Monday, July 8, 2013


Last week the Chesapeake Bay Family spent a whole week 
away from home in a place called Heaven.

Technically, it's called Avon, North Carolina.  
(But that's a minor technicality.)

Days were spent between the beach and the pool.

(Insert the sound of surf here.  Also the cool breeze that is abundant oceanside as the sun goes down.)

(May as well insert the sound of a gull giving thanks at the end of the day.  Because he was.)

The view from the upper back deck.  Our neighbor was all decked out for the Fourth.


Middle Sis (aka tennis and badminton pro)


Dino (Baby Sis's Friend)

Baby Sis

Chesapeake Bay Father
Aside from the Dollar Tree water guns, these $3.88 Walmutant floats
were the best investments for guaranteed vacation fun.

Chesapeake Bay Mumma

Completely relaxed

Yes, it certainly was.

I am so grateful for that gift of a week.

I'll share a few more photos from The Family Vacation in the coming days.  

What's going on in your world?


Annie said...

Well, that week sounded perfect, CBW!
Wonderful, in fact. It is such fun when you can get together with family at the beach for holidays, just the best!

Not a lot happening here at the newly rented house...back from minding grand children down south, now minding grand kids still at home here on holidays. Climbed a small mountain to give the little energetic 5 year old mountain climber, and his two year old sister and his 6 month pregnant mother a bit of a stretch for the legs the other day. As you do, on holidays. She tells me the usual contractions have they did early with the other two. They put her on bed rest for the first one, who then didn't arrive till a week early, so they didn't bother with number two. How mothers work full time with two small children and being 6 months pregnant is a little beyond my figuring. At least she says she will have six months maternity leave...double what she had for the first two, but all the while keeping an eye on the projects she is in charge of at the uni here! Hmmm...will be interesting!

Anonymous said...

You have done a wonderful job of photographing is all I had imagined it to be-- (but please insert Javier Bardem standing on the shoreline for me, to make it all complete). CB parents look to be in their elements, afloat in the pool. In a different circumstance myself, my younger son, husband and I, who stay at my mom-in-law's house, look forward to this next Friday. A psychotic,(no exaggeration)and most unpleasant brother-in-law also lives here--and he will be leaving for a week-long vacation. We will be giddy with the freedom of having the house to ourselves for that precious week. It is a gift to live rent-free, but there are big trade-offs to this arrangement... I may be dancing round the house in my undies next week, so be forewarned !
PS..a precious time you had, with CB son & daughter. Lovely photos.

Daryl said...

oh what gorgeous skies/weather you had .. we had a lot of heat and humidity ... ah NYC in July is always a killer

Deltaville Jamie said...

What!? no rubber ducky floats??! I missed you at Heritage in the 'Ville. I didn't even go to the game. Glad you had a relaxing time!

Dghawk said...

Welcome back!....I think. I'm sure you aren't glad to be back. I know I wouldn't have wanted to leave. It looks like a good time was had by all. Can't wait to see more of your wonderful pictures. And yes, I can hear the surf and the gulls, as well as the breeze rippling through the grass.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Annie-You sure have been busy - and active, it sounds like. I'm glad she'll have the six months off; I cannot imagine dealing with two small children and an infant and a job simultaneously. Wow.

LLC-Dance away and enjoy your (temporary) freedom! Yes, I, too, missed Javier this trip. He must not have opened my invitation.

(Dear Javier, if the invitation got lost in the mail, please know you have a standing offer to visit Mathews. I will be your personal tour guide. Please try and control your excitement, and thanks for letting a girl daydream. Love, CBW)

Daryl - The breeze where we were helped negate the heat and humidity. Son and Daughter will be up your way this week, you may get a text or a call for restaurant suggestions.

DJ-No rubber ducky floats, what were we thinking? We did have crab hats though.

DGH-Can't say I'm thrilled to be back, but grateful for the time away. Hope you are doing OK.


A few more vacation shots will go up tomorrow, and then I'll try to resume posting photos of Mathews. It's hard to get out of the post-vacation funk though.

Happy Monday.

Country Girl said...

Love this!