Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Old House II

This adorable little house lives just down the road from yesterday's house, in Diggs.

It's been a while since I stopped by for a visit.

By stopping by, I mean I slowed to a stop in the road, got out, 
snapped a few pictures from the road, then drove away.  
No trespassing was involved. I promise.

There were no cars around for miles. And miles.

Although I do appreciate my house on Queens Creek, there are many, many days
I wish I could downsize into something more manageable.

Something about this size I believe I could keep up with.

This particular one might require some work to become livable again, but size-wise I think I could handle it. 

As long as I had internet connectivity, a refrigerator, a stove, a place to sleep and a source of heat.

(This little daydream assumes, of course, that both teenagers are off living productive lives elsewhere.)

Speaking of teenagers, 

Mathews High School girls beat King and Queen last night in the last home game of the season.

That's three wins in a row, and I'm confident we can win again tonight.

Contrary to what I wrote yesterday, tonight's game is at King and Queen. 

Wednesday we play at King William.   

(There are way too many kings in this blog post, by the way.)

From abandoned houses to daydreams about abandoning my own house to a winning basketball streak to too many kings, it's time to stop writing.  If I don't force myself to stop, I'll soon be talking about Bora Bora and Javier Bardem Who Knows What due to my proclivity for rambling especially when tired.

Hope your week is going well.


Anonymous said...

Get to bed earlier, so you can at least dream about Bora Bora (or Javier) and also get extra rest to ward off the flu, (which I hope CB Son has recovered from, by now.) I like Kate's idea from an earlier post, for you to do a book with photos of the wonderful old houses (and barns) in states of poetic dereliction. If there can be a story about Bridges of Madison County, there can be a book about Mathews County's abandoned structures.
(Or, we could dream up a cheesy romance novel with you out in the field, photographing the old buildings-- when who should come along, but a doppleganger of Javier. I am sure all those who blog with you have the creativity and imagination to collaborate on such a bodice-ripper novela..)No ?
Well, I would certainly buy a book like the one Kate suggests.
The site "abandoned america" has photos of countryside structures but also will feature old churches, schools, factories, defunct cemeteries and urban decay: www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151902567162320&set=a.57751472319.66979.51371492319&type=1&theater....abandonedamerica.org
Hope your daughter's team won again !


Annie said...

Not a bad sized house, but a lot of work!! I am enjoying my much smaller house very much.
Hope you get to have some down time, and not too much more driving around at nights!! ;-)

Meg McCormick said...

Have you read of the tiny house movement? Like you, I'm intrigued. I just want to get rid of all the STUFF and live in a wee couple of rooms. I don't think that's impossible...

Happy to hear the team's on a winning streak!