Monday, October 22, 2012

Busy Week

Last Thursday, a beautiful fall day, I drove down to Aaron's Beach and took a few pictures.  (The actual beach and the bay are behind me; this is facing west.) The normally lush, green swamp marsh grass is now autumnal in color.

This may mark the first time in my life I've used the word autumnal.  If you repeat it a few times, it starts to sound weird, sort of like someone is trying to say something else but can't because they've just come from the dentist and they're still loaded up with Novocaine. Or they have a severe speech impediment.

Or something.

Anyway, the colors were autumnal. Also, I hate dentists. And I did not intend this to be a free association sort of blog post, but it looks like that horse is already out of the gate.

The weekend here was equally gorgeous.  Saturday I ran seven slow miles down the quiet back roads that pass near this and Bethel Beach. It was a great day to be outside.  That evening I attended a birthday party (I'll try to post a few photos later in the week) and had my first taste of roasted oysters this year. I assure you it won't be my last.

This week will be busier than usual here.  At work I am helping to manage a 10K/5K run for charity--and I'm also running in it with a bet that I will beat The Big Boss.  Friday is my 30th high school reunion and the Mathews Homecoming parade and football game. (Both Son and Daughter will be in the parade.) Middle Sister flies in for a visit on Friday.  Baby Sister will join us at some point.

In between is the normal flurry of activity that is my life which includes long commutes, keeping squalor, spiders and crickets at bay, scratching pets, ridiculously expensive flea medications that don't work, the logistics of who needs to be where and when, preparing for the half-marathon that's breathing down my neck, and hopefully once and for all taking the three Hefty bags of empty plastic water bottles to the recycling bin at the dump.  I've only been carrying them around in the back of my car for three months, remembering to go to the dump--and driving all the way there--the one and only day it was closed: Wednesday.

In other words, the usual stuff.

Anything exciting going on with you?


Anonymous said...

I love seeing the words "busy week" next to a serene beach photo. Now that's my idea of a busy week! Best of luck in the race and with getting through your week. When all the chaos is done you'll come home to your gorgeous waterviews. Boy I love where you live.


Meg McCormick said...

Five years ago when we moved to PA for 6 months? The town we moved to had a recycling center, but it was open ONLY on Wednesday mornings. So we had to separate our stuff into containers, then walk it all into the center and put the green glass in the green glass bin, the #1 plastics in the #1 plastics bin, not to be confused with the #3 plastics, etc. I commented to a fellow recycler as we were hoisting containers out of the backs of our cars, GEE, you really gotta WANT to recycle in this town, they don't make it very easy! To which she replied, OH, it's much better now than it used to be! Sounds like you have to WANT to recycle where you live, too.

deborah said...

Such calming photos, thank you!
Have you tried the flea pills from the vet? Maggie, our lab, was scratching until she was raw. After a course of antibiotics and that monthly flea pill she is 'scratch' free and has been for months.
Even with all of the chaos, you will be running and having your reunion, lots of things to look forward to-
Remember, I'll be watching from the porch:))

Daryl said...

my busy weekend pales in comparison ...

can anyone share the details of the november run? as in where and when

Mental P Mama said...

I may just pretend to run the stinkin' race. Gah.

Annie said...

Walk walk, walking..well that and catching public transport very exciting, changing medications...and not being allowed to drive for a few months. I shouldn't complain; hoping to lose some weight along the way! Here I am awake at 2am, in the night, working out what time and what bus to catch to get to tennis out at woop-woop tomorrow morning. Early. Traveling by train to see the little family at the Sunshine Coast is a special treat for me, finding it less stressful than driving, unfortunately it only takes twice the time!

Hope all goes well for your busy week, and your reunion, reminded me it will be my 50th next year, I am old enough to be your mother.

Talking about your mother, hope all goes well for her. Don't want to alarm you but that procedure didn't work for my brother, and his irregular heart beat has been controlled for years with medication. The medication didn't work for my Mum, and she had a pacemaker put in for her 90th birthday!
With the two of them in the family and me with a heart beat that jumps around a bit, I am wondering if it will be my turn next! Was called in for an annual checkup to a specialist at the hospital last week, (the specialist I think was impressed with my spectacular heart beat)...went there after tennis .and before a tennis lunch reunion, 50 years since the ladies started playing as a group of young women with small children. Good on them. I don't know that my feet and spine could take the pounding of a marathon, or half marathon...but I am hoping I might still be playing tennis at 80 as some of them are.
Sorry, didn't mean to write a novel here! I better get back to sleep. Some other medication has put paid to my regular sleeping habits. I'll sure feel like waking early for tennis in the morning. Not.
ps Yes, get the anti flea pills for the dog, worked a treat for my doggie.

Together We Save said...

Wonderful pictures!!