Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Yesterday, after enjoying a leisurely morning of not having to rush anywhere,
I went to the grocery store, and then, on a whim, decided to drive to Mobjack.

I needed some new photos; I am tired of going to the same places.

Mobjack is out of the way for me.  I only make it down here three or four times a year.

Yesterday's bright sunshine made it a worthwhile visit.

If it were warmer, that bench would be very inviting.

But it is still very, very cold.  Way too cold to sit on a waterfront bench.

Good news about this seemingly never ending, depressing state of cold is in sight, however.

Last night I attended the high school's spring sports meeting, where they herd parents and students into the cafeteria to talk about concussions and forms and schedules and how schedules will definitely change and how your student must attend school in order to play and other informative details relating to the next round of sports.  Then they herd you into a smaller room specific to your spring sport--in our case that is soccer.

So, in spite of the fact that winter and basketball season are ongoing--with a game Thursday at West Point and at Charles City on Saturday--and in spite of the fact that there will be no rest for the weary in between basketball and soccer, the good news is SOMEBODY SAID THE WORD SPRING!


Kay L. Davies said...

concussions and forms and schedules
Only you could string those three nouns together and hope to make sense.
Congratulations on having done so.
But to have to discuss soccer while basketball is still ongoing is a little bit...wait, is that what caused the concussion?
Do tell.
But meanwhile, I love the blue sky in Mobjack, and the bench looks pretty tempting from this side of the continent. Our road melts during the day, then freezes after dark. Trucks and larger cars crunch through the ice, but I'm afraid some poor pedestrian is going to find him/herself skating off the road and into my junipers.
The good news is the town council has promised to install storm drains this year, so next year we'll have far less drama.
Luv, K

Deltaville Jamie said...

What is that greenish stuff on the ground in your photos? It reminds me of something we used to have called grass. I haven't seen it in some time and expect I won't be seeing it until sometime in August since we had an additional 2 inches or so of snow last night. On top of 24" on top of 6".... I've never been down to Mobjack, but I might need to go just to sit on that bench in the sun.

Anonymous said...

Glorious Mobjack photos, does seem to have been worth the drive on a sunny day...you must have been in the general area of the Blog Cabin, which you visited during a party setup, lo several years ago now.
Seems rather cruel to spring the whole concept of soccer season on parents who do so much shuttling and driving to practice...but of course they must "get their ducks in a row."
(Doesn't that expression only apply to a mama duck, who would be the only one concerned that her ducklings are filing behind her? Or,could there be an alternative origin to the expression, such as a carnival shooting range with the decoy ducks passing by in a row ?) Deep thoughts always crop up after midnight..


Meg McCormick said...

Hooray for SPRING and Spring Sports! As we woke up to yet more snow yesterday morning and a warning to watch for "freezing rain" this morning (but we ended up with plain old rain, lots of it, and thunder & lightning too!), and had trouble parking my car because of GIANT SNOW BANKS, it occurs to me that we've been dealing with crappy winter weather since two days before Thanksgiving, because that's what kept my sister from driving from Vermont to PA for dinner. That's almost THREE WHOLE MONTHS. No wonder we're all weary. Thank goodness Febru-WARY has only 28 days this year. Next, please!