Thursday, January 9, 2014

Three Things

On Sunday's jaunt that started in Redart, I paused to admire the reflections in this marsh.  As I was driving away, something caught my eye.

Up there.  In that tree.

Pardon the lack of light, but it was a dreary day.

There he is.

I love the zoom on my camera.

Welcome to Thursday, which is a day sometimes usually reserved for the sharing of three thoughts, no matter how random.  Three is just a suggestion, you can share nothing, you can share everything or you can share something in between.

I'll go first because I can.

1.  A dear, dear person with whom I've worked for many years retires this week.  Since I don't go back in to the office until Monday, we had to say our goodbyes yesterday.  It was the first time in, well, ever I've shed a tear for someone who was leaving at work.  I could write a book on things we've been through together and will miss Sandy a great deal.

2.  My Christmas tree is up.  Still.  Yes.  Even better worse, because it is still up, I plug in the lights every night at supper time.  Hey, it's up, might as well enjoy it. The lights create a nice table side ambiance.  Dear Queens Creek Neighbors Who Can See Said Christmas Lights Illuminated Every Evening:  We're aware of the date on the calendar, we're just struggling to meet daily demands and will take down the tree whenever we can.  Or not.  Your patience and tolerance are appreciated.  Thank you.

3.  In local news, this week's Gazette Journal reports that 106 species and 17,405 birds were counted in Mathews and Ware Neck during the Audubon Society's Christmas Bird Count.  If any of those Christmas birds counted happen to be searching for a Christmas tree to perch in, I happen to have one still standing in my living room.  Also, is it too late to add one heron in a dead pine tree to the official birding count?  After all, had the heron above known such an official, organized event was going on, he surely would have flown a little bit south to be included in the headcount.  (Or is it beak count?)

Now it's your turn to share three things.  Or more. Or less.  Whatever is on  your mind.  Anything at all.


Kay L. Davies said...

It's a good thing they aren't counting feathers. Herons have a lot of them.
Three things: I just ordered something online because it was 45% off the regular price. Even after the exorbitant (I thought) shipping price, it is still less than the regular price.
2. I told my husband about it. He was not impressed, but it's for my bathroom, not his, and it's my money.
3. Lindy loses more eyesight every day, but she seems to be coping well: better than I am, anyway. I always cry when she walks into a wall or a chair, but she's happily sleeping behind my desk chair now, waiting for me to go to bed. I love that she thinks I need to be guarded.
Hi to your family, a hug to your mom.
Luv, K

Cee Pluse said...

It's been a while since I left my first three things list here, but I have a little time this morning, so here goes:

1) My horse needs a new blanket. And blanket liner. Badly. Like needed-it-yesterday badly. His old one is thin and worn, and the blanket liner I used on him for the frigid weather that mercifully is finally moving out slipped off to one side, so that he stepped on it and tore it to shreds. I think I have found a new blanket online that will work, but I have to measure my horse before I order one because the sizing is different from all other blankets in the universe, it seems. Bother and more bother, but it must be done.

2) My old dog and I are doing well on the Boswellia we started for our arthritis, but I also had to start the dog on some mild pain medicine as well because she is having back issues that are being exacerbated by the cold. Luckily very low dose Tramadol seems to be doing the trick.

3) And my Christmas tree is still up too. I am slowly removing ornaments, though, and should be done later today. Then I can take the artificial tree down and put it away, and Christmas will officially be over. My husband is out of town until Saturday, so I don't feel the need to hurry as I am the only one who has to look at this evidence of my procrastination!

Happy Thursday, and have a good weekend (ours will be rainy again *sigh*)!

Deltaville Jamie said...

1. The tree is still up but I haven't watered it recently and the needles are starting to fall. In fact all the decorations are still out though maybe not in an upright position. I don't really care.

2. The Christmas train is still under the tree. The dog took a crap directly on a piece of track. I considered throwing it away but since we need that particular piece of track, I cleaned it so the Brat Child wouldn't be upset. Turns out, even if you clean and disinfect hard plastic train train the dog craps on, it's still no good, needs to be places in a bio-hazard box and thrown away... according to the brat child. His train is RUINED (note emphasis)

3. I was reminded by the Brat Child that I still owe him $22 from BlogFest this past September. I was hoping he'd forget. Silly me. He has decided the best way to become rich is to go to BlogFest all the time and hang out with my friends.

Country Girl said...

1. My tree is still up. And it's lit too.
2. I wish Sandy well even though I don't know her.
3. Love that you spied the great blue heron in the tree.

Daryl said...

a day late but what the hey

1. its warmer and its snowing .. a truly obnoxious trade off
2. our cable has been out since monday when toonman schlepped up to 90th St in the frigid cold to get a new one which turned out to be defective as in dead
3. we have apple tv and hulu plus so if you dont mind watching a show a day late, and we dont, aside from not getting sports (only one of us is bothered by that) we could save a couple hundred a month and give up cable
4. a friend helped us get a sooner than this coming monday repair appt ... the woman he gave me the contact # for managed to get us a repair appt today .. the woman i spoke to the other day who swore she'd call me back ... well lets just say i didnt believe her ...