Friday, January 10, 2014

Edwards Creek

This is the final batch of pictures from last Sunday's
excursion to Redart and Gwynn's Island.

They say it's going to warm up here quite a bit this weekend.

I hope so.

I also hope your weekend is a great one.

Happy Friday.


Deltaville Jamie said...

How exactly does one pronounce "Redart". I have always said it RE- dart like RE- do. You'd think I'd ask that sooner than 30 some years after starting to say it. I also have an issue with Remlik which I have all my life called RE- MILK. Like I have to go milk the cow again.

Charlie said...

Actually Jamie, it's pronounced like the words "red" and "art" run together.
Always liked the name, which is the word Trader spelled backwards (apparently, there were a lot of post offices that wanted that name, so the person in Mathews went a different way with it). Just like Remlik is Kilmer spelled backwards. And, Moon, where I live, was intended to be called "noon" (the time the mail was posted), but the postal official read the application wrong. I may be easily amused, but I find the names of post offices fascinating.

Daryl said...

thanks Charlie, i love learning stuff like that .. and CBW those are fantasmagoric photos

Anonymous said...

Inspiration for next year's yule decor...think how much easier it will be to get the tree up...

Happy weekend--loved the photos this week, CBW.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

LLC, you're my hero!