Thursday, February 6, 2014

Three Things

Mathews High School Varsity Girls Basketball Team
Daughter Maria, front row, first on left

Welcome to Thursday, the day of the week dedicated to the sharing of three thoughts, which can be random, related, or not even fully formed sentences.  And three is only a suggestion.  Three goes with Thursday better than two which sounds better with Tuesday or one that belongs with Wednesday.  But there is no rule saying you couldn't share thirty things on Thursday if you were so inclined.  I'm clearly losing my mind, is it Spring yet? flexible that way.

I'll go first with my three paragraphs things.

1.  These are pictures of my daughter's basketball team.  They won against Middlesex the other night and played the best I've seen them play all year.  Our last home game is tonight against King William.  The seniors, pictured below, will be honored.

2.  Now that all the snow has melted, unfortunately I am able to see all the junk that is in my yard. That junk is not limited to the overabundance of tree limbs, pine cones and pine needles so common this time of year.  Nope, I am talking about two basketball goals lying topsy turvy in my driveway; a boogie board (which was used as a sled after the real sled broke) in the middle of my sidewalk; two large chunks of red plastic representing what used to be a sled  before out-of-school teenagers got to it (see above); a leaf blower on my porch (hey, it worked on that last batch of snow and is way easier than shoveling steps and porches); the hose stretching from the garage to the creek (for reasons I'll never understand, but teenagers are involved); and, well, just lots of junk.  The next warm day I really need to get out there and pick some of this stuff up.

3.  Airfare has been booked and registration submitted for Baby Sis and I to run the St. Jude's Half Marathon in Nashville April 26th.  The worst part will be the 13.1-mile jog through the city, but the best part will be seeing our friend Lauren.  Click here and here for a glimpse at last year's adventure.  (Anything involving Baby Sis begins and ends as an adventure.)

That's it for me.  Now it's your turn to share three things, which can be three sentences or three paragraphs. Or thirteen or thirty three.  Whatever floats your boat.  Anything at all.

Seniors:  Hannah R., Whitney E., Emily B. and Shanice W.


Anonymous said...

A marathon with Baby Sis...wonder if Men in Kilts will be there..or shirtless men...?
I hope the game goes well for your daughter tonight and congrats on their win the other night.
P. S. the swirly numbers to prove we are NOT robots look like a weird, written sobriety test...

Deltaville Jamie said...

1. We lost power at 5am yesterday morning and still don't have it. The electric company says maybe Friday it will be on. With no electricity there is no heat and no water. Also, there is no playing of the new Skylanders game on the Wii (as pointed out by the Brat Child). However the Brat Child mentioned we could make electricity using a potato which is true and also amazing/scary that he knows this. Of course I don't think a couple of sprouting red skins is produce much current.

2.The kids and baby and I are camping at Big E's house since he has power and even if he didn't he'd still have running water and hot water. His house (small apartment really) is also the new shower station as my mom stopped this morning to get ready for work.

3. Being outside at 5am in the dark in an ice storm is creepy. Branches and trees snapping sounded like gunfire (it was constant) and then there was the orange and green glow I saw that I'm assuming was a blown transformer (one of many).

4. I really hope the storm they're talking about for the weekend ends up being nothing. I'm pretty sick of this weather.