thing is certain on this Thursday. I'm coming home(a song by an 80's band Cinderella)comes to mind at this time in the a.m.tomorrow. This is the place CB Woman will be providing a three hour tour on Saturday to Betsy and her husband. You probably won't find the Skipper or Ms. Howell there,but this county is considered by me as a paradise.This place is Mathews County.

Mental P Mama said...

Wait. The professor was kind cute.

Mrs F with 4 said...

I don't have a sombrero, but I do have a nice collection of winter fur hats. With flaps that tie under the chin. Not, I appreciate, the epitome of style and elegance, but for winter here, most practical.

I have a new app for my phone which, while it can't prevent me getting lost in the first place, at least lays a trail so I can, presumably, find my way back to where I came from. Which, in forests on horseback, will be handy.

Did I mention I am directionally challenged? I fear, however, that it will merely confirm what I have always suspected: I am spending my life traveling in ever decreasing circles.

Daryl Edelstein said...

I say put the crab hat on top of the sombrero .. and hey who hasnt heard of crab meat tacos/enchiladas .. OLE!

Windsmurf said...

1. Enjoy your Cinqo de Mayo party, definately wear both hats, the Crab hat on top of the Sombrero. Make a real fashion statement.

2. Tomorrow is the first "First Friday" of this year in my town. On the first Friday of each month May - December, the antique shops, downtown shops, art galleries, and restaurants have music and food and stay open late. I'm hoping to meet up with friends there for a little fun.

3. I finally got my tomato plants in the ground this past weekend. The poor little things have been frosted, parched, and roasted while sitting on my picnic table for the past 2 weeks. Hopefully they will survive and thrive now that they are where they belong.

Happy Thursday all.

Waterman JP said...

CBW,I could probably enlighten Betsy on a good location to get a good view of the supermoon on Saturday night.This is only a hint thought. It's a place i'll refer to as the Lower End of Nowhere.I believe you know of this place But,just in case you reguire a little more information,which i'm positive you will not. It is down by the lookout from where New Point Lighthouse can be seen. The Chesapeake Bay is the only thing on the horizon. This may be something you could possibly point out to her on the three hour tour. Just a thought.

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Kay L. Davies said...

1. I forgot to feed the dog at 6pm. She was lying beside me, whimpering, and feeling quite unloved, until I realized the time. I gave her her usual supper, plus bean sprouts and bok choy. She is now a happy dog.
2. My kitchen cupboards have all been emptied, and the plumber is coming tomorrow to turn off the water to the kitchen sink and the dishwasher, because the cabinetmaker's men are coming Monday to demolish the old kitchen.
3. Then we'll have two weeks with no kitchen, when the plumbing and electrical can be changed, and we can eat out. (Oh, we will have a stove and fridge and microwave, but no cabinets.)

Country Girl said...

I don't like numbers either. Not my favorites.