Tuesday, January 14, 2014


It's late as I type this and although I could--and probably should--write about how much I like this boathouse and the reflections it cast the other day, instead all I can talk about is one thing and one thing only:


I'm yelling in all caps and blue letters because I'm no longer able to yell in real life (and certainly not in the school colors of blue with gold background, for goodness sakes) thanks to all the screaming I did last night.

(I also apologize to the poor West Point fan who pretended that nobody sitting next to him was stomping her feet and jumping up and down like a maniac during the last few hours minutes of the game.  I also apologize to my mother who I elbowed more than once reaching for a ball that was going out of bounds even though the ball going out of bounds was down on the basketball court and not anywhere near the stands.  Thankfully we have a mutual understanding.  I can pretend like I am playing on the court and reach for potential rebounds and out of bounds balls and she can yell out my Baby Sister's name instead of Daughter Maria's name because they both look so much alike on the court. Hey, it works.)

Anyway, this sort of news deserves to be yelled!  And celebrated.  West Point wasn't expecting to lose. It's been a long time coming, but our team finally clicked and played like the team they really are:  a group of very talented young ladies. With very talented coaches.

We have another game tonight against Gloucester.

My poor vocal chords.

We're all exhausted.


Kay L. Davies said...

It's so hard on the players' mothers and grandmothers, isn't it? Meanwhile, all the players have to do is follow the rules. Not that I'm at all suggesting there should be rules for mothers and grandmothers, oh no.
I love the boathouse photos. Reflections are some of my favorite things.
Luv, K

Deltaville Jamie said...

I'm hoping next year I can make it down for a game. I miss having a girls basketball game to be loud and obnoxious at. I can stomp the bleachers and scream "BOX OUT" with the best of them. Glad they won!

Mathews Mark said...

way to go! West Point has all ways been or arch enemy's i sports....did i ever tell you about the time we stole there.....well thats for another time....gona have check these lady's out....again any win over West Point is a good win!! i think some famous person said that...oh yea..Harry Ward!!

Daryl said...