Monday, February 10, 2014

Old House

This old farmhouse lives on Route 613 in Diggs. 

I drove down here and took its picture on a morning I was supposed to go running.

It was just too darn cold.

This whole weekend was pretty dreary and cold and absolutely boring rather uneventful. Other than a quick 30-minute jog on Saturday, I didn't leave the house the entire weekend.  Son was (and still is) sick with flu-like symptoms.  It was a juggling act trying to keep up with his needs while keeping Daughter at a safe distance since she can't afford to get sick.  (Not that anyone ever can.)  She has three back to back basketball games this week starting tonight at home against King and Queen.  Tuesday we're away at King William.  Wednesday we're at King and Queen.  That's a lot of basketball...and a lot of driving.  They will be brutally long days for those of us who have to work an hour away.

Anyway, that's all that's fit to print from this neck of the woods.  Hope your week is a good one.


Annie said...

Loving your photos of old buildings (below) and this old house! The one of the mail box is great.

I always think it is funny that the storm shutters never seem large enough to cover the windows properly if there is a storm? Or is it an optical illusion. Something that some of our houses could do with here in OZ.

Have fun with those basketball games this week. Safe driving, and don't lose your voice. Hope son will be better soon, and that you and daughter stay well. I have managed to catch something, feel a little not well. UGH.

Country Girl said...

All the news that's fit to print. I like that. I used to work at a newspaper and liked to say "all the news that fits".

Love the images. You could do a book full of abandoned properties. I think it would be cool.