Thursday, November 12, 2009

Three Thing Thursday: The Storm Edition

Welcome to another edition of Three Thing Thursday, where I share three four things and you share three things. Or, you can share four things or five things, whatever you want, but today instead of three I'm sharing four.

That sentence above is brought to you courtesy of a serious lack of coffee this morning and a low-pressure weather system that has stalled over the county. Or is it a high-pressure system? I won't know until I've had my coffee and visited wikipedia.

This special hurricane edition is brought to you courtesy of Ida.

Oh, Ida

1. Thanks to Hurricane Ida, which they say is no longer a hurricane, we're in the midst of what the weather folks are calling a "historic nor'easter." May I say that all of the nor'easters in this area are historic, in that you can't wait for them to be history. The tide floods the yard and the wind is relentless. And the rain. Oh, the rain.

2. It's Wednesday morning as I write this. Ordinarily I'd be at my paying job, but it's a holiday. (Can you hear my cries of joy and ecstasy?) Because there's a good chance our current will go out, I'm queuing this post up early. Winds are supposed to reach 50 miles per hour, and we're already well on our way to that number.

3. "Current" is the old-timey way of saying "electricity" around these parts. My mother utters it without batting an eye, and now I do too. So, in anticipation of losing current, I wrote this post well in advance. If you don't hear from me for a while, I'm treading water and trying to hook up a generator. Chesapeake Bay Woman doesn't have the patience or knowledge to hook up a curling iron, so hooking up a generator ought to be something. Else.

4. Or, the weather forecasters will be wrong, once again, and tomorrow it will be bright, sunny and 75 degrees.

Either way, I still don't know how to hook up a generator.

Now it's your turn. Please share three--or more--things, whatever you want, anything at all. Be sure to include step-by-step instructions for hooking up a curling iron generator.

(Those instructions can be separate from your three or more things. Thank you.)


Kate said...

I got a goofy smile just reading about the "current" going out. Oh, I do miss being home! Now you'll have to regale us with stories of just how ornery the storm really was, if the food in the icebox went bad and how you spent your time sitting on the divan reading a book by the light of the hurricane lamp. :)

Ann Marie said...

1. The creek in the back yard now IS the front yard.

2. I don't know how to hook a generator either, but I still have current so I am good. I didn't realize that people called it something else... well maybe power, some people call it power. I call it current... kinda like a Kaiser Blade.

3. I am rather sleepy... stupid clock went off at... 3... A... M...!!!!!!!! Yes 3 am.. Waterman had to go to Topping to sit with the boat during high tide. It gets a little scared and needs it's poppa to get it through storms like this or it tremors and shakes and tries to run for high ground. It cries sometimes too.

4. He left me here to watch everything else.. I am watching it, watching it float by the window! Did he really expect any different? Seriously I am too busy holding my coffee royal to actually go fetch anything. Maybe he should have thought of this before and tied it down if he wanted it. My yarn and I are quite warm, dry and fine right here in the house.

5. I am knitting a sweater.. what was I thinking??? It has to be the dumbest idea ever. I like things that are done in an hour or so.. I can't even tell you how many hours I have dedicated to this thing.. sigh.

6. Kate didn't use any of her 3 so I took them.


WV : cymai Hey honey have you cymai gas can for the boat? Yea.. it went by about an hour ago.

ghostless said...

My dear husband's reason for buying "me" a house at the "Bay" is to get me off this mountain where the wind blows a constant 60 mph at night during the winter.

my 3 things are:
1. I love the mountains
2. I get seasick
3. I am terrified of lightning ( we have about 3 strikes per storm here!)
His real reasons are:
1. He loves the Bay
2. He owns a boat
3. It really is his turn now to enjoy something!
p.s. I have 2 generators!!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Well, we still have current but the tide is up in the yard, overtop the dock. The wonderful person (Hi, Mark!) who is helping me with the boat came over at 6:00 this morning at high tide. He informs me that the boat will either need to come out of the boathouse or it will push through the roof. My question is how do you get the boat out when the dock is covered with water and the wind is blowing so hard it's nearly pulled the hammock off the trees?

I've also heard that Gwynn's Island has no power. Current, I mean.

Schools are all closed.

Exciting times around here.

Ann Marie said...

you get your cute little toes wet that is how..
I can come help and support you by drinking wine and watching you from a window if you would like. I am very very good at that.

I could also send the waterman to help you if needed.

Oh this is great.. word verfi.. Inesheat... that is what your boat is going to be in if you don't move it. inesheat!

Annie said...

1. you guys are so funny. The worse things get..the funnier you are!

2. Seriously I hope you are all ok...and that the boat will be ok too.

3. Current. mm..a teeny bit anachronistic perhaps.

4. I'm getting a migraine...grr.

big hair envy said...

1. Current = Power/Electricity
2. Icebox = Refrigerator
3. Davenport = Sofa

We really need to get started on that book of translations. These terms may be confusing to some people.

If your current goes out, my offer still stands:)

mom x 2 said...

1. It's raining, still, and is probably going to continue to rain, through tonight.

2. It's cold AND windy AND it's raining. The umbrella doesn't want to work correctly when its windy.

3. I'm over it... move along nor'easter.

4. We have a generator too, but I sure hope we don't have to use it. The salesman is out of town, which means this crazy momx2 is out of luck!

Daryl said...

ToonMan stole the comforter at 5:45 ayem .. I yelled WTF and he muttered and I decided to get up.

I am so tired.

The 'front' from this annoying storm has given me a headache.

I took Tylenol cause I cant take ibuprofen

I am so tired.

WHY WHY WHY is it only Thursday???

Stay safe!

Daryl said...

AND I love reading the comments, especially Ann Marie's but I am looking forward to meeting ghostless ...

Mental P Mama said...

1. I live on high ground. Come up here! And bring everybody.
2. Are your schools closed?
3. What time is that first cork coming out today?

Anonymous said...

Oh what fun!!!! I LOVE a storm. Sorry guys...I know I'm just tooo da*&^^ chipper today.

1. My mother used to always have a pot of beef stew on the wood stove and fresh bread in the oven (as long as there was still current). She called a day like today a good "baking day".

2. Since I'm living in Chester, I miss those coastal storms!!! Not as windy or as much excitement. Oh well, I think I get more snow sometimes :-)

3. Don't ask my why, I know I'm crazy...but it's days like these that I start thinking of Christmas. I can't wait this year!!

4. I remember the first hurricane after I was separated and I was left with the 22ft boat. I had NO idea what to do to get it ready for a hurricane (I didn't sail the darn thing, the ex did.) Thank God for wonderful watermen who came to poor li'l oh me's rescue! Watermen are the salt of the earth, and their wive's are the most patient women in the world. I bow to you Ann Marie!!!!

Stay warm, dry and may your current remain on!


Together We Save said...

This post made me smile... I can not function without coffee.

Ann Marie said...

I am answering Mental P's 3.. cause well just cause I am too lazy to write my own blog to have questions to answer and mine are going to be different from CBWs

1. I live on high ground. Come up here! And bring everybody. I would love to come up .. but I need to stay here and keep the boat afloat for when you come back down.. I am sure you understand.

2. Are your schools closed?
Yea closed today and already closed tomorrow. I get to sleep in.. until 5 am.

3. What time is that first cork coming out today? two part answer.. I wanted it to come out at 8 am.. well ok fine.. 4 am when the alarm went off... however I am working so ... directly at 3 pm.

word veri.. schroyea.. According to a very reliable source it is what you get when you walk in flood waters without Bubba Boots on.. I am glad I own Bubba Boots. I am also glad I am a very reliable source

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

What, there were questions to answer? I've been too busy trying to take pictures without getting my camera wet, which by the way is impossible to do in horizontal rain and sixty mile an hour winds, so there will be very slim pickins with regards to pics. There's only one or two that are worth posting.

Next I tried to use the cell phone thinking I could send pix to Big Hair Envy or Daryl or Noe Noe Girl or Mental Mama so they could see what we're experiencing. Took one picture, freaked out when the phone got wet, raced back into the house, opened up the phone preparing to send it off and it disappeared! (p.s. I don't know how to work my phone so I'm going to stick with "it disappeared.")

yes, schools are already declared closed tomorrow.

The wind is really picking up. I"m starting to get worried about a pine tree that's dangerously close to the creek and is getting swallowed up by the tide. That's all well and good except these high winds are causing it to shake, sway and shimmy like a hula dancer. Of course being a paranoid mother I am certain it's going to come crashing down on the house into the children's rooms upstairs (nowhere else, just their rooms). Just like I thought the windows (only theirs) were going to break open last night at 3 a.m. and almost went up to tell them to sleep downstairs. Balancing on the fine line between paranoia with healthy caution is very difficult for me.

I'm thinking it is never too early for wine when you're paranoid and stuck in a severe weather incident with children frolicking upstairs oblivious to the hazards which dance right outside their windows...

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

p.s. If this wind keeps up there's no doubt we'll lose current, but I already queued up a picture for tomorrow.

We're fully stocked with food and other necessities so we'll be fine if that does happen.

I don't know how Ann Marie is staying afloat - my house is on relatively high ground and taking a beating, and they're down the low end of the county and surely are underwater. AM - if you need a place to stay, come on over. I can park the car at the high school and take the canoe down Bavon to pick you up. Maybe the waterman can rig up a sail for the return trip.

Good times.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

p.q.r.s. - Thanks to all of you for commenting, especially those of you who are new and/or don't comment often. It's always great to hear from you guys.

Now I will shut up and return to worrying about that pine tree.

Have a great evening, all.

foolery said...

A little worried about all of you living so close to the water. Please don't take any chances and stay safe and dry!


A High-And-Dry Californian Who Wouldn't Know What To Do With A Boat Or A Generator

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

1. I don't quite know how to make y'all laugh today. Normally, I would tell you how I 'varted' (not quite what you think; same noise, different orifice...) in my yoga class, but I didn't today.

2. Forget the damn generator - do you have a canoe?

3. Your Ida gives me pause to stop complaining about my weather.

4. Your Ida sounds like Ore Ida, and know I'm craving french fries.

5. I'm glad you still have current, as past is harder on the eyes.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

1-Cdub is our generator hooker upppr! Whew!
2- it's raining cats and dogs!
3- i am not a fan of nor easters! or hurricanes! historic or not!
4- it beer thirty.
5-stay dry!

Ann Marie said...


VERI.. TACHABLE.. what you need to be to get through this wind and water.. tachable.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

My grandparents (Central PA) used to talk about the icebox and sittin' on the davenport and losin' current, but until I met you bayfolk, I hadn't heard those terms in a long time! Love it!

DC felt more like Chicago today - windy and rainy and just damn raw.

CBW, I'd love to see photos of the water up to the yard. Also - it sounds like a positive sign that someone is helping you with that damn boat!

My WV is inessand. I wish my toes were innesand and my Corona (with lime) was inmyhand.

Annie said...

I ma with you on the worrying ..esp about the tree...I am like that in high winds here with all my huge gum trees...!!!
I don't think it is paranoid to get the kids to sleep downstairs in high winds!

Country Girl said...

1. I think it's funny you call it current. But I like it.

2. I am inept with hairdryers and haircurlers. But hooking up a generator shouldn't be that hard.

3. It's blowing like a mother out there and has been most of the day and all last night.

4. I miss you. And I rarely, if ever, say it's blowing like a mother. What the hell is that about?

ghostless said...

If my dogs know to go run into a closet if it lightnings...your children should be sleeping downstairs in this wind. Mine is a phobic, yours would just be common sense! depending on their age, either tell them the truth about the tree or tell them it's a new fun family storm tradition...just stay safe!
Ole Ida is holding up our contract on this new house ( house # 6) it ever going to be???!!!

ChesapeakeBayDaughter said...

All is good with the tree-earlier the wind was swirling it around every which way, but now *if* it were to fall it'd go in the opposite direction of where I feared it'd go since the wind is steady blowing from the north and the tree is on the southside of the house.

Still have current, so all is good in the neighborhood.

As Country Girl says, though, it's blowin' like a mother. Very well put.

ChesapeakeBayDaughter said...

No! That's not Chesapeake Bay Daughter commenting in this or the prior comment. These are the perils of multiple people using the same computer and some daughters forgetting to sign off!

CbW wrote both of these!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Heavens to Betsy, I need to get another computer. Seriously, I wrote the above, not her. I just kissed her and sent her upstairs with some "homemade" popcorn. (The kind you dont put in a microwave but to which you add oil to and pop on top the stove.) They're both safe from the hula tree.

maria from nj said...

1. In Jersey we had yucky (yes, a meteorologist's term!) but I won't complain because compared to yours its paradise.

2. Hoping its calmed down and you're all dry and powered.

3. Rethinking taking tomorrow off now that I realize its the 13th! I think I'm safer at work than driving around shopping for shoes and a coat. We'll see.
Word very I Pedle. As in "Angry storm goddess, make the storm move on, pedle please"