Friday, January 17, 2014

Coolest Small Town

Here are a few more pictures taken from the public landing just below the Court House.

Since the basketball game did not go as well as it should have last night, I am not talking about it today other than to say we should have won and I can't stand losing to Middlesex. Yes, I am a sore loser.

That is all about basketball. And I hope never to write about losing again. It cramps my style.

Let's turn our attention instead to the fact that Mathews County, Virginia, is a finalist in the Coolest Small Town in America contest sponsored by Budget Travel. If you believe, as I do, that Mathews is a pretty cool small town,  please click here to vote, and remember you can vote daily through February 25th.

I consider Mathews one of the last frontiers, and if it isn't the coolest small town in America, it is now officially a contender.


Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Woo hoo ! Mathews is in third place! !! That is must be your parade photos that put it over the top, plus all the people who fell in love with it during the Blog Cabin project a few years ago. If sports is a metaphor for life's challenges, I guess the opportunity to learn resilience and tenacity is visiting you both....
Happy Weekend.....LLC

Kay L. Davies said...

Yay! I voted and it said I could come back and vote again. It's like voting for my favorite baseball players to go to the allstar game.
No writing about losing here. We're gonna make Mathews win! Come ON, team!

Country Girl said...

What Kay said!

Anonymous said...

Mathews is a cool place and we all know it, but call me a skeptic I don't want Mathews to be a contender on an internet list. Mathews will see an inflow of Hollywood types and you'll then see movie stars arguing with store manager at the Food Lion complaining about the unavailability of organic chicken necks for their crab bait. :)


Meg McCormick said...

I voted! But keep reminding me!

Anonymous said...

Well, I still think Mathews is the coolest town. Which is a lot better than being the coldest town. That would be where I live, today. Stay warm, and looking forward to the snow photos. BEtsy