Thursday, February 13, 2014

Three Things

This quaint abode is on the right side of Godfrey Bay Road as you approach Misti Cove and Sandpiper Reef.

If it's Thursday, and it appears to be, then it's time to share three things--even if you don't think you have one two things important enough to share. In this case you = I (a very complicated, advanced math equation).  This time of year there just isn't much going on other than the hamster wheel of daily life that involves work, basketball, and surviving the winter.  Who knows, maybe I'll surprise myself.

Let's give this a whirl.

1.  Daughter's basketball game ended in V-I-C-T-O-R-Y Tuesday night at King and Queen.  Last night's game against King William was cancelled due to snow.  Next week, the very same week the high school is holding the meeting for spring sports even though we're still in the throes of winter sports, we're headed to the district tournament. Just like there was no break between cross country and basketball, there doesn't appear to be any sort of rest for the weary between basketball and spring soccer.  Is it summer yet?

2.  Yes, it's snowing again as it has been since October as I type this. It's supposed to change over to sleet, rain, snow, hail then rain sprinkled with a heavy dose of WhoKnowsWhat by today.  Either way, it's hibernation season!  Please? cold and dreary.  Nothing new on the weather menu here.

3.  As the snow started falling last evening, my mother brought over a pan of piping hot, homemade rolls fresh from the oven.  If there is one crumb left today, I'd be very surprised, they were absolutely delicious.

Well, it seems I can come up with three things after all.  Doesn't mean there is anything exciting here, but then again that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Now it's your turn to share.  One thing or two things.  Three things or more.  Whatever is on your mind, anything at all.


Annie said...

Love the old chair..(and the house)!

My cough is getting better, yay.

And my grand daughter and I went to the beach for a paddle. Fun!

Having fun with my wifi, think I am back on air for the moment, with a borrowed device!

Gosh those sports don't give you much of a break in between do they?

Meg McCormick said...

1. We have over a foot of snow right now... it's like waking up Christmas morning and opening up that thing you really wished for! Not that I really wished for a foot of snow, but... there is just something about snow that turns most of us into kids. Or old grumps.

2. Despite the fact that the whole world is CLOSED FOR BUSINESS, I am expected to telecommute. How can a girl be expected to work when everyone is posting snow pictures on Facebook??

3. I baked bread yesterday and made a gigantic pan of lasagna last night. Guess what's for lunch today.

Middle Sis said...

1) I want an old house like this in Mathews!

2) Third day of being snowed in! I absolutely love it. I need to stop pretending, though, that I'm somehow not able to work. You don't really have that excuse when you work from home....tee, hee.

3) I am doing some part-time work, which has been groovy!

Talk to you soon!

Middle Sis :-)

Kay L. Davies said...

I love your mom. Freshly baked goodies. Sigh.
I love the old house in your photos.
I want to go to Meg's for lunch. Oh, wait, time zones. I'm probably already too late for lunch.
I want to go to Meg's for leftovers.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to CB daughter's team for another victory. Hope all of you are okay with the storm of the century.

That house in the photo looks quite salvageable, guess we might have to draw straws for it...


Meg McCormick said...

Middle Sis I'm having the same problem: No snow days when you telecommute AND have power and internet access! I miss the gold old days. I just want to stare at the snow.