Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Boats II

These are some shots of a few boats out of water near the railway on Tangier Island. 

This one was on a trash heap.  

Tonight Son and Daughter return from their week-long adventure in New York City. Yesterday Son texted to report they'd sampled some delectable Venezuelan cuisine.  Daughter reported separately that it was beastly hot.  (I wasn't sure whether she was talking about the Venezuelan cuisine or the NYC temps, but I suspect it was the latter.)

I'm so thrilled they've had this opportunity to experience (and navigate mostly on their own with the help of a good friend) a place so vastly different from where they've grown up.

I love that they're exploring the world.

When I was a kid here in Mathews, I often made lists of things to do.  Not like today's lists which include chores.  No, this was just an at-a-glance list of options for whiling away the day--a day which did not include much in the way of entertainment options.

A typical list might include:

1.  Ride Thunder (the pony).

2.  Turn the barn into a haunted house.  (Why not? Isn't this #2 on everyone's To Do list?)

3.  Ride bikes.

4.  Explore.

That last one was always my favorite.  It still is.


Deltaville Jamie said...

Your #2 was more like my #1 but was closer to "explore a haunted barn". Tangier is on the list for potential day trips during vacation though I doubt we'll go. August temps and humidity are brutal and I don't think Midge will be up to walking in it. The Brat Child is also concerned that we may encounter an iceberg during the boat ride there "and we all know what happens when boats meet icebergs... people DIE" (his words by the way). I've been to Tangier (when I was pregnant with Midge) so I can wait until the fall maybe.

Kay L. Davies said...

Hmm, the first and second photos are obviously of the same boat. Guess it is a healthy one, because there's a motor on it. Boats out of the water (except for winter in dry-dock) make me think of fish out of water.
I love your childhood to-do list, although I try to avoid haunted places.

Daryl said...

these are gorgeous .. they could be paintings seriously

Country Girl said...

Lovely images here. And I do love your list.

Preston said...