Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Vacation Games

Last week's vacation wasn't just about lounging around, lollygagging and soaking in the sun.  No, when the Chesapeake Bay Family goes on vacation, there must be competitive games.

Thankfully, Dino brought along plenty of things to do.  

The rest of us brought our ridiculously competitive spirit.

We played pool.
(We discovered that Chesapeake Bay Father has mad pool skillz.)

We were silly.
(Here, Baby Sis dons her "sun"brero and my Dollar Tree goofy glasses.)

Speaking of Dollar Tree purchases, the water rifles shown here were just way too much fun.

Not only did we play games of pool, we played games in the pool.

Here, Dino sets up the water volleyball net while Son, Father
and Mother do their pre-game warm-up stretches.
(By the way, CB Father had endured yet another heart procedure
just prior to this.  Before, he would get winded just moving at all.
On vacation?  He played hours of volleyball. It was amazing.)

Because my back was bothering me, I was the retriever of out-of bounds balls
and the Penalty Enforcer (rather than an active participant) in water volleyball.
Whenever anyone made an error,I squirted them with a water rifle.
It was the most fun I've had in forever.
(Clearly I lead a sheltered life and need to get out more.)

The deep end of the pool gave some a disadvantage, but
every so often we'd change sides to even things out.

There were nightly games of  bean bag toss. Once, Baby Sis
couldn't remember what to call it, so she said, "Let's play that three bean game."
I jumped on that and now prefer to call this the three bean salad game.
We found it very amusing.
(Did I mention I need to get out more often?)

Middle Sis, who plays tennis semi-professionally (well, close enough),
was extremely focused in all of the sports.  She excelled in badminton, pool and
three bean salad.

When Daughter struggled to get the bean bags in throwing
underhanded, she resorted to her basketball shot.
She went back to throwing underhanded.
(Are you still awake? Sorry, but I could talk about this all day long.)

Baby Sis shows the proper tossing technique for the three bean salad game.

Yes. There was basketball too.  Daughter showed off her dribbling skills.
There was a nest of yellow jackets in the goal, but that didn't stop anyone.
(I did get stung, forgot to mention that, but not during basketball. That's another story.)

There were water wars.

Some of the battles were very intense.

I sure do miss this place.


Anonymous said...

That really is amazing news about your dad's improved health;(I hope he didn't overdo it with the volleyball ). Now he can recoup from the vacation. Middle Sis looks the part of an athlete, and I too prefer a "3 bean game" to calling a game "cornhole"-- which has unsavory undertones in my mind.
Perhaps you do not need to get out more, as much as you need to be able to squirt people with water rifles more often.
It is my younger son's birthday today, and he is wise beyond his years, caring and has an ethical soul. It is my honor to know him.

Deltaville Jamie said...

I have plans to make 3 bean salad boards, or cornhole which is a name I equally love. I need some water rifles.

Meg McCormick said...

Happy for daddy-o's progress and gosh I want to be a CB sister - y'all seem to have so much gosh-darn fun together!!

Country Girl said...

This is so full of sun, fun, and family and I just love it.

Dghawk said...

Now THATS the way a vacation should be. I'm so glad yoy all had a good time. Sort of reminds me of when my family would trapse down to Florida. My imediate family, aunts, uncles, and cousins. We would practically take up a whole side of the motel. Of course, this was back when the OBX was still barren islands off the coast of North Carolina.

Daryl said...

a perfect time .. Kate said it best ...

Chantal said...

This is cool!