Friday, May 2, 2008

Buttercups and Beef Jerky

O.K. I confess. Buttercups can be beautiful and aren't just invasive weeds.

This sea of yellow is actually in Gloucester, a neighboring county through which we all must drive in order to get to any sort of civilization, namely a store that offers more than Cajun-Jalapeno-BBQ-Honey Mustard beef jerky.

And now I have one more confession: As much as I make fun of beef jerky, I actually like it and have been known to devour an entire bag in a matter of minutes.

When in Rome.......or Mathews...


foolery said...

Oh, that is breathtaking. We have the same thing in spring, but ours is wild mustard. I wonder if they're the same thing? Probably not.

And I love beef jerky, too! OM NOM NOM NOM, as Cookie Monster says.

p.s. I can see that you're all over this picture posting thing now, which is great. Tedious to get done, I know, but so worth the effort when your pictures are that gorgeous.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Thanks, Foolery. We also have that wild mustard, but this is a batch of buttercups on steroids (they're a lot taller than the average yard-sized buttercup).

These pictures are awfully blurred (at least on my screen), but editing and perfection will come later...

Thanks for stopping by, as always.