Monday, January 6, 2014


Yesterday, even though the Christmas tree is still up and decorated and there were a million other things needing my attention, I forced myself out of the house to take a few pictures.  With no place in particular in mind but lacking the energy to go very far, I decided on a quick trip down Redart.

The unusual lack of breeze or wind of any sort created a perfect canvas for reflections.

After the whirlwind of Christmas and our trip to New York in December, January finds me--as usual--in a sort of sluggish depressed could someone please explain to me why we can't just hibernate until spring?  melancholy, reflective mood that I always snap out of as soon as warmer weather returns.

But warmer weather is a ways off.

 Some of the things I've been pondering the past few days include:

  • Next year around this time I will be 50 years old. Fifty. FIFTY.
  • (Good grief. This is my last year to say I am in my forties.)
  • My son graduates high school this year and leaves for college (assuming all goes as planned) in the fall.
  • (Good grief. In eight months or so, he leaves the nest and ventures out on his own.)
  • It's probably not the end of the world if my Christmas tree stays up and decorated another week or so.
  • (Good grief. Can I just leave the thing up all year? After I blink three or four times I'm going to be fifty!  it's going to be Christmas again anyway, so why not?)

I could keep adding to the list above until the cows come home, but what it all amounts to is this year will be a year of change, and I need to focus on something positive and good to help me get through.

So, in spite of my arthritic back forcing me to physical therapy, in spite of all the gray hairs that cannot be tamed, and in spite of absolutely zero motivation to do anything other than hibernate, I am declaring that 2014 will be the year that I attempt to complete a full marathon of 26.2 miles. In November.  In the Outer Banks.

Baby Sis and I are going to try this one. She's agreed to do it with me.  

Hey, it may be crazy but it gives me a reason to move, to get up and go outside when I only want to sleep and thumb my nose at winter. And 2014.

This was an exceedingly long-winded way of saying my 2014 goal is to complete* a full marathon.

The End.


* I said complete.  I didn't say run the whole way, and I didn't say that gurneys and wheelchairs might not be involved.  I just want to cross the finish line. Somehow. Before I turn 50.


Kay L. Davies said...

Okay, I'm sure you've heard it before, but as I'll be 70 in three years, I'm allowed to repeat myself: turning 50 sure beats the alternative.
So, I'm glad you're getting up and getting out and taking great photos of boats reflecting.
I'm happy for Sam and sorry for you that he'll be leaving home to go to college, but he will be back, probably for Christmas, so maybe you should leave the tree up, kind of like a yellow ribbon, only different. Everyone will think you're nuts, except maybe Sam.
Hugs to the whole family from me, even if I really don't know your kids.
Luv, K

Annie said...

Sounds great CBW..good on you tackling such a marathon. Wow. I just wish I could tackle my weight, and the very great mess in this new little tiny house. My sister comes to visit tomorrow, so maybe I'll get some motivation to tidy..overnight?

As I seem to be roughly the same age as Kay, I also think turning fifty is great! Not that I mind being what I am...just so long as I lose some weight soon, to have some energy to mind some very active grandchildren!!

Great reflective photos..keep up the good work, my second/third new camera is being silly again, I am bored with taking photos on my phone, even though some of them are OK.

Take care...look after your back! All the best wishes to you and your precious family!

Deltaville Jamie said...

"Reflections of the way life used to be..." I now can't get the song out of my head. I had no idea you were turning 50. You don't look 50. I need to get down there, I hear it's going to be a balmy 13* there tonight. We're looking at -1. -10 with the windchill.

growing wild on waverly lane said...

Having just turned 72, I am insulted by 50 being so bad. I can not face a future without Sam next door to help with computer things. Maria is probably contemplating a few times she will miss him too.

Meg McCormick said...

Good grief! If you need someone at the finish line to hand you a cold beer, just let me know, I'll arrange to be there.

Tiggeriffic said...

I'm 1/2 way to 140 next month..I just like the sound of that then saying I'll be 70. Plus it just makes people do the math..Lol.
Love to see the pictures of the boats.. so quiet and not a ripple going across the water..
Frigid temperatures here in Iowa...getting colder and colder as the day goes's -7 right now..all schools are cancelled and it's a good day to stay home..
Have a blessed day~! ta ta for now..~!

Daryl said...

lets not discuss or mention age ok?

i think you can leave your tree up as long as you please .. its not live so it wont drop needles .. i say leave it up and call it a Valentine's tree or St Pat's tree .. Mother's Day tree ... then there's Arbor Day - what better way to celebrate!