Friday, October 26, 2012


The sign above stands outside of Mathews High School even though here it references Gloucester. The Class of 1492 1982's reunion is tonight at the football game.

Below is the part of the school that housed the gym when my father went to school there.  The old gym served as an auditorium when I went there. My son and daughter are there now, and that same space is the library; the auditorium is in the new Harry M. Ward addition. Mr. Ward was my principal, and his son is related to me on my mother's side.

Who here is bored confused already? (CBW put your hand down. Also, please stop yawning.)

Below is what's left of my varsity jacket.  Everything has held up pretty well over the years, but whatever material that is on the sleeves? It's sticky. And gross.

Below is what's left of my mother's very valiant attempts at getting all my patches and varsity pins on the jacket.  I had track pins, basketball pins, perhaps even a tennis pin, but most of them fell off long ago.

One spring I played tennis and ran track simultaneously which was sheer insanity. In track I was a high jumper and long jumper; ran the 110-yard low hurdles; 220- and 440-yard dashes; and sometimes the mile relay.

(Hello, Kids?  The whole metric thing hadn't been invented yet    had everyone confused hadn't really kicked in when I was in high school. We used hieroglyphics yards instead of meters. They do not run an event called the 110-yard low hurdles anymore, so "technically" it isn't possible for anyone to beat my record. As a ridiculously competitive person, it is important for me to be ridiculous make that known.)

Those dots on the M once held pins.

Meaningless Trivia: In 1982, I high jumped 5'6" and ran the 110-yard low hurdles in 15.1 seconds at the state meet. I remember hitting 14.9 seconds in another meet but Who here cares is still awake?

(CBW! Pick your head up off that keyboard this instant!)

Before I start writing pages of hot air mostly meaningless words about my high school track days, I will close with a few observations.

  • It's difficult to believe that 30 years have passed since graduating high school.
  • It's even more difficult to believe my son and daughter will graduate from this same school in the foreseeable future.
  • That so many of my classmates still live in Mathews or have moved back speaks volumes about this sleepy little speck on the map.
  • Completely unrelated, there is talk of The Perfect Storm brewing that could bring us some nasty weather in the next several days.

I'm looking forward to the Homecoming parade, the football game, the reunion, and the possibility of a good storm, whether perfect or imperfect.

Thanks for suffering through this reading.

Have a wonderful weekend.  


Anonymous said...

CBW--your records are un-breakable... so great to know that Mathews keeps, or draws home, many of those who grew up there.
Congratulations on getting this far along in the week--and have a blast at the reunion...
*Tonight I can read the numbers on the ID image--they have been super blurred the past 2 nights.*

Anonymous said...

I remember when you were a track star! What is up with that sticky stuff on the sleeves? I ended up throwing mine away because of that when we moved a few years ago. I regret it now. Enjoy your reunion!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad they're getting homecoming done before the big storm hits. Hate to say farewell to the leaves but I suspect leaves and tree limbs will be all over the place next week. Hopefully the storm will head north of VA (although hate to see it hit up there too). Betsy

deborah said...

have a wonderful time at the reunion!

Meg McCormick said...

I still have my high school jacket! I don't think the kids nowadays bother with these. Which is probably good because they would probably cost $300.

I have similar memories of my high school - they added a gym right before I started there, and before that they played basketball on the auditorium stage. Good times, good times.

Enjoy your reunion!

Daryl said...

You are a serious over achiever .. i believe you are out there achieving for you and for me .. so thanks .... have a wonderful time this weekend ...

Anonymous said...

If I recall correctly, the movie Golden Girl was popular a little me than 30 years ago - you know, the one where Susan Anton played a world class track athlete.

And, if I further recall correctly, you scored 30 of MHS's 33 points in the state meet. Good enough to finish 3rd (in the meet) all by yourself.

Good luck in that 1/2 Marathon!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Mathews Mountain Man, is that you? Only a coach (an excellent one, btw, with the patience of Job) would remember that score. Also, I believe you're confusing that movie with the sit-com Golden GIRLS, you know, the one that features the old women.

Anonymous said...

... should have said "a little more than", not "a little me than", oh Golden One or is it ONE's.

Thanks for autographing my book, though to only mention coaching is a bit of a cop out...

Anyway, good luck in that 1/2 Marathon. I've done a few and it's fun challenge... whether one is a golden girl, golden boy or a golden oldie...

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

MMM-Well, I couldn't focus on what I was writing because your mother was engaging me in a conversation. I seem to have difficulty focusing on talking and writing at the same time. Or writing and chewing gum at the same time. Or chewing gum and breathing at the same time--wait. There's something shiny! Pretty. I'm hungry. What were we talking about?

Anyway, no matter what I always consider you the one who made me whatever I was in track and for that I thank you.

You know I'm not a distance runner but I am hoping to at least finish the half. I think I can jog at least ten without stopping as long as my back holds out. I can walk the rest. We shall see.

Anonymous said...

I'll stop by again sometimes. BTW the book is nice, a notable accomplishment. One could spend a lifetime compiling all there is to know about Mathews; can't wait to see the next one.

And, seriously, thanks for the autograph.


Dghawk said...

Here's hoping you have a wonderful evening at your reunion! I don't think The stormageddon, or what ever it is they are calling it will bother you this evening.

When I was in high school, we didn't have girls varsity ANYTHING. We only got to play during gym class. Even then I thought that sucked. The guys always got to have all the fun!

May the wind be at your back in tomorrows race, and good luck!

Maria_NJ said...

its Saturday morning, hopefully you survived. I know you had a blast at the reunion, how could you not.

How is your mom? I hope they fixed what was not working correctly...

Worried about this stupid storm. They already called off school for my girl...

and I ditto what Daryl said...m