Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yankee Point Marina

Last Saturday after the West Point Crab Carnival,
a friend and I rode over to Yankee Point Marina in Lancaster.

Ever since my summers at the Islander, I've always loved
wandering around the docks of a marina.

I wonder about the stories the boats and their owners could tell.

This water taxi, for lack of a correct better term,
ferried passengers from boats anchored 

in the creek to the marina.

I can't imagine having the freedom to live aboard a boat if I wanted, traveling from place to place at my own pace, without a care in the world. 

(Well, technically, someone else on board would need to have a care, because they'd have to do all the work navigating. I'd just be along for the ride. Without a care in the world. It's a nice thing to daydream about, especially when your actual life requires that you be tied to a school and work calendar into infinity and beyond for the foreseeable future.)

The view from those chairs is such that if I were to have sat down,
I'm pretty sure I'd still be sitting there now. 

The man and woman who own this boat have big plans to travel
up and down the Intracoastal Waterway.  

What an adventure that would be!
On this particular Saturday, though, they were quite content 
to sit and read quietly, that is until some
strange woman pointed a camera in their direction.

Does changing the spelling of the name make the boat impervious to disaster? (FYI: This might be the first time I've ever used the word "impervious." Actually, I think Impervious would be a far better name for this boat. Remind me of this if I ever win the lottery and own a boat that needs naming.)

This somewhat rambling blog post which started off talking about Yankee Point Marina, only to take a few turns down Daydream Lane, concluding with my make-believe boat called Impervious is now coming to a merciful close.

If you had a sailboat or a yacht what would you name it and why?

Tune in next time for a few more photos from Yankee Point Marina.


Anonymous said...

Well, if it were a boat on which I could travel 'without a care in the world' (with a boat professional doing boat operations-- and occasional cooking---then I might name it " Flying Fig" as in, "I don't give a flying fig "....

On the weekend I saw a repeat tv special with chef Giada De Laurentis goes to Bora Bora to schmooze with locals and cook on the beach dressed in a pareo...sigh. I thought of you ! Ol' Giada is the granddaughter of movie producer giant Dino De Laurentis, who BOUGHT a little islet in Bora Bora and took his family there on many vacations. Life can be so tough for some people......

Deltaville Jamie said...

I love walking around the marinas (or riding around in a boat) and reading all the names of the boats. There's a boat in our little neck of Deltaville named "Happily Divorced". No joke. I also like the name "The Happy Hooker" Midge and her friend want to name my dad's new boat "Poseidon's Fury". We crack up all the time imagining him calling out on the boat's radio "This is Poseidon's Fury"

Fighting Mermaid said...

I grew up up with a boat named the Happy Frog. That's what happens when six and seven year olds get to name a boat (my brother and I at the time my dad launched the 5o foot home built catamaran). We didn't forsee then travelling through bridges as teenagers with people yelling "Ribbit, ribbit" as we plodded along the waterway. It's been 30 years since the big family trip. Perhaps I could now go for Happy Frog II or better yet, Tadpole.

Anonymous said...

A lot of the boats up my way have names that make fun of DC. Like "Capital Punishment", that sort of thing. Don't you wish people put names on their cars? It could make walking around the parking lot as entertaining as walking around a marine. Well, kind of. Betsy

Daryl said...

mal de mer ... yup .. okay .. SS Mal de Mer

Mental P Mama said...

I would name my yacht Mental Pause. The end.

Annie said...

Think I'd have to call it Daydream, since you have already called yours Impervious. But I am not sure I would want to venture far out of the creek on mine really, sorry.
Warning...those days tied to a school and timetable will not last long...not long at all...just saying.