Thursday, October 4, 2012

Three Things

Once upon a time when life was a little more predictable, Thursdays were declared days to share three things, no matter how random. From what I can tell, I've not celebrated Three Thing Thursday on this blog since June! It's time to change that.

For those who can't remember aren't familiar with Three Thing Thursday, just spurt out the first three (or more, or less, we're not huge fans of rules or numbers on this blog) things that are on your mind.

I'll go first.

1. It's time to get serious about this half-marathon thing I'm signed up for in November. October is the month for me to kick it up a notch.  Although I'm not quite sure what "it" is to be kicked up, the good news for me is the only place to go is up a notch. Unless it's down, as in falling, due to calf muscle cramps. Or trying to run 13.1 miles at the ripe old age of 47 and 3/4.

2.  Friday night a few friends from high school are coming over to put the finishing touches on our 30th high school reunion, which will coincide with the Mathews High School Homecoming football game on October 26th.  An idea I had was to invite Mrs. Trusch to the game and honor her during halftime. Ours was the last class she taught before retiring. She's had such an enormous impact on so many people's lives, I think it's the least we can do.  Click here or here for previous blog posts about this inspirational teacher, who also taught my father.

3. The West Point Crab Carnival is this weekend. This year I missed Mathews Market Days because of my son's surgery, so I'm really excited about the possibility of  a carnival-like atmosphere that is separate and distinct from the three ring circus of my regular life an event dedicated to frivolity, filled with people who just might appreciate my crab hat.

Now it's your turn to share three things or more things.  Five things or four things.  Whatever happens to be on your mind at the moment.  Anything at all.


Kay L. Davies said...

Three things, not much fun at all.
I have had a bad cough/cold for two weeks. Yesterday, our doctor prescribed antibiotics.
The antibiotic doesn't seem to argree with my chronically-badly-functional disgestive system.
I am not amused.

However, here I am, saying Hi and Howya to CBW, and hoping you haven't forgotten all about me.

Collart Thierry said...

Very quiet pictures.

Deltaville Jamie said...

1. I realized last night that in 6th grade I picked 2012 to be the year I run for President (I'd be the youngest and the first woman if elected). If I am elected (you know you want to write me in), I promise to make February Man-Pig hunting season. There will be no bag limits.

2. I wish I could make it for the Crab Carnival. Sounds interesting. And there's a very bad joke in there somewhere about crabs, but I'll refrain.

3. September was a crap month, October isn't looking much better. I'd like to hibernate until about May.

Ann Marie said...

1. I would prefer if you didn't notch it up.. staying relatively the same or maybe down a notch.. PLEASE DON'T GO UP.. I would like to finish in the same hour as you.

2. I had a track day today. My hips are going to fall off.

3. I have started blogging daily again.

big hair envy said...

1. Work is kicking my behind.
2. I LOVE Crab Carnival!! Back in the day, we, the cheerleaders, had the privilege of marching in the parade. Good times!
3. I can't wait to hang out with you at Crab Carnival...AFTER I work the booth for work:)

Mental P Mama said...

1. We are going to be fine. Walk/run method;)
2. We need to make some logistical plans.
3. Have a great weekend!

Fighting Mermaid said...

1. I am thankful for three things Thursday!
2. I am up to my eyeballs in pumpkin rolls...and I am not, by any stretch of the imagination a domestic godess...
3. It's good to smile. More on that another time.
ps. Hope Sam is doing well and that life is good!

Daryl said...

last nite i got a big kick out of the Stephen King books shout outs on Revolution which actually aired on Monday but we recorded it and watched last nite

last nite i got sucked into watching the debates .. read Margaret and Helen online for a good no holds barred critique

this morning my new iMac seemed to forget all my Outlook calendar and email settings .. GAH ..

i have a headache

Country Girl said...

1. My husband's cooking dinner again tonight. That's two in a row.
2. Tomorrow is Friday and I think that's wonderful.
3. It's dinner time.


Annie said...

I am a day late for three thing Tuesday.
I am enjoying my new little computer.
I am not enjoying having a head feeling like it is full of cotton wool.

Annie said...

ps. I still miss not having a camera. I wonder whether my head will get better when I get another camera.