Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Walnut Tree

This walnut tree is located on my parents' property right outside the barn I wrote about the other day. It's as old as Methuselah. How do you spell Methuselah, anyway?

I have simply taken for granted the beauty and the wonder of our walnut trees.

I realized this the other day when, taking advantage of the most unusual weather, I started snapping pictures next door on my parents' (at one time my grandparents') property.

Most of the time, I'm cussin' the walnut trees because when the lawnmower runs over top one of those walnuts, with the thick green outer shell and the incredibly tough black interior, it's no different than running over a softball. Only there's a million of them. And John Deere's blades can only take so much of running over softballs. Not that I'm deterred by John Deere's inadequacies. Never mind the hazards of jet-propelled softballs.

(Another time I'll write a post about my lawn mowing prowess. Also known as DEATH BE TO ANYTHING IN MY WAY. With no regard to belts, blades, engine parts, or small children.)

My mother saw me wandering around looking up at the sky, tripping over stumps and falling into holes, and said, "Did you get a picture of the walnut tree?" I mumbled something about trying to get a picture but not being able to keep from falling into holes and over stumps and such. Walking, talking and taking pictures is way out of my league.

Anyway, she then asked, "Did you get a picture of the scar?" At this juncture I think she's talking about the scar on my leg due to wandering around the yard aimlessly, looking up at the sky with my mouth agape, where flies, seeing a nice dark place to rest, decide to gather. I had not heard of any scar on the walnut tree.

She then pointed to a big rip just under the first branch of the incredibly huge tree. Evidently, one of the earlier owners of the property lost control of his horse and buggy, and the buggy did considerable damage to the then-young tree. The scar is still there, about 100 years later.

I imagine the scars I contracted from walking around staring at the sky will be around for a few years too.


tj said..., you're so dadgum funny! And I thank you for that! ;o) lol...

...Loved this post! I love trees, I have a fascination with them and the older the better. We had an incident happen near us recently where a large landowner had a very large old walnut tree stolen. Someone backed a truck w/trailer into the woods and quickly took a chainsaw to the old tree and took off with it! Needless to say, they knew what they were after and knew what the wood would (how about that, "wood would"?) go for. The elderly landowner had a reward out but nothing came of it - it was sad...

...And oh how I can relate to the mowing scenario! I get bored and actually chase the dog around with the mower. It really pees my husband off when I do it because he says it makes the yard 'look like hell'(his words) :o)

...Well I thank you for going to such lengths and risking life and limb (get it, "limb", and it's a post about a tree? lol ;o)...anyway, to risk all for a story for us CBW! You're too much girl! And thanks again for the sweet comment over at my place, I got such a tickle outta that! :oD


...Oh, and we'll need a follow-up story with comparison photos of the tree scar and the leg scar please.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

tj - I can't believe someone would steal a tree. Also, I'd pay good money to see you chasing the dog with the lawn mower. I've actually done the same thing, only I used it to herd cats, or scare them away, rather.

Great to hear from you!

MommyTime said...

What a great story about the horse and buggy! Aren't old trees the most wonderful things ever?

Bear Naked said...

Thanks for your story of the walnut tree.
It brought back memories of visiting my grandmothers' house where she had a big old walnut tree.
My grandfather use to pay us little kids a nickel!! to pick up as many walnuts as we could find.
The one that found the most got a dime:)

cats said...

There is a walnut tree at the cul-de-sac at the end our road. When My son was younger, we would play a game with the walnuts. We would throw them at each other. The one who got hit the most in 5 minutes would lose. They also stink. There are also magnolia trees down there. They smell so sweet. We pick them and put them in a vase. Do you like Magnolia trees?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

mommytime, bear naked and cats - thank you for commenting!

Old trees are the greatest. Truth be told, I am starting to think I like anything old. There's so much more character.

cats - I LOVE magnolias and I almost took a picture of the ginormous one in my parents' yard the other day. And you are RIGHT about the smell of the walnuts! I know because the lawn mower rips them open every time I run over them. Which is every time I cut the grass.

foolery said...

Hey Miss Cheeky,

Great tree, and I can just hear you mumbling to yourself over the roar of the lawnmower, punctuated by genteel swearing. :)

cactus petunia said...

Wow! Your walnuts actually make it to the ground?! What you need is some squirrels, girl! (I love my walnut tree and my squirrels, but the dang critters spit walnut husks all over the place in the summertime.)

ed said...


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