Sunday, November 15, 2009

After the Storm

Yes, I'm still talking about the storm known as Hurricane Ida in certain circles and Historic Nor'Easter in circles where people sitting in an office 90 minutes from here have no idea what they're talking about. Never fear, though, because by the end of this post we'll be talking about my optometrist. Welcome to free form, stream of consciousness rambling hot air thoughts brought on by four days of confinement due to a hurricane stormy weather.

This is a picture of my yard on Friday after the storm started to slack off and I could walk around without being freakishly paranoid concerned the camera would get wet.

Ordinarily, the water (even at high tide) doesn't come near those two pine trees. Fortunately I'm on high enough ground that the house stays dry, even in a storm of this magnitude.

For the past four days the only thing that's happened here is this: cooking, sleeping, and eating--not necessarily in that order. Occasionally there was cooking while sleeping, and sleeping while eating, both of which really cause a mess. Periodically I'd read blogs and leave cheeky comments check e-mail and glance at the television, whether it was on or not.

In short, I've grown fond of this concept known as semi-vegetation hibernation.

During this state of vegetation meditation, I've given serious, considerable, substantive thought to ways of earning money without 100-mile daily commutes. If you've heard this already, please just play along and nod politely. It involves a TV show which I am absolutely positive would be successful, interesting, informative and--most of all--humorous and entertaining.

When I say "substantive thought" I mean that I discussed my ideas with my optometrist, who smiled and nodded politely. But really, the idea that's brewing is a good one, if only someone can make it happen. Evidently that person will not be my optometrist.

And here we have the conclusion of a post which started off talking about the storm and which ended as predicted expected, having nothing to do with a storm but everything to do with references to my optometrist.

The End.

p.s. Have a great Sunday and if possible make it a point to do absolutely nothing except eat, sleep and cook - not necessarily in that order.

p.s.s. If anyone out there is wondering about the storm damage here, please e-mail me at or Between the two of us we can answer your questions or locate someone who can.


Ann Marie said...

I KNOW exactly who can make this happen... umm us. We need to teach Sam and Deanna how to work video cameras and video editing software... and when I say we that means we need to pay someone to teach them.. cause I certainly can't LOL.

And I think the first step is an internet show.. doesn't cost anything to put vidoes out THERE yea know..

VW ourpre... Ourpre fame lives did not involve enough wine..

Annie said...

Good to hear you are OK after that storm. Had to go up the mountain again for a ballet concert, so have been a little out of de loop.

Hope that water goes down soon, and life can go back to semi-normal!

Ann Marie said...

oh and FYI.. your boats saver.. you know the one who got his feet wet moving it so that it wouldn't go through the roof of the boat house?
Today is his birthday.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I see sunshine this morning! I say put on those waders and take a walk! Go early though...and you can be paralyzed by 10 am!
I like AM's idea of the internet movie! Looks like a "meeting" is in order. Soon!

Daryl said...

ToonMan co-wrote, acted in, edited a cable TV show on local cable here .. so he has all kinds of experience and help he can provide ...AND the equipment to do it.

AND ..

In addition to needing to brainstorm this, I can tell you I have in my head 3/4 of a movie script that needs only a little work .. so I am happy to have help with that ... as well as a real casting director who can help me/us get in touch with people who might want to produce it ..

Pueblo girl said...

Glad to hear that your house didn't suffer (the interior, anyway). Stick with your project - fairy godmothers are rather lax these days, but we can do a lot to move things along ourselves.

big hair envy said...

Oh, NO!! We have production potential, and Foolery hasn't finished casting the movie:/

Enjoy this beautiful day!! Noe and I are going to a jewelry party this afternoon;)

Grandma J said...

Oh that water is dangerously close! I hope Gustaf is ok...along with your mother's flock of geese.

Can I be a guest on your tv show? I want to book early since I'm your oldest blister, and well, you know, historically we tend to use our Virgin of Guadelupe thingy sooner.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

I can help but am better suited to life behind the camera. Or at least that's what I assume, because those chuckleheads at Emeril Green never called me back.

I wish I could say I did nothing today, but after church, I completely washed 5 windows. Then I wrote about it.

Glad you're OK.

Word Verification = Failat. Ready?... Go!

foolery said...

Sounds like Daryl and ToonMan are your go-to people. We'll leave your optometrist off the "to thank" list for the Emmys.

Happy belated birthday to Mark!