Friday, November 27, 2009

Four Thing Friday

Today is Four Thing Friday since Thanksgiving, oyster stuffing, pillows of mashed potatoes and tankers full of gravy preempted the regularly scheduled Three Thing Thursday.

Four Thing Friday is where I share four things and you share four things, whatever you want, anything at all.

I'll begin.

1. A bald eagle spent his entire Thanksgiving day on my mother's dock on Queens Creek. Ordinarily an eagle likes to be perched high in the limb of a tree. It's unusual to see one perched on a dock post only a few feet above the water. But we're not ones to look a gift eagle in the eye.

2. Oyster stuffing.

3. Mashed potatoes and gravy.

4. Aunque la mona se vista de seda, mona se queda. Literally translated this means that although the monkey is dressed in silk, he remains a monkey. Miss Roane taught me this in high school Spanish. I can't remember what I did 45 minutes ago, but I can remember a saying taught to me 25 years ago in another language.

4.5 Warning: Overindulgence in oyster stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy causes one not only to recite 10th grade Spanish but to remember what it means. It also causes a person to say they're not one to look a gift eagle in the eye instead of gift horse in the beak mouth.

Now it's your turn. Tell me four things, tell me forty-two things, anything at all. En Espanol o Ingles. Whatever you want. It's all good.


Diane said...

1. Sausage/Apple stuffing
2. Brined Turkey with succulents
3. Cranberry/Orange compote
3.5 Candied Sweet Potatoes
4. Trytophan coma
4.5 stuffing/gravy/mashed potato with a spoon in for k3

Happy Thanksgiving!

Country Girl said...

1. Hope you got a photo of the bald eagle.
2. My sons make me happy.
3. My husband is getting on my nerves.
4. I was full all night.

Ann Marie said...

1. I don't shop on this dreadful day.. even online.

2. I am going to buy ink today.

3. This ink will not be for a printer.

4. I will then be having a cheeseplate and wine...

Jo Whitehurst said...

1. No to work, today! Woo-Hoo!!

2. PJ's, coffee, and a quiet house make me happy!

3. The inane commercials for the holiday season have started...ugh!

4. Finding a creative way to serve leftovers will be the only challenge that I will allow into my life, today!

Daryl said...

1. Pizza for Thanksgiving ROCKED .. and the wine was superb

2. Football overload

3. Gus (our 15 yr. old cat) seems to be feeling better, he is walking more but still limping badly

4. I am not going to eat anything all day

5. I am not shopping tho I did peek in on an online sale where everything I wanted was sold out

6. I am SO wanting a piece of pumpkin pie

7. I am so wanting a piece of pumpkin pie

I am so not going to go into the kitchen to get it .. do you think I can make it come to me?

Mental P Mama said...

1. Cornbread dressing.
2. Spinach and artichoke casserole.
3. Roast asparagus.
4. A high colonic.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

1. Comimos día de camarón Acción de gracias.
2. Saqué todas mis decoraciones de Navidad y lo que yo no utilizo regalaré.
3. ¿Imponía usted cuando usted tomó esa imagen?
4. ¡El relleno del ostión es el mejor!

Karen Deborah said...

1. I'm full so why am I eating?
2. sweet potato pie is trumping pumpkin pie for me.
3. I never have had oyster stuffing.
4. My only Spanish involves food- taco-burrito-banyo...

tj said...

...Hi CBW! :o) *waving*

..."Pillows of mashed potatoes" and "tankers of gravy" - Holy Moly I wanna live where you are! lol...

...Lemme see,
1)Catching our two labs watching me clean the kitchen thru our back door.
2)I love Christmas music.
2)Eating leftover pumpkin pie.
3)Love saying the word "chimichanga", is that Spanish?
4)Thankful for a blogging friend named CBW. :o)

...Enjoy your day!


ghostless said...
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ghostless said...

1. Thankful for getting to know CBW and the "bloggettes"
2. I'm eating Thanksgiving with Daryl...Pizza is great!
3. I polished off the pumpkin pie my husband bought me...the only think that resembled T-day during this moving chaos
4. Thankful for a wonderful realtor who is bravely taking on an excentric vintage woman and her 10 dogs!!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Diane-So glad k3 is able to have some mashed potatoes.

CG-I did get a picture of Mr. Eagle. Your picture with your sons is priceless.Regarding on the nerves, husbands tend to do that every now and again.

AM-Can't wait to see a picture of the results of your ink fest!

JoW-Amen to No Work. PJ,s coffee and quiet are the next best thing to heaven. In the evening, substitute wine for coffee.

Daryl-Stop denying yourself the pie - and put a dollop of Cool Whip on top for me. You will soon be receiving pictures from Angie's fest, and wonky teeth will be involved.

MPM-Roasted asparagus - if it was anything like what TSAnnie showed on her site a few days ago, then I'm really jealous. Cornbread dressing...with sausage and apples is heavenly.

NNG-Usted me hace me río.

KD-Oyster stuffing is incredible, but only if the oysters are fresh/good. I'll bet you can make a heck of a good dressing based on what I know about your cooking.

tj-You're the best. Hope you are making arrangements for Blog Fest 2010 because we're not having it without you. Seriously.

ghostless-Can't wait to meet you in person. Eccentric is a minimum requirement for living in Mathews, so you fit right in. (And your agent understands this.) Call me if you need anything.

Happy Weekend, and thanks to you all for commenting.

big hair envy said...

1. I just finished cleaning up all of the dishes from our festiva de gluttony.

2. I really don't mind cleaning up after a big gathering. I'm just SO thankful that so many people took time out of their busy lives to join us. Our total today was 31:)

3. I'm SO glad that you, Bay Man, Noe & CDub were here.

4. I'll be dreaming of oysters tonight. And tomorrow, I will overeat them again:) Please come back...

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Did we laugh alot?
I think so!

foolery said...

1. En el boca cerrado no entran las moscas. That was close, wasn't it? 9th grade Espanol.
2. "A dónde vas, Tomas -- ¿a clase?"
"No, voy al oficina. Necesito que hablar con el director de la escuela. ¿A dónde vas, Foolery? ¿A Mathews?"
"Sí. A la playa des nudo. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA."
3. "Mi Espanol es pequeno." (I speak a small Spanish.)