Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday Drive

Yesterday we experienced a most bizarre phenomenon. After 4 years days of dark gray skies; pelting rain; uber-high tides; and raging cabin fever winds, we saw the sun.

And it was good.

Eager to see what havoc the storm might have wreaked, I drove down to the public beaches and was met by impassable, flooded roads such as the one above at Haven/Old House Woods; so no beach shots yet. In spite of the storm's fierce winds there weren't many trees down, nor was there much exterior damage to structures. But there was plenty of standing water which can mean interior damage to homes in low-lying areas.

By the way, there are only about two places in Mathews that are not low-lying. One is the ascent of the hill at James Store and the other is the bridge going over the Piankatank. Actually, neither of these locations is in Mathews County, though we must traverse them in any attempt to escape the county, especially in Category One hurricanes called Ida flood-like conditions.

After I returned home from this little adventure, I received an e-mail from a concerned property owner who asked if I would check on her house and send pictures. Happy to help and eager to do anything that didn't involve housework or yard work, I hopped right back into the car and drove to what felt like South Carolina a very remote part of the county to her property. The house was OK, but her yard sustained quite a bit of damage from the winds and high tides.

On the way there, as I approached the courthouse and Best Value,* a very unusual car passed by. This was not your typical car that stands out around here: your Cadillac, your Hummer or your Jag-you-are. No, this was a car for royalty - a very striking, elegant and aristocratic Rolls Royce. We see these sorts of cars around here about as often as we see a Thai restaurant.

Has Tom Cruise already moved to Mathews? Was he here to check on his property, riding around in his distinguished chariot? Does he realize I could have saved him a trip? These are the insane thoughts that instantly popped into my mind. Then I reasoned that he wouldn't want to draw attention by motoring around in a car that stands out like debutante at a tractor pull.

So who was it? Anyone?

* Speaking of Best Value, Food Lion has king crab legs on sale for $3.99 per pound. Also, turkeys are $0.37/pound (if your total bill is $35 or more). Folks, you can't even buy water for $0.37/ pound. Get 'em while you can!

And don't be surprised if you're rubbing elbows with a Rolls Royce-driving Somebody at the freezer case. He may have a keen eye for a bargain but needs to trade the Rolls for a pickup with 4-wheel drive.


Pueblo girl said...

Beautiful photo of the woods. The peace after a violent storm has a very special quality.

Ann Marie said...

oh I know I know... why do I always know yet feel I don't know a dang thing...

because I am a scalowni.. they don't trust their selves to know anything... (that was word verfi by the way ) heheheh

Daryl said...

Ann Marie may be a scalowni but I am pilesser .. and I am not telling what it means!

Oh okay.

It means I make piles of things .. get your mind back outta the standing water (cant say gutter or you'll think its the under the roof) what did you think it meant?

Kate said...

When I started reading about the very unusal car, I was wondering if you were talking about my brother's car. But I think a Rolls Royce beats out a smart car for "most unusual" any day!

BTW, my WV is inglurk. What IS that!! Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Grandma J said...

That photo is gorgeous, too bad you couldn't drive down that road. Sending thanks for Ida's departure. Now I have to go see if my Rolls Royce is still in the garage..and check out the price of turkeys here since I'm cooking. In CA they were free with $100 purchase.

foolery said...

I would think Tom Cruise would travel by helicopter, but what do I know? In any case, you should know if it's him or not if the hair stands up on the back of your neck and your Spidey Sense is tingling.

Or is that just me?

big hair envy said...

Yikes!! Hope you all are finally drying out down there!

mom x 2 said...

Dang it! I was hoping that I could come and check out some waterfront property down there with out being noticed if I drove the Rolls... busted!

And I am "grefle"(wv)turkeys and crab legs are on sale. It will save me money to pay off that dang Rolls Royce!

The Wrenns said...

Funny you saw a Rolls...I saw a Maserati at the McDonald's in Hayes the other day. What on earth is going on around here??

Mental P Mama said...

I happen to know the Cruises are still in Boston. There was a picture of their three-year-old daughter strutting around town in sparkly heels. She may take Shauna's place in my book. And I'm glad y'all are okay! And me? I'm a faquo.

joe blow said...

video and NOAA info here:

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

PG-Thank you. What's at the other end of this road is even prettier (the bay). Also, these are the woods rumored to be haunted in our county.

AM-The name you gave me is different from the name somebody else gave me. Do we have two people in the county with rolls royces? How is this possible?

Daryl-Sounds like a beer to me.

Kate-A smart car makes sense around here, esp. if you have to commute. I believe I've seen that cute little car.

GJ-What time is dinner? I'll bring the wine.

Foolery-He probably would take a helicopter. Or, given all the standing water, maybe he'd take an amphibious assault vehicle.

BHE-It's definitely drying out, getting better every day.

momx2-Next time you're out in the rolls, stop by. You'll definitely get noticed though.

The Wrenns-Something strange is in the air, for sure. Wonder what they ate at McDonalds.

MPM-If she can take Shauna's place in your eyes, there must be some fancy shoes being worn. I'll have to check it out.

J.B. - Thanks for the links. There are lots of people searching for information on the damage.

Have a good evening,y'all.

Country Girl said...

I've just flown in from Boston after having dinner with the Cruise's on Sunday. And I don't think I saw a Rolls on the property.

Gah. I am such a liar.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

CG-Hopefully you took pictures of the little girl's shoes for Mental P.

Annie said...

Good to hear you saw the things should be looking up soon. Just stay out of all that water, and those haunted woods!

Must be your blog, is bringing all the interest their fancy cars! Maybe they are hoping to meet you, star in, or produce your movie!!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Annie-Thank you. Oh, that would be a dream come true if they were here for my blog fest movie. A dream come true.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Kate, I totally would have believed you.


Annie said...

Thanks for popping over to my place ..sorry the photos wouldn't load, I always forget about dial-up. Here is the short cut to just that post if you are still around and have nothing to do! haha!

I am just back from tennis on a hot hot day (supposed to be 38 here today I think)...not game to poke my nose out the door again...was going to go to the shop, but changed my can wait! Funny how urgent things, (like shopping when you have no food left) can wait if necessary! ;-)

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I saw the sun too!
Then I went to BHE's I was so happy!
I know someone with a red volkswagon!