Monday, February 3, 2014


Here are pictures from the time of year known as Hibernation,
where all I want to do is nothing but sleep. 

Directly on the heels of cold and snow,
for whatever reason, it was sixty degrees yesterday.

(Sixty degrees in February.)

I took advantage of the blip on the temperature gauge to run a few miles.

And for just a moment, I forgot about the urge to hibernate.

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Meg McCormick said...

It was light-jacket weather here, too, yesterday, but we woke up to a very cold rain that's trying hard to turn into ice. Kids are incredulous that they actually have to go to school. I decided to telecommute, because I CAN. Huddled in my office, space heater cranking, enjoying hot tea and the internet for a moment before I begin editing another mind-numbing employee handbook...