Friday, April 11, 2008


I may not be artistic or musically gifted, but I swear I know a good photograph when I see one, and today I went out with my camera and shot the most beautiful pictures of old architecture on Gwynn's Island you've NEVER seen.

And you probably will indeed never see these photos because of the following:

1. I have dial-up internet, and to upload anything takes an Act of Congress and the patience of a dead person.

2. If I had high-speed internet, I have the attention span of an Alzheimers patient and cannot retain directions, will not be able to put Step 1 + Step 2 in any sort of order that means an uploaded photograph, but will break out into a cold sweat and allow anyone else to take over.

So 3. If I should CROAK, aka KICK THE BUCKET, please know that on my digital camera there are pictures of INCREDIBLE Mathews mid-19th century architecture, that would make Ansel Adams wish he'd lived here.

OK. So I am not Ansel Adams. Or Wayne Newton.

But give me a camera and a microphone and I garonTEE (yes, I know the correct spelling) you'll be impressed.

Or laughing.

At my expense, of course.


foolery said...

This makes me want to start a Blogger blog just so I could help you through it. Don't give up -- until November I had dial-up, too, and I managed to upload pictures! Get the photo size down to a manageable size first; I rarely pay attention but maybe 300 by 400 pixels is reasonable?

Your friend's comment the other day was a great walk-through of how to do it; she explained things quite well.

It will take a couple of minutes but they WILL upload, and now I want to SEE THOSE PICTURES!

-- Laurie

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Thank you, Foolery, for wanting to help what might well be a lost cause...I thought a pixel was one of those sprite-like elves who dance in the forest? No?

The batteries in my camera went dead when I was taking all these shots, so once I figure out how to change those out (read: get my son to do it), I'll work on this. The scenery here is nothing short of breath taking (in certain spots, not everywhere) and I really want to get the pictures up here.

Thanks for stopping by!

Kaffy said...

Yes, I second the motion to get THOSE PIX UPLOADED. Although I don't hold out much hope as it took you 5 years to finally get a digital camera and another 2 to figure out how to use it. Ha ha! Taking pix can be therapeutic and tap into your creative side, so keep it up and SHOW US YOUR PIX!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

10-4 for sure, Kaffy. You know me too well. I have every intention of completing a To Do and really never get around to it.

I'll have Wonderful Son help me. Sometime. Soon.

How's that for commitment?