Thursday, October 25, 2012

Three Things

Welcome to Thursday, the day of the week where I share three thoughts or things or ideas or worries or accomplishments or whatever.  And then I encourage you to do the same.

Let's begin.

1.  Today is the 10K charity run at my work.  I'm helping run it, and I'm also running in it. So help me.

2.  Then it will be Friday, the day of my 30th high school reunion.

3.  If I survive 1 and 2, I'll be happy.

4.  (Because 3 is just a suggestion, and even if it were a hard and fast rule, I'd feel obligated to push the envelope.)  Last night I had to attend a winter sports meeting with my daughter at the very same high school I left 30 months years ago.  Evidently I need to visit the eye doctor.  As we were walking down the halls towards the meeting in the cafeteria, I saw a sign that said Athletic Disaster.  It was the Athletic Director's office.

5. This reminds me, the other morning on my way to work in the pitch black at ODark:30, I got all the way to Cobbs Creek before realizing I'd forgotten to put in my contact lenses, which I need to see anything at a distance.  Normally I can't see well driving at night even with the contacts, but this particular morning the signs were blurrier than usual.  Thankfully I caught it before I got much further down the road.

6.  Everything except #1 above indicates I'm getting old.  However, I'd like it noted for the record that I'm going down with a fight and would like to circle back to #1.  I'm running 6+ miles today, daggone it.  And I'm signed up for a half-marathon in a few weeks.

And I hope I live to tell about it.

Now it's your turn.  Three (or more) things.  Whatever is on your mind.


deborah said...

Out annual AutumnFest starts tomorrow, even though the parade was on Tuesday night. The Pumpkin House will have over 3000 carved and lighted pumpkins displayed on and around. It is a grand Victorian home. and it also has a wall of pumpkins with musical instruments carved - a symphony plays and each set of instruments light up in sync with the music. Pretty cool, no matter how many times I've watched.
Let the traffic jams begin (its easier for us to walk the mile to get there rather than try to drive by the house).
I have denied that I am half blind and need glasses long enough
, so I'm making an appt today.
Have fun running your race today! You know I'll be watching from the porch:)
Enjoy your reunion, always great to get together with old friends.

Deltaville Jamie said...

1. The only way I would run anywhere on purpose is if I was running away, like to Bora Bora or some island in French Polynesia.

2. I'm hoping Hurricane Sandy doesn't come ashore where the European models predict- right over the Chesapeake. That would suck.

2b. They're saying this Hurricane is similar to "the Perfect Storm" of '91 yes, the one that was so bad they made a movie about it.

2c. I just used the phrase "back in..." now I'm old.

3. I have several similar no trespassing photos, though typically myself or my cousin or both are standing behind them- creating photographic proof of our wanton trespassing.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the race. LOL that you forgot your contacts. Hey, that's a good excuse for trespassing on the beach, right? Betsy

Daryl said...

i'm with jamie .. no running

i wish i could wear contacts ... but i am sort of feel in attached to the deep indentation on the bridge of my nose from my glasses

i was brushing harry this morning .. what is it with young cats .. he tried to bite the brush and when he couldn't he grabbed my hand .. never broke the skin but he did manage to leave lots of odd looking marks .. sigh... not to self next time spot before he gets all excited ..