Monday, July 22, 2013


All except the last shot were taken from the public landing at Edwards Creek over on Gwynn's Island.  That last one, taken from the Seabreeze, includes a glimpse of the full (or close to full) moon in the upper right corner.

Daughter and I took a joy drive over to the island Saturday after supper.  Son is spending the week at a NASA program, so she and I are trying to keep ourselves busy and distracted, once again. (He left us earlier this summer for Boys State and let's just say we were ecstatic extremely happy when he returned.)

Sunday we went for a five-mile hike over in the Northern Neck.  (She was not too thrilled with this idea of mine, particularly since it was hot and her tennis shoes were less than ideal for the hike, but we got our exercise in, that's for sure.)

There's more to report, but this post will be brief.  My internet has been acting up, so I want to toss this up while the gettin' is good. A storm last night must have caused a temporary outage, and it's pouring down again this evening with even more clouds headed in this direction.

Hope all is well in your world.


Kay L. Davies said...

I always love your photos, CBW. They always make me forget humidity makes my fibromyalgia pain worse. I was out at the west coast this month, just long enough to visit my family, and didn't get any pictures of the ocean. The whole mob went out to play "ball" (swinging at a tennis ball thrown underhand, and running toward bases made of sweaters) and I didn't get pictures.
It didn't rain while we were there, but I could tell by my bones (okay, connective tissues) that we weren't in Alberta any more, Toto.
I love oceans.
Did find out the dog loves traveling by cars.

Pastor Dan said...

Thanks for these great pictures - Makes me wish I could walk down that dock in Edwards Creek before daylight and sail away.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Thanks, Kay, I am so sorry to hear about your pain.

Pastor Dan, Good to hear from you. There will be a few more shots of Milford Haven going up tomorrow and with any luck some osprey photos later in the week.


My internet service has been ridiculously spotty this week--just my luck since I happen to have some pictures lined up and a little bit of something to say. If I had no photos and nothing to say? Internet service would be stellar.

Ah well. If these are my biggest problems, it's all good.

Happy Tuesday - thanks for reading.