Saturday, November 28, 2009

Haven Beach

Above is a (lopsided) shot of Haven Beach after Hurricaneaster Ida. This is meaningless if you didn't know what Haven looked like before the storm, but believe me, much of the beach is gone, especially towards the left as you walk in from the parking lot.

A couple of other things struck me when I ambled around that day. Most noticeably, there was an inordinate number of oyster shells coating the shoreline. I don't mean just a few more, I mean tons more. Below is a shot of what was at my feet for most of my walk: layers upon layers of oyster shells.

The other thing that was unusual was the number of glass bottles I found. In one particular spot there were about 20 bottles of varying shapes and sizes, from fingernail polish bottles to jelly jars to older looking medicine bottles. Evidently the storm unearthed a spot where somebody once dumped glass, and I was lucky enough to stumble upon it.

Speaking of oyster shells, and I believe we were, however briefly, I traveled to Big Hair Envy's house for a repeat Thanksgiving that included oysters. There was also venison, the world's best ham (baked by her world's best father), turkey, rock fish, butter beans, wonky teeth, skeet shooting, laughter to beat the band, and enough food to feed the state of Wisconsin and half of Iowa. Noe Noe Girl and C.W. were there, and aside from eating all I did was laugh. And take a few pictures.

Tonight I am doing yet another Thanksgiving at my house to accommodate family members who spent the actual holiday elsewhere.

So, Thanksgiving isn't over for me just yet. The fun and overeating continues. In fact, it may not stop until January 2, 2010.

What are you doing this weekend? Have you started putting up your Christmas decorations yet? Does anyone want to come over and help me do mine? Part of the work is already done since I never did take last year's outdoor lights down. Hopefully I didn't run over the cords with the lawn mower this summer.

But I think I did.


Country Girl said...

Isn't it interesting what nature does to the coastline? Nothing stays the same for long, does it.
I can't believe how many dinners you're having! Damn!

Annie said...

Hi there. This weekend, I will be right here, in NYC where I belong!

1. Arrived last night...zzzzzzzz

2. Been for a walk with the grandson in the wind in the park, what fun!

3. Sounds like all fun and games, and Thanksgiving dinners at your place this weekend. Have fun!

4. It takes 28 hours from Brisbane door to NYC door to get here (which includes a 2 hr delay taking off, a fast flight to catch up, a crazy transfer through customs in LA to catch the plane they were holding for us, and a slightly long ride on the A train from one end to the other)!

Mistiati...the four things I missed telling you yesterday...!

Autumnforest said...

That's a shame! I remember that was the beach we liked to go to when we stayed at our summer home in Newpoint. That was in the 60s and early 70s. What a shame.

Mental P Mama said...

Did you have that shrimp salad from the Urbanna Market? Sigh

Daryl said...

I did a little gift shopping today after beautifying™ my hair.

I am expecting a visit from a blogger who is in town .. WitsEnds Leendaluu ..

I wonder if those oyster shells are from OysterFest .. and the bottles might be from Cocktail Corner ..

Photos (and my own clever captions, arent I the most annoying!) were faro!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Woot! I am still laughing. You just bring the laughter out in folks CBW! And I will come and help you decorate if you buy the limes! Just say when! I'm gonna start decorating tomorrow. And wine will be involved! That's when I am the most creative!
Can BHE cook a turkey or what??
OH Skeet!

foolery said...

That's what electrical tape is for, CBW. ; )