Thursday, November 5, 2009

Three Thing Thursday

A week or so ago the devil was beating his wife, which is to say that the sun was shining during a rain shower. Such a combination almost always guarantees a rainbow like the one just barely visible above. If you can't see it, don't worry, because this train of thought is getting ready to change tracks, and rainbows aren't even remotely involved. If you do not have ADD now, you will before this post is over.

Welcome to the Three Ring Circus Three Thing Thursday, where we share three (or more) things: our complaints; worries; successes; brain cobwebs contents; random thoughts, kitchen sinks-- anything at all.

Let's begin.

1. Saturday night was Halloween. Today is Wednesday, the Wednesday after Halloween. On my ride home from Hades work as I rounded Cobbs Creek corner, I saw outdoor Christmas lights. A fluke, I thought. But no. Another house further down past Blakes had a Christmas tree all lit up inside the house, visible from the road. We've hardly wiped off all the Halloween makeup. Did Thanksgiving drop off the calendar this year? (p.s. Without naming neighbors, there are some folks who leave their tree up year 'round. Right in front of the picture window. Amazingly, I'm not referring to myself in this instance.)

2. Dear friend Grandma J. took off on a road trip to California, and we never heard from her again, except for one e-mail that said she was sick and another which specified the casket she wanted from the selection now offered at Wal-Mutant. (She said something about wanting the Virgin of Guadalupe model.) Naturally we were concerned for her well-being, but she posted to her blog yesterday and was talking about UFO's abducting armadillos or armadillos hijacking UFO's, so all is well in the land of Grandma J. Whew.

3. The leaves are really pretty here now, but they're hanging by their fingernails to the trees. One good, steady clip of wind from a nor'easter or a cold front and all those leaves will be gone. I love summer, spring is good, fall is OK, but the cold, stark and dark winters are not my cup of glee.

Now it's your turn. Tell me three things, tell me thirty three things, tell me whatever you want. No rules, no requirements, just sally forth and tally ho. Whatever that means.


Ann Marie said...

1. I was not caught commandeering the recipe. Therefore there will be no jail time ... I was slightly looking forward to the much needed rest that a jail like situation would provide. I really need some sleep.

2. You need to prioritize your seasons better.. My absolute favorites are fall and winter!!!! oh and Summer and Spring!!!! see like that.

3. I told you I needed sleep.. (please see 2)

4. Dollar General needs to make breast cancer pink disposable wine cups... but they don't.

word ver literasm...Something they teach in school here is Mathews. My daughter is failing that... too.

Mrs F with 4 said...

1. Reaching back 300 years to my latin classes, 'sally' comes from 'salire', meaning to jump, so sally forth is to leave quickly. Unless you mean 'sally port' which is a whole other story.

2. 'Tally-ho' - us fox-hunter types use it a lot when chasing after the sheep and chicken-murdering little varmints on horseback. We're on horseback, I should clarify, not the foxes.

3. But you knew all that already, and now I feel a fool.

4. Swine flu is the pits. Oink.

Annie said...

1. Have been up the mountain celebrating another birthday. Always fun with the grandchildren.

2.Love that photo. I hope the leaves stay there till I get there!

big hair envy said...

1. Oyster Festival begins tomorrow.

2. I signed up to make the baked beans. However, if you would like to make them, I'll just bring extra wine.

3. I'm going to put my Wonky Teeth in some Efferdent. They need to be nice and sparkly for the Festival.

Anonymous said...

1. This weekend is Drill at Fort Pickett...wooo hooo (they train the navy seals there...think I'll be taking lots of walks around the base hehehe).

2. Halloween may be over...but the candy and sugar highs linger.

3. Did you know that a lot of the Halloween candy doesn't look like Halloween candy. The expiration date is into next year. Therefore; all my christmas stockings this year will be getting Halloween candy in disguise *grin*


Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

1. I am packing up the toilet paper and the Wonky Teeth!

2. Urbanna, here we come, Cousin IT~ I mean Little T in tow!

3. Thanks for the ADD! I'll give it back when I see you this weekend!

Caution Flag said...

1. I survived my first halloween without candy.

2. We began to listen to Christmas music on November 1.

3. We've proven scientifically that in this house the other residents have selective blindness and are content to allow dirty dishes to take up every.single.inch of counter-top.

4.Last time I went to help in my child's classroom, the teacher and I were wearing matching shoes. Neither of us said a word about it.

Daryl said...

I am not happy

I am not going to Oyster Fest

I dont understand how those people forgot about Thanksgiving .. you cant have Christmas without Thanksgiving .. there's a law.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday during "procurement training" via teleconference, I put the phone on speaker and lay in bed. When I was just about to doze off, both dogs started barking and I had to run over to the phone and disconnect from the call. Thank God I didn't start snoring. But my nap did come to an abrupt halt.

I would put my Christmas stuff up the day after Halloween, but I haven't been married long enough to get away with it. I just love Christmas decorations!

Have fun at the Oyster Fest!

Middle Sis

ghostless said...

1. I am jealous...I love oysters!! unless you refer to Mountain Oysters...where I live that's a "whole nuther thing...don't go thar!!!"
2. I retired from Corrections, asked my boss once if I could just check into solitary confinment for a seemed so peaceful there!! sleep, eat, stare at the wall, sleep, eat...
3. in the year 2210 ....will all this bubble wrap I am using still be here??!?

joe blow said...

good love

good friends

good food

it's so damn easy how do we mess it up

foolery said...

1. I love Smarties with a passion that should be illegal.

2. I'm going to lunch today with my ex-boss (retired) on the QT -- not from his wife or my husband, but from my current boss, his former partner. Smells like intrigue to me.

3. If I eat enough Smarties before lunch I'll eat a daintier lunch. Maybe.

Wishing all Oyster Fest party-goers a fantastic weekend, in case I don't swing by here again in time to do so!

Country Girl said...

1. I want to be driving down with Lauren tomorrow, visiting UVa and staying overnight.

2. I want to be visiting you for Oyster Fest. But I can't.

3. I want a snack. Me hungry.

TSannie said...

1. Oysterfest is happening this weekend in Mathews Co.

2. MaMa is on her way there as we speak (with a small daughter detour)

3. I am not a passenger in MaMa's car. WAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

Sobbingly yours,
abb :(

TSannie said...

And y'all better depend on your pretends!
Just sayin' :)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

AM- I was in Dollar General today. The one in Gloucester does NOT sell Lysol in the spray can, fyi. You can buy pocketbooks and paper towels, and everything in between except Lysol.

Mrs. F. - No! I'm so sorry you're sick of that swine. I mean sick with the flu. Hope you feel better soon. Who in the world is tending to Your Four while you're sick?

Annie-Sounds like a fun trip. Happy Birthday to the Grandbaby of Annie. Probably when you get here the leaves will be gone, but maybe a few will still be clinging.

BHE-You bring the Efferdent, I'll bring the Beano.

Msseabreeze- Excellent idea, and fyi Wal-Mutant has large bags of Halloween candy (that look the same as regular candy, as you say) on sale.

NNG-Don't forget your birthday tiara. As far as I"m concerned, you're the O.F. Queen.

C.F. - No candy on Halloween? None? That's the only time I give myself a free pass. Caramel candy corn is on sale at WAl-Mutant - NINETY FOUR CENTS A TUB! (The number of exclamation points you see is directly related to the number of candy corns that swirl through my bloodstream. It's something like a 50:1 ratio.)

Daryl - We'll call or text you with up-to-the-minute-footage. No doubt a picture--or twelve--will be sent, too.

Middle Sis - You need to get a mute button for that speaker phone. Or one for the dogs. Not! that I am encouraging anyone to sleep on the job, no. I am just saying George Castanza and his custom-built nap area under the office desk was not necessarily a bad idea, coming from someone who could use a good cat nap around 2 every day.

ghostless- No mountain oysters at this festival HOPEFULLY. I'm right there with you and A. M. - forced solitary confinement/relaxation with nothing to distract you would be incredible.


Foolery-Smarties used to be my favorite. I only use the past tense because now sugar causes me to use exclamation points and stuff, so I try to avoid it except at Halloween. !!

CG-We sure will miss you and wish you could join us.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Oh! Annie - sorry yours came in as I was writing the above.

We will send you updates via e-mail and/or text/pix messages. Wish you were here but hope to see you soon.


Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

1. Ooooh, did someone say Smarties?
2. I freakin' LOVE Smarties.
3. Hey, can I have some of those Smarties??

I wish I could be there this weekend, oysters notwithstanding. Have fun, y'all. TXT me a photo or something!

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

1. I am pouty
2. I am jealous
3. I am immature
4. I rock the Wonky Teeth so hard, I should be playing a banjo on a front porch somewhere
5. I don't have a banjo
6. I am sad (that I don't have a banjo)(and that I am missing OF)

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

BVB, my husband has a huge hankering to learn to play the banjo. He fancies himself a man of the mountains when he's not trolling around in the suburbs.

But his teeth are not all that terribly wonky...