Tuesday, January 7, 2014


These were taken Sunday from Edwards Creek over on Gwynn's Island. 

Although it took me a while to notice, there's a baseball cap hanging there on the mast.  

(It's easier to see in the photo above.)

The rather dreary, overcast day combined with 
an utter lack of wind (which is unusual this time of day) 
created some unique photo opportunities.

Speaking of wind, we're bracing for some.

Although the temperatures hovered near sixty degrees earlier yesterday, 
by the morning the wind chill is expected to be below zero.

Bora Bora!!



Anonymous said...

LOL...just keep repeating " B-B-Bora - B-B-Bora " to yourself and you will warm up, inexplicably.
Do not worry about turning 50..Fifty is Nifty, especially on a talented,tall blonde who attempts marathons: you will be ahead of the game (compared to many of your peers.)
It is a good tactic to wander outside on overcast days with a camera..then,instead of missing the sunshine,you can appreciate the wonderful diffused light that enhances photography. That boat positively glows, which it would not do in harsh, blazing sun.
Happy New Year (and Happy 3 Kings Day until midnight, which is perfectly legal form to leave your tree up)...part of being 50 is not to care what anyone thinks, about holiday trees or anything else you do.

Annie said...

Some more wonderful photos. I agree with LLC...it is nice to not have to care what other people think!

My Christmas tree is still up here. Won't be long before I decide to take it down though. I can imagine they are very cheerful when the weather is COLD.

Take care in that awful weather. It is "cool" here today at 25 Celsius!! After our record breaking heatwave. I remember the wind chill being below zero and approaching minus 17 once when I was in NYC one winter, brrr.

My brother in law and his wife are visiting Bora Bora on their way home, on a cruise across the Pacific, from South America!! What a trip.

Dghawk said...

Hope you and all of yours are warm and safe. I had 8 degrees here when I left for work this morning at 5:30. I had so many clothes on I could barely drive!

Loved your photos.

Country Girl said...

It looks positively balmy. I feel warmer now for having come here.

Meg McCormick said...

Bora Bora indeed! Or Tahiti.