Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Rainbow

Note: This picture was taken during the winter months and is all brown and unappealing in its color, other than the rainbow, which I suppose is the point of the photo. Now, if I were to look in the same place, there would be nothing but green. And more green. And grass that has to be cut. And more grass. And grass on top of grass. Enough.

If there really is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, this particular pot of gold is located in Hallieford, which is a section of Mathews County (where section is equal to a piece of land the size of Rhode Island). Hallieford is home to the world-not-so-famous COW POINT, which was where we all went during the summer in our little skiffs and 16' boats with 500 h.p. Evinrudes on the back and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . Go ahead and fall asleep. I already did.

How many of you even know what the heck I'm talking about when I say Evinrude? Johnson? Cub Cadet? Bueler? Anyone?

I happen to be an expert on small boats with over-sized outboard motors, and truly this is a story for another day, but it does involve me going so fast down the creek in such a rig and cutting the boat so sharply that the ENTIRE OUTBOARD MOTOR FELL OFF THE BACK OF THE BOAT and if it were not for the GOD-PROVIDED CABLE that held the motor on the boat, that motor would STILL be going on its own accord down the creek and into the bay. Completely independent of me and the boat. Sort of like a chicken with its motor cut off.

As usual, I digress from the point, if in fact there ever was one.

Oh, yes. Hallieford.

Cow Point, aside from Elmo Broaddus's post office/former store, is the most well-known part of Hallieford. It has an enviable view of Gwynn's Island, Queens Creek and off in the distance the Piankatank River and the Chesapeake Bay. There is a lot of sandy beach at Cow Point, and it is the perfect location for launching a water skiing extravaganza.

Hallieford is also the home of a friend of mine, whose daughter(s) may or may not read this blog. This is a challenge to that daughter to figure out how to post a comment on this site and tell me a little bit of trivia about Hallieford.

'Cause I know you have a story or two to tell....

And reigning this out-of-control post back to the original photo and title: Mathews County is truly the pot-of-gold at the end of the rainbow.

Either that, or it's just a pot at the end. Of something. Truly.


foolery said...

Blogger ate my first comment. In case it shows up, feed it and send it home, would you please?

This post is a perfect example of how your stories are living, breathing beasts, Miss Cheeky. They seem to change before our eyes -- even YOUR eyes! And that and your wry sense of humor are what make your writing so much fun to read.

Also really enjoy reading the names of locals in Mathews. Such great names; we don't have names like those on the west coast.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Thanks, Foolery. Most of the time I stray way off topic.

Stay tuned ...tonight or tomorrow I'm going to post something that connects Mathews County with the moon. Yep, the moon.

cats said...

I love the picture of the rainbow. Yes, Mathews may not be the pot at the end of the rainbow, but it certainly is God's country. That's what we like to call it. We had a guy that came to work on our machines. He was from Switzerland. He asked what do you do around here for fun? I just laughed. He said this place has nothing. I said we prefer it that way. It is God's country, He said, " I can't argue that point." He did eat at some good restaurants. He also said he had met some of the nicest people in the world right here.
Have a nice weekend!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

cats, you are correct. I think that's why people stay here or come here to live, because of the peace and quiet and lack of strip malls and chain stores. The "nothing to do" aspect actually allows one's creativity to flourish.

My favorite part of living here is the small town charm, and the fact that my children play soccer with or go to school with children of friends I grew up with. And my friends' parents were friends of my parents. It's just special, and I love it.

cats said...

You know what else, my son has some of the same teachers that I had when I was in school. It is cool to see them again and have them teach my son. Mr. Thomas, Miss Snow, Mrs. Small, Mrs. Payton, Mr. Cross, Mrs. Barkers, Mr. Pappas, and Harry Ward were all teachers that I knew that were involved in my sons life ad well. Of course, that made them feel old. They are still just as nice as ever and very good teachers.
That is another cool thing about Mathews. We all know each others family for 3 generation back.