Friday, November 13, 2009

Stormy Weather

This is a picture of my dock and boathouse at low tide yesterday. Yes, low tide. Click on the picture for a full appreciation of what's going on here. Ordinarily there's a walkway all the way around the boathouse and straight down the left side to the fish cleaning table. (Wherever you see poles poking through is normally a walkway.)

See that green bucket down at the end of the dock? The only thing keeping it there (for now) is some gill nets inside. If you look along the lower right side of the boathouse you'll see a green/brownish line which represents where the water was at yesterday morning's high tide. They say the worst is yet to come with the next high tide. (Update since I still have current and can provide one: "They" were right. Yesterday evening's high tide was worse.)

Naturally I didn't prepare for this, so whatever was out there is gone.

(Except for those gill nets which date back to the late 1970's/early '80's. Thank goodness they're still there--along with the memories of hauling those heavy, slimy, fish-laden nets from the water with cold, salt spray hitting you in the face as you try to balance yourself in very choppy waters as fish wriggle and gasp for breath all about you. Ah, childhood memories.)

In other news, I've successfully avoided thinking about the storm damage by eating baked brownies, made lasagna, succotash, collard greens, and beef stew. We might be floating away soon, but we'll be eatin' good as we sail away.

What's the weather like where you are?

Happy Friday, the best day of the week, even in a hurricane that they're calling a nor'easter.


Annie said...

Warm and fine, sultry, slight breeze, possible late thunder. and very smoggy.
Glad you are still with us. I was a bit worried when I checked earlier and your post wasn't there! Hope this means it is abating!
ps Loved the subtle light in the photo yesterday. Today's under water..not good!

Ann Marie said...

Please let me hear from you this morning... it is a bit worse here this morning and of course the waterman is fit to be tied... which has me annoyed.

The Wrenns said...

I'm down off Guinea Rd--no power outage here though I have many neighbors with new waterfront property. My friends in Poquoson & Seaford are not faring so well.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Good heavens! It is still raining cats and dogs here and the winds are howling worse than the dogs. I have not ventured out but will soon to get Little T on the bus. I pray no trees are down. You take care and let us know if you need help. We are not that far away. I wont even say stay dry.

Mental P Mama said...

It's just getting started up here. Did you remember to bring Buddy in?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

The high tide is worse this morning, as Ann Marie says. I went out just now and took a fe pictures that hopefully I'll get up later today.

If Mathews Native Mark had not taken my boat out of the boathouse yesterday, after wading in shorts in freezing cold rain to tie the boat off somewhere else, my boat and likely the boathouse would be ruined. Seriously.

The person across the creek (don't know his name because he only uses the house as a vacation/summer home) had a sailboat bust loose from the dock, and that's gone across the way to someone else's house. I really need to go over there when he's there and get his phone number so I can tell him when things like that happen. Because the person who owns the house where the boat now is? They're summer/weekender types too, so who's going to tell him?

Off to get my first cup of coffee (which further explains this rambling comment) and to work on pictures.

p.s. the boathouse in today's picture is even further underwater today - and it's way over that green/brown line too.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

p.s. The Wrenns - I am so sorry to hear about those folks in Poquoson/Seaford, I know they were hard hit. Stay dry.

Country Girl said...

Gray and very windy here in Maryland. And there are no brownies, damnit.

big hair envy said...

Thank goodness your current is back on. Although, candles and a gas fireplace are nice once in a while;)

We have been looking at pictures from our friends in WP...what a mess THAT is! They made the Channel 12 news last night.

Stay safe. Call if you and AM want to head to K&Q for a break:)

Linda said...

Oh shit! We had clouds and crappy weather before and after a good 24 hours of rain here in NW So. Carolina; 6 inches in all. Hope you've seen the worst of it.

Daryl said...

How did I miss this yesterday .. its grey/gray here and the skies are spitting .. yesterday (when you posted this) it was windy and cold but no rain .. sigh .. it hit NJ's shore hard

foolery said...

Had a largely blog-free weekend once again (so much to do, so little brains) so I'm just catching up. But know that I thought about you and Ann Marie and all of you, all weekend. Glad to hear the worst is past!