Thursday, January 16, 2014

Three Things

Here we are once again staring at the day called Thursday, where on this blog we are encouraged to share three thoughts--three random or related or semi-related things.  Whatever happens to be on your mind, anything at all.

Because there's no other way around it, I will go first.

1.  Tonight the Mathews girls basketball team takes on Middlesex in a home match THAT WE HAVE THE ABILITY TO WIN.  Sorry for the shouting, it's just that my daughter's basketball is about the only thing I feel passionate about these days.

2.  I ran 8.6 miles yesterday, from Wayland Baptist Church to Salem United Methodist Church and back.  Since I hadn't measured the distance in advance, I just told myself to run from one church to the other (and back) in the hopes that it would be at least six miles, which was my goal.  When I clocked it with my car's odometer, I was shocked to learn I'd gone so far.  Mind you, I have a smart phone that could have done this mapping for me.  But thus far that smart phone's owner has not acquired the additional smartness required to use it to its full capability.

3.  Thank goodness for Monday's Martin Luther King federal holiday.  2014 and the month of January have already worn me right down out, and I am looking forward to taking down my Christmas tree maybe a day off.

That's it from me.  If you have one, two, three or more thoughts to share, please do. And thank you for doing so.

p.s. If you're local and are looking for something to do tonight, please come to the girls' basketball games at 6:00 (JV) and 7:30 (varsity) at the high school and cheer them on. I need help in the stands; it's not easy being an overly enthusiastic spectator.


Annie said...

Good on you for running...fantastic. One way to keep warm!

I didn't even go swimming this morning. I hope spending time with little grandchildren is helping me to lose weight..which is what I need to do. Taking them on the bus to the shops at the beach to meet Mummy and baby for lunch was fun. Amazing how simple things keep them so happy.

Prayers end thoughts with family in the heatwave south...four days over 40 degrees Celsius..whew...and the players also trying to play tennis at the Australian Open. Madness. Although it does look like they have cancelled play on the outside courts till later in the afternoon. Glad about that.

Do hope they can contain all the bush fires this year in the wake of a gusty cool change tomorrow! And before I go to visit.

Have fun at the basketball. Wish I could be there to cheer you and your daughter on! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow 8 miles! In January I can barely run to the store. That does it today I get out there and get exercising again. Betsy

Deltaville Jamie said...

1. My head feels like it's full of the muck in the photos. I'm surprised it hasn't started oozing out there's so much blah in there.

2. Found a puppy someone dumped on the road. Everyone wants to keep it, I have a few reservations.

3. I got nothing for #3. It's that muck.

Meg McCormick said...

Love that bottom photo!

Good for you on the running. I'm pretty sure I've not actually run 8 miles, cumulatively, in my entire life. Walked, sure, but never run. Or ran. Whatever.

My 3rd grader is home from school for a third day with a cough that has settled right into his lungs, which is what usually happens with him. Think I'll take him to the doctor. And use some sick time because working from home with a sick kid isn't easy.

I have a new craft. I cut old T-shirts into strips to make "yarn", and am crocheting them into an area rug. Because it makes me feel thrifty and virtuous (recycling!) keeps my hands occupied so they don't do things they shouldn't do. Like eat candy and potato chips.

Annie said...

Meg's new craft sounds interesting..I'll have to try it for the same reasons!

Annie said...

1. We're in a severe drought in Northern CA, and I'm not looking forward to the next several months. I'm already worrying and doing "what ifs."

2. On the bright side, the sun is shining, and it's a beautiful day for a long walk - this body doesn't run.

3. The lettuce, kale, and garlic are standing tall in the garden. They are covered every night because of the frost, but then during the day they visibly lift to the bright sunlight.

Daryl said...

1. i am late to the party

2. i know CBD's team won, cause i am late to the party

3. i had forgotten we were off Monday til someone here reminded me ... phew