Friday, July 12, 2013

Scenes from Queens Creek

These are glimpses of pine branches trying to touch a few clouds one evening as the sun was setting on Queens Creek.

Depending on where I stood and how much I zoomed in, the branches were either just about touching or had a ways to go.

Ordinarily I'd also factor in the wind and its impact on the clouds, but as you can see by the slick cam, there was no wind.

Those of you who know what a slick cam is can go ahead and laugh hysterically that I am using the phrase. But the point is the wind wasn't blowing, the creek was as smooth as glass, and the clouds weren't moving quickly. And they do still say slick cam around here, for the record.

Eventually those pine branches did touch the clouds.

(Maybe not, but it looked that way to me.)

Growing up in Mathews in the pre-cable TV, pre-internet, pre-cell phone era required lots of imagination to create entertainment with whatever was in your back yard even if it was a pine tree and some lingering clouds.  

It's a habit that's hard to break--inventing your own entertainment-- even when you're 48 years old with the distractions of TV, internet and cellphones within arm's reach.

Anyway, the weekend is here. I hope yours is filled with fun, imagination and a sense of cam calm.


Anonymous said...

CBW, the great thing is your capacity for creativity and imagination, despite the electronic distractions that lurk in your environs. The coalition against 'nature deficit disorder' would be very proud of your tenacity. Among the finer things in life, that view and those skies at Queens Creek are beyond-description-lovely.
Thanks as always for sharing them.

growing wild on waverly lane said...

The pine limbs are tickling the clouds, who are laughing hysterically. Her majesty's creek is a happy place.

Audrey at Barking Mad said...

Absolutely beautiful.

4 years later and I still haven't managed another trip down there. I really need to not let another 4 years lapse before I come back down!