Thursday, November 19, 2009

Three Thing Thursday

This boat is moored to a pine tree and rests in a sea of pine needles not because of last week's storm. It's here just because. No reason in particular, none required. That's how we roll here in Mathews.

Speaking of no reason--and no logic for that matter--welcome to Three Thing Thursday, where I share three things and you share three things, anything at all, whatever you want.

I'll begin.

1. Ever since that hurricane storm last week, I've been melancholy, in a funk.

2a. Speaking of funk, my favorite satellite TV/radio station is The Groove (Channel 844 on my particular provider). It's funk from the '80's. Cameo. Evelyn Champagne King. Commodores. Ray Parker, Jr. Stephanie Mills. Prince. Teena Marie. LTD. Fatback. Chaka Kahn. Midnight Star. Parliament. Michael Jackson. Earth, Wind and Fire. Rick James. Lakeside. The Whispers.

(I am forcing myself to stop this list because I'm only warming up, and nobody except Big Hair Envy , Middle Sis and Baby Sis understands and appreciates my love for The Groove.)

2b. Recently I heard a radio broadcast about music being good for patients, especially Alzheimer's patients. Note to Chesapeake Bay Children: When If your mother can no longer think clearly and/or is hospitalized or put in a nursing home, please pipe in some '80's funk for me. If you see me start tapping my foot and shimmying, that means turn up the volume. If possible, include some KC and the Sunshine Band. Thank you.

3. Thanks to a suggestion from Meg in my post about The Mathews Person Named Mark Who Saved My Boat, I am working on something--a contest, a post, I'm not sure yet--to facilitate the process of eligible ladies meeting this eligible bachelor. The specifics and particulars need to be thought up since I have no idea how this will work sifted through and processed, but with Meg's help I'll throw some structure around it. Stay tuned and be thinking about any single friends who may be interested.

Now it's your turn. Tell me three things or tell me forty-three things. Tell me your worries, your problems, your hopes and your dreams. Tell me about your favorite music. Anything.

Whatever's on your mind.


maria from nj said...

This week has sucked big time:

-at work because of hard decisions that fell on me to make. Sometimes I hate being 'the boss'. (Keep chanting "I an lucky to have a job. *snarl* I am luckly to have a job *snarl* -rinse and repeat)

-van I just got on the road is now showing its disabilities. WtH!?! It was supposed to make my dang life easier, not pile on more stress!!

-I too am in a funk and 80s anything would help at this time. Man, who thought I'd miss those times so much? Where is my Black Russian? Or 2. Or 3. (Can't drink like I used to).
WV: blisto as in "I am going to blisto this week right off the calendar when its over" or after that maybe Black Russians I may need Pepto Blisto!

Kate said...

I think I'll do three things thanksgiving style:

1. We bought a turducken. Yeah, a turducken. Run for your lives!

2. Am anxiously awaiting payday so I can buy tickets for Trans Siberian Orchestra show in town thanksgiving weekend.

3. I'm finally off the crutches from my knee surgery 2 months ago, so now I get to go black friday shopping!

(WV: bionli) I'm going to do my best not to split my pants on turkey day bionli eating one tray of yams this year. Maybe two.

Pueblo girl said...

2) Today is my last day in Madrid.
3) Tomorrow I go home.
4) Tomorrow I start to get my life back.

Annie said...

1. Like the photo. It looks right at home there.

2. Worries...mmm...won't bore you

3. Hopes and dreams...hope it snows a little when I get there...sometime! A white Christmas might be nice!

4. Fave music...sacred choral. I know, I'm different, sorry!

5. Anything. I played tennis tonight. I won one set and the other two were four-all. You can see I am extremely busy getting ready to go away.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me!!!! you left out Cool and the Gang...and I DO understand your love of funk - I was there LOL.

1. I love all types of music. From 80's funk, to celtic woman, to contemporary Christian, to some old school wrap (who can beat Will Smith), to Country. Very eclectic. Though I never have been able to get into classical, and definately not the screaming heavy metal. But I do distinclty remember enjoying some AC/DC and Pink Floyd.

2. Yes I will be one of the many fools out shopping on black Friday. Can't wait.

3. More rain today...good grief, when will it end. (that said for all you rain and storm haters...because I LOVE it!!)

Happy Thursday!


Anonymous said...

I'm so behind the times! I'm responding to yesterday's post. (I think I will have the phrase, "better late than never" engraved on my tombstone) Anyway, the vanished dunes mentioned in your soil report were not all victims of erosion.

My mumma likes to tell the tale of the "come-here" who stopped at the post office for directions to Haven Beach and was told that it could be found "anywhere from here to Fredericksburg" because the sand dunes were hauled away to build the roads. Every heard that before?


Daryl said...

Last nite in the middle of watching the news I decided I needed to hang the new painting I got AND a photo a friend sent.

Then I thought a lot about this RECOMMENDATION about mammograms some people thought was a DECREE from the current administration which was blamed for well everything bothering people. Turns out the RECOMMENDATION was NOT from or given by or even approved/agreed to/supported by this administration. Just a bunch of men who clearly have never had a family member or friend die of breast cancer.

Okay then.. I think I have gone on too long .. and my WV is Portie .. and I think that means I need to move on now.. see me port ie ..

big hair envy said...

1. You mean there might be people out there who have never experienced the medicinal qualities of "The Groove".....poor things. Combined with wine, it will cure most anything;)

2. Black Friday? If someone offered to foot the bill for my entire Christmas shopping list, it STILL wouldn't be enough to convince me to go shopping on BF! I. HATE. TO. SHOP. (Where should I mail my "real woman" card??)

3. Come to Noe's chocolate party tomorrow night. That's guaranteed to pull you out of that ol' hurricane funk!!! Or, you can just wait until next Friday, and get your frustration out with a good skeet shooting!! What? Doesn't every family celebrate Thanksgiving with skeet shooting and target practice?

Mental P Mama said...

1. I'm sorry you're in a funk.
2. Come up here--we'll snap you out of it.
3. You couldn't pay me to shop on Black Friday.

mom x 2 said...

1. Tomorrow is Friday, therefore life is getting better by the second (no matter how freaking slow they seem to tick).

2. My sattelite radio has not been hooked up in my new car that I bought OVER A MONTH AGO, and I miss it terribly. I miss the 80's too... although I was more of a rock, then a funk, fan.

3. I miss summer. (random I know, but that's how I am feeling today)

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

I love the Groove. I'm also partial to old school hip-hop. And I like me some go-go, DC-style. Kinda crazy for a white girl from the country, but there it is.

DARYL, don't get me started on how asinine it is they're saying to just skip the mammos and don't bother with a BSE. Just... don't. I was stunned speechless when I heard it.

Y'all, Black Friday or not, I venture into the local mall maybe 3 times a year. Otherwise, I'm the queen of mail order shopping. Because if some brown-clad man can drop it right on my carport, then I don't have to stop drinking wine, right?

Contest... stay tuned.

Breezeway said...

I'm with you on the "post-Nor'icane" funk. Think I enjoyed the extra days off a little too much!
1. Hmmm... I'm single. Let me know about this contest.
2. Black Friday? Any day spent shopping makes my mood black, so NO THANK YOU!
3. Dreading Thanksgiving. Don't really know why. Might go shoot stuff on Black Friday with BHE!

big hair envy said...

Breezeway - Just hitch a ride with CBW & Bayman. The more the merrier:) Although, I'll have to warn you, the children will knock you over for a chance to shoot first!!!

Anonymous said...

1. The boyfriend is in the doghouse again...possibly for good this time! Cross your fingers!
2. I love 80's funk also. The funkier the better.
3. I'm bringing my James Brown Christmas CD home again this year!
Baby Sis

Audrey at Barking Mad said...

This week has been such a melange of melancholy, madness, mayhem and mirth that I don't know where to begin.

1.) I got a letter from Meg, from BMT. The first one. No one else has gotten anything from her and it just made my heart SING!

2.) Some other stuff is going on that could end up very well and put an end to some of our worrying and panicing!

3.) I decided, being that we had a massive Thanksgiving for Meg before she left, that we are NOT doing it again for the actual holiday. I'm probably doing something I can stick in a crock pot and forget about!

3b.) I am feeling so much better lately! Emotionally anyhow. Am hopeful the physical will follow suit, and soon!

Country Girl said...

1. I remember turning up the volume full blast when Little Red Corvette came on the radio. Loved Prince. Loved driving fast to that song.

2. My sister is on her way here to spend a couple of days. She's taking me to my procedure tomorrow at the hospital.

3. I love my sister.

foolery said...

1. Have developed a right eye twitch from too much internetz and not enough sleep. Wine helps.

2. Posted a photo of a horse dookie on one of my blogs this week. Didn't give it a second thought. Good subject -- they don't wiggle, they don't blink and it's hard to make them look bad.

3. Wine helps.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Maria-Being the boss really is the hardest job of all excluding "mother." I have the utmost respect for folks who are good managers; it's so easy--and lazy--to be a bad one. BTW, I know that chant well. Sing it every morning.

Kate-Please report back on how that turducken is. The very fact that it begins with t-u-r-d- is enough for me to run screaming into the night, however I'll keep an open mind until I hear back from you.

Pueblo Girl-Here's to a speedy return.

Annie-You have a beautiful soul if you love sacred choral. Remind me the dates you'll be in NYC and/or if you're planning any trips south.

MsSeabreeze-How could I forget that? I had every single album Kool & the Gang ever did through the mid'80's. Thank you for setting me straight. Taking your pinto to the skating rink was some of the best times of high school. Or my life come to think of it! If that skating rink would open back up I'd spend every weekend there even as old as I am. Good times.

AMN-No, I haven't heard that one. Your Mumma is a wealth of knowledge though, so there has to be truth to it. If my grandfather were alive he could tell us. I'll try to do some asking around.

Daryl-It's amazing, isn't it.

BHE-Noe Noe's sounds like so much fun. If my fever breaks, I'll come, but right now it's hovering at 100 and I could sleep for ten years.

MPM-I'm definitely coming, just have to figure out when. February at the latest with BHE and NNG and hopefully Country Girl if she can make it.

momx2 - I miss summer too. Big time. All I want to do is hibernate in the darkness of winter.

Meg-Now I'm thinking not a contest but more of a spotlight article that highlights Mathews Mark and tells what he's looking for and how to contact him. I'm going to interview him and take some photos, and actually I'm thinking of making him a regular feature here if he'll play along. The wheels are spinning. However, if you have a high level overview of how that other contest was run, I'd be curious.

Breezeway - Good to hear from you. Haven't been to your G.I. property in a long time, hope it made out OK in the storm. You're single - that's good news for Mathews Mark. Stay tuned -I'm hoping by Monday I'll have something up.

BAbySis-Our mother (and Mr. Dynatones-band-playing Father)trained us well. Do not come home for Christmas without the James Brown. In fact, bring it to Thanksgiving so we can kick off the season with a bang.

Audrey-So glad you're feeling better and it's also good news that you've heard from Meg. She's such a gem, I know it's been hard being out of touch for so long.

CountryGirl-Good luck and remember to take it easy afterwards.

Foolery-Will follow doctor's orders for wine, then, since all I do is the internetz. What is this thing you call "sleep"?

Tomorrow is the best day of the week. Have a great Friday.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

CBW - yes, yes, that's the ticket. Interviews and well-written, endearing profiles and the Power of the Internetz. Sans eye twitch.

Stay tuned, will provide intel on the other contest if I can only find the freakin' time. Damn work.

Ann Marie said...

1. my post is late.
2. I have been in NoVA
3. I made a blunder offering one ticket to TWO people and they both want.. crap.

WV Auden.. Auden meanta do numba free upt thar.

4. obviously according to WV I am tired.

WV 2 cause I spelt first one wrong
Pecruate... what you do in "pretends"

Laurie said...

1) I'm a new follower! You're my only Virginia blogger friend--'hi' from Chesapeake!

2) I totally want to be in the same nursing home as you thousands (hopefully) of years from now.

On second thought, looking around here and considering my chaotic life, maybe sitting in the nursing home listening to Shalamar & Evelyn "Champagne" King wouldn't be so bad right now......

3) I like how you guys roll in Mathews.

Oh, can I say four things?

4) Keep me in mind for the fixing-Mark-Up endeavor ...I like guys who save boats--I used to be a Sea Scout! Seriously.

Diane said...

1. Its been a week from hell beginning with my car being hit in the parking lot at the grocery store. No note of course.

2. It went completely to shit when my daughter got hit by a truck crossing a road.

3. Just in case I thought it was done, my husband came down with swine flu yesterday.

4. How much wine do I have to drink for this to all go away?

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

1- where have I been?
2- is your fever gone?
3- it's freeking raining again!