Thursday, February 20, 2014

Three Things

Welcome to yet another Thursday, the day of the week dedicated to the sharing of three thoughts.  This isn't to say that my two readers anyone reading couldn't leave three thoughts any other day of the week.  It's just important to make sure we do so at least once a week.  It stretches us  and reveals to the world the inner workings of our bizarre brains and forces us to write even when we'd really rather be hibernating.  For example.

Let's begin.

1.  Yesterday morning I jogged up and down Williams Wharf Road, and, thanks to the cold weather,  I started off with a scarf, a headband for my ears, and two layers of shirts.  One length of the road is one mile, and I did four.  By mile two the ear-covering headband, gloves, scarf and outer layer of shirt had been removed.

2.  That's because things warmed up quickly yesterday the higher the sun rose.  By the afternoon it was SEVENTY TWO beeyooteeful degrees.  And sunny!  Taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather, I worked on my back yard, picking up pine cones and sticks and more pine cones and more sticks and so many pine cones and too many stinkin' sticks until even Mother Nature had to call a time out.  When a gust of wind blew the wheel barrow holding a load of how many stupid sticks and prickly pine cones can there be! over sideways, I took that as a signal that I was working way too hard and should instead at least stop for a bit to acknowledge and appreciate the glory of a 70-degree day in February.  So I did.  Gladly.

3.  Daughter's basketball team plays at 6:00 p.m. tonight at West Point for the conference (formerly known as a district, and why they have to change the rules on us old folks is beyond me because it's still basically a district) tournament. The last time we played West Point on their turf, we beat them in overtime.  My sincere hope is tonight we beat them swiftly with no need for overtime.  The team has the capability, that is not even a question.  What they sometimes lack, however, is a substantial dose of mental fortitude and pure desire to completely annihilate crush their opponent.  In case I've not said this here before, I am a firm believer that all success in sports and, perhaps, life is a certain percent (fill in whatever number you want, it doesn't matter) skill and 150% positive sheer attitude of  annihilation determination.  They have to visualize success and sincerely, passionately believe it is theirs in order to achieve it. No doubts, no questions, no negative thoughts, no what ifs.

Now it's your turn to share. Whatever you want, in whatever quantity you want.

And let's win this conference district tournament, Mathews! Please! Thank you.


Annie said...

Wow. Love those photos. Just wonderful.

Three things, hmm. Another warm day here in Paradise. Looking forward to some cooler weather. It is so humid. erg.

I had my first swim in the ocean yesterday for a number of years. Lovely to meet a friend from my tennis group the Big Smoke, and have a coffee and a swim in the ocean. They have their caravan parked right on the edge of the ocean in a delightful tourist spot.

I confused another American reader with my use of the "Big Smoke" expression on my blog the other day. I hope I haven't confused too many of you here.

So nice to hear you throwing your heart into your sports, and your daughter's cheering squad. Go CBW and CBW daughter.

Did I say how much I enjoy my swimming...and my swim in the ocean yesterday?

Kay L. Davies said...

Three things.
72 degrees is one of my favorite temperatures. Another is 73, as is 74, and 75. After that, I find it a little too warm for my cold Canadian bones.
Our dog Lindy was not at all surprised when her veterinarian came to our house today, accompanied by a TV cameraman and a TV newsperson.
The two TV men were, however, surprised that our dog has her own Facebook page.
The reason? This isn't really the fourth of three things, just an explanation: Lindy's vet is the only one in the area who does house calls, and she just started doing them this week, so they were doing a news story about her.
Lindy was on the TV news tonight, though. That would count as a fourth thing.

Deltaville Jamie said...

I agree with your #3. I've always said the team who wants it more usually wins despite any lack in skill. If you lose the game before you start playing, well, you'll probably lose the game.

AS for my 3..

1. I hate snow. I hate looking at snow. I hate the color white. I hate that even if it had been 72 degrees here I'd still be looking at snow.
2. I have to take the new I-didn't-want-a-puppy-but-since-he-was-dumped-and-I-found-him-and-I'm-a-sucker puppy to the vet today to figure out an age and get started on some shots. Let's hope he doesn't barf all over the car- again. And I mean ALL OVER.
3.I booked my honeymoon cruise. I'd like to go now.