Monday, October 8, 2012

West Point Crab Carnival

Once upon a sunny Saturday, Chesapeake Bay Woman went to the West Point Crab Carnival.

The streets were lined with booths boasting arts, crafts, services, 
products, alpacas, hogwash soaps, elephant ears, 
funnel cakes, bologna burgers, and big questions.

This booth was asking Big Questions.  My answer was yes,
as a matter of fact I'm on my way now.
(Because the funnel cake booth is only steps away.)

(Click on the image if you can't read the question.)

Alpacas.  In West Point.  At a crab carnival.
This crab carnival is nothing if not unusual diverse.

One of the more interesting exhibits was this living statue.  Living statue is not only an oxymoron but the term used for a man who spray paints himself in gold and sits as still as can be, on display, without so much as a flinch, while onlookers point and gawk talk about him as if he isn't there.

In other words, he pretends to be a statue.

Well, he pretends to be a statue until he needs a break,

and then he sits on his car and eats a banana.

Moving right along, 

Step right up, folks!  Get your FRESH ELEPHANT EARS here!

Fries made of ribbons and burgers made of bologna.
There's something even for the least most discriminating palate.

Of course there were crabs.

And other delectables.

The West Point Crab Carnival is an equal opportunity 
seafood festival that does not discriminate against oysters.

Stay tuned for more photos 
from the West Point Crab Carnival parade.

What did you do this weekend? 

 Have you eaten a bologna burger?

What about elephant ears? Were they fresh?


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Anonymous said...

No on the elephant ears and hot dog burgers. As a child I did try fried grasshoppers and escargot...somehow I do not think those foods would be featured at a street festival here in most U. S. towns. (Other parts of the world--they would do brisk business)
. I turned 62 this weekend, but I did not have the tiniest inclination to celebrate at a water park, zipline park-- or even in bumper cars. (I hated bumper cars as a kid and got pissed off every time someone bumped my car, which resulted in my scowling at the offending driver.)

Anonymous said...

What a fun festival - I'm sure you had a wonderful day!
I've eaten both elephant ears and bologna sandwiches (not at the same time or even on the same day as if that even matters...) I like funnel cakes too
Anyway, hope you have a great day!
deb k.

Waterman JP said...

I worked all weekend. I did a trade time with a co-worker,but have all of next weekend off.

Actually I think I have eaten a Bologna Burger. The diverse group of people I work with refer to them as "Ghetto Burgers." In order for it to be a "Ghetto Burger" it must have a slice of American Cheese on it and placed on loaf bread (sliced bread.) Of course you can add any condiments you would like.

I have never had an Elepant ear in my life.

CBW, to change the topic here a bit. Maybe one of these days you can stop by and photograph the assemby of a crab pot.

Enjoy your holiday and have a good one.

Deltaville Jamie said...

I didn't do much of anything this weekend except cook chili, ghost hunt and be extremely lazy. It was nice.

growing wild on waverly lane said...

I'm adding to my bucket list; paint self gold, perch atop car, and eat a banana.

Daryl said...

that living statue reminded me of my trip to Venice and the living statues there .. not painted gold, painted white so they look like roman god sculpture ...

not a job i could do, i can't sit still ..

weekend was great .. busy and fattening

Country Girl said...

I took it easy this weekend. Did a nominal amount of cleaning, and a larger amount of relaxing. No elephant ears. And sadly, no crabs. xoxo

Dghawk said...

I had a wonderful weekend..... I worked, I ate, and I slept. Oh yeah, I forgot, and I watched it rain. But I'm glad you had a great weekend. Can't wait to see more pictures.

big hair envy said...

There is not enough room for me to write all of the comments I'd like to write about that day. Sooooo, I'll just say...Diggs Seafood? Hmmmm....

Thanks for the laughs, and for "local wildlife" watching with me:)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Happy birthday, LLC!

Deb-Bologna sandwiches are one thing, but what about bologna burgers? (My day so far has been good but that's mostly due to the federal holiday. Back to work tomorrow.)

Waterman JP-Have your folks get with mine and we'll see what can be arranged on the filming of the crab pot making.

DJ-Sounds like a perfect weekend to me, especially the lazy part.

Wild On Waverly - We'll have to research where to acquire the paint. A new form of entertainment around here is definitely needed, and if it helps you cross off an item on the bucket list, all the better.

Daryl - I couldn't do it either. I'd crack up laughing.

CG-Glad you got to take it easy, that's what weekends are for.

DGH-Except for the working part sounds like your weekend was perfect.

BHE-Thank YOU for hanging out and showing me the finer parts of the festival, and thanks to Beth for giving me the parking pass, which made life so much easier. Yes, Diggs Seafood does indeed have a deeper meaning...Ha ha!