Thursday, October 11, 2012

Three Things

Here are a few more shots from Saturday afternoon's
trip to Yankee Point Marina.

 Jamestown Settlement ship replica

Dinghy dock.
(Say that six times without cracking a smile.  I dare you.)

More dinghies.
(I am so easily entertained by the word dinghy, it's ridiculous.)

Saturday was a great day.

So here we are at Thursday already, and I'm still talking about last Saturday. Sometimes on this blog Thursdays are reserved for sharing three random thoughts dating back to last weekend.   Since I really don't have a whole lot on my mind right now, at least nothing worth sharing, I'll pass on my turn and ask you to share three things.  Anything at all, no matter how random. 

Otherwise feel free to remark on Yankee Point Marina, the Jamestown Settlement and/or the word dinghy.

Happy Thursday.


Anonymous said...

1. We are about to pay off our house wow!

2. Going to Ireland in December we finalized the plans last night.

3. God works in very odd ways indeed.

Deltaville Jamie said...

1. West Marine in Deltaville had Hard dinghies on sale. I took a picture of the sign. Sometimes that's all it takes to amuse me.

2. I now have the song "My Ding-a-Ling" stuck in my head.

3. People who claim they have/are moving on and yet can't seem to stop trying to figure out what you're doing are dumb not to mention mucho hypocritical.

4. Is it time for blogfest?

Ann Marie said...

1. I ran my fastest half mile today.. I think the coaches watch had stopped at a quarter mile

2. It is Thursday I am ready for Friday and I have only worked 3 days so far this week because I had a holiday. I think I am a lazy person.

3. I have decided I know how to become a millionaire I am going to event grease fittings for joints. Got hip pain.. no problem let's squirt a little grease in there.. ankle bothers you.. no problem here's some grease.

4. I may or may not be in my right mind...

Daryl said...

i was sure today was Friday

imagine my disappointment

love saying some words over and over .. kokopeli was uttered repeatedly while i was in Santa Fe .. the other night Toonman commented on a food fair .. quietly i whispered foodfair ... liked the way it felt .. he thought i was nuts .. dinghy is a good word to say .. but kokopeli is more fun ;)

Country Girl said...

Dinghy Dinghy Dinghy Dock Dock Dock.

I miss you!

Mrs F with 4 said...

How do you say it? Dinghy, I mean..... Is it ding-GEE? DING-hee? I keep saying it and it doesn't sound right however I do it.

Also, now my hounds are giving me little sideways looks. And rolling their eyes slightly, à la pre-teen boy.

And the cats have vanished entirely. Which is never a good thing near bedtime, as it means they will be lying silently in wait, a single claw poised to rake my ankle as I stumble past them in the dark.

Why in the dark? Because my four little darlings (human ones!) just cannot sleep if there is even the merest hint of light upstairs.

And, you know, they need their sleep, what with high school entrance exams, band practice after school (why did they ALL choose a brass instrument?), taekwondo, pony club (I HATE pony club, much as I love my horses), dog walking, bike riding, leaf raking, homework, and tomorrow? Practice for the hallowe'en spooky night performance thingy that doesn't finish until ten o'clock. AT NIGHT!

AND, did I mention pneumonia? I do have a reasonable excuse for my long absence, after all....

So, CBW, you don't need to worry about your three things...I have at least thirty three things I can spill out for you,.....

Meg McCormick said...

The only comment I can make about Jamestown is that when my oldest boy was little, he LOVED the Disney movie Pocahontas, and whenever the lead character bellows JAAAAMESTOWN at the beginning, I giggle.

Otherwise... it's a crazy weekend here. We have our first freeze warning tonight. Gonna be good fire pit weather!