Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Eagle

This is one of two eagles who were frolicking around my parents' locust tree on Thanksgiving day. Eagles do that you know. Frolic.

This one spent the previous day lollygagging in a pine tree near Smithers Cemetery, which is across the creek from me. Eagles are prone to lollygagging, especially after before they frolic.

Mr. Eagle spent some time in this tree before settling on a dock post. He was dead-set on getting some scraps of fish my mother had thrown into the creek. But a heron was there to remind him that you don't always get what you want without competition. Even if your name is Mr. Eagle.

Here's hoping you have a Sunday where the worst thing you have to watch is an eagle and a heron vying for fish scraps.


p.s. If you're not watching eagles, herons and fish scraps, what are you doing today?


AnnieL said...
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Ann Marie said...

packing and heading to NoVA!

Country Girl said...

I love looking at lollygagging eagles. (It's one of my favorite words).
So far I am still in my pj's and having coffee. When I woke up, I thought I smelled cinnamon buns and I got excited. But when I got downstairs, I was saddened to see that it was only a candle. D-oh!

Mental P Mama said...

Just beautiful! Where was he last month??? I have a CBGoose on my post today;)

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Decorating the Christmas tree. If I can stop lollygagging!

Daryl said...

Are the Eagles playing the Herons this week? Is it a home or an away game? I thought they played on Thanksgiving and this weekend was all about college games .. yawn ... my money is on the Herons ..

dings - exactly what Herons say to Eagles after they scoop up discard fish

big hair envy said...

Church. Laundry. Leftovers.

That pretty much sums up my day;)

Oh, and there may be more oysters this evening! YUM!

TSannie said...

Watching the ducks frolic and the turkeys lollygag. It's been fun! But not as fun as watching eagles. How cool is that??

Grandma J said...

I love Eagles! That's a good shot you got there...even if he was frolicking!

After church I did a bit of online shopping and bill paying. Then, I watched some football, saw a JC Penney's ad for mock turtle necks for $8.99, so I drove down to my local Penneys and bought three to wear under short sleeve tops.

Now it's time to catch up on my blisters and blog friends!

PBJ and Crusty spent the weekend at church camp...aka a shelf in my closet....JJ was here, and I didn't have time to watch him with my cooking and dishwashing stuff. It's bad enough JJ pee'd on the leg of my bed! I swear, he walked right in and pee'd while I stood there....thank God for wood lamenant floors.

And, you have now invited all of my grandkids to blog fest....what where you thinking??? Not happening!! :))

foolery said...

Overdid it Saturday with 12 hours of uninterrupted cleaning and baking and entertaining (Chas's birthday was Wednesday and we ignored it in favor of Saturday). Sunday was much calmer (jammies until my noon shower).