Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Bay

This is a picture of the Chesapeake Bay from Gwynn's Island.

What I can tell you about the bay involves a whole lot of SEA SICKNESS. My father used to love to go fishing, and of course with all of the hundreds of rivers, creeks and other perfectly fine fishing spots located really close to us, he had to go all the way across the bay to a place called The Cell. The boat ride that lasted for an eternity to get to The Cell was known as The Hell.

As you can see above, the bay is so large that you can't even see the horizon of the Eastern Shore. There is a whole lot of Nothing But Water everywhere you look. A boat ride across that bay takes a long time; a conservative estimate is FOREVER. And when it is blowin' (as they say around here, meaning it's windy) that boat ride takes even longer than forever. There is no land in sight, and the boat is bobbing up and down. Up and down. Side to side. Up and down. And little Chesapeake Bay Child would be trapped in the cabin of the boat, bouncing around like a popcorn kernel in a vat of hot oil. A popcorn kernel with a GREEN FACE.

The worst part of all was there was no relief from this torture. Once we got to The Cell on the other side of the bay, we would anchor and drop fishing lines, but we were still bobbing up and down like a tiny piece of cork. And there was no land in sight.

So to recap: long boat ride there plowing through nine-foot waves, long time waiting for people to catch fish while boat bobs up and down with absolutely no relief, and another very long ride back home, only this time we have DEAD FISH TO SMELL.

The Chesapeake Bay is beautiful, but not from the cabin of a fishing boat. The view from Gwynn's Island with my feet planted firmly on dry land suits me just fine.


foolery said...

Yeah, I'm feeling a bit green around the gills myself. What a beautiful place to live near.

cats said...

I'm kinda like that too. I want to see some land when I'm out on the water. One time about 3 years ago, my husband ,son, and myself went out on the boat. It was a Sunday afternoon. We had a little picnic and headed to the New Point Lighthouse. It is beautiful. We went right up to it. Well, getting to the point, we got caught in a ferocious thunderstorm. The boat was rocking from side to side and thunder rolled all around us. I was scared and sick. I vowed to never stray that far from land again. It took us about 30 minutes to get home from the lighthouse. It felt like forever, though. We were all relieved to make it home safe. I'm also scared of the dark. That's another story altogether.
I wonder if this is a Mathews thing, HA!
Later, CBW

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Foolery, it really is lovely, and I've only shown the tip of the iceberg.

cats - I agree. I must be able to see land somewhere. I've never been to New Point Lighthouse, although my children have and they LOVED it. (Of course they didn't get caught in a thunderstorm!)

Anonymous said...


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