Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Very Typical Mathews Scene

This is it. Beautiful and serene.

Last Saturday my son and I went down Haven Beach, home of the infamous ghosts. (Note: "Down Haven Beach" is Mathews speak for we went TO the beach. We did not actually drive DOWN the beach, we just drove TO it. But most places around here start with "down." Like "down New Point," or "down Port Haywood." I suppose this is because we're near about underwater most times, so we're actually going below sea level, i.e. DOWN.)

I didn't see any ghosts that day and was very disappointed.

See that green squiggly stuff in the foreground? (Second note: Green Squiggly Stuff is a technical term I learned in Mrs. Gibbs 9th grade Earth Science class. I've got a memory like a steel trap. Or a sieve. You be the judge.) Anyway, back to the green squiggly stuff.

My son and I were shocked to see what appeared to be BUFFALO washed up on the beach behind the scene shown above. Upon closer inspection, we discovered the buffalo-like mounds were the dried up green squiggly stuff. I guess with that bad storm we had a week or so ago, all the dried up green stuff turned brown and got mushed into buffalo-like clumps. (Third note: "got mushed" is just plain wrong. No two ways about it.)

The marine science portion of this post is now over.

The non-marine science portion of this post, aka the HOT AIR, is also now over.


foolery said...

But were there any BUFFALO WINGS? This is the all-important (a.k.a. hot air-inspired) question.

Also, we don't say "down the beach" or "down the shore," because we have neither. My daughters DO say "down the dairy," though, which stymies me, since I grew up on this stinkin' dairy, and I never ONCE said "down the dairy." They must have got it from their Tennessee-born father. Close enough.

Beautiful place! Why on earth would anyone ever leave there?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Foolery, there WERE buffalo wings. In the forefront of my mind, along with chips and homemade salsa, and lots of deep fried Bad Things for ya.

A dairy farm? Strangely enough, there used to be cows on this property.

You need to write about the dairy farm on your blog...or maybe you have and I haven't hit the archives yet.

Mathews Home Girl said...

Chesapeake Bay woman, you are hilarious! I too know of the language "down the beach, or "down Port Haywood", actually grew up there, I am from Mathews County and love your stories of The Islander, thats how I came across your blog, was searching the net on Mathews Real Estate and began clickin and clickin and and have no idea what I clicked on, just like when I start cleaning my house, going from room to room and not completing one at a time, then forgetting what I was doing in what room(oh sorry, I'm ramblin") anyway,there was your story/picture and I was trying to see if the Islander was for sale; such a great landmark, but now a waste from its past heyday..I used to stay there in the nineties when I would come home loved the 4th of July Celebrations!.I have a great idea and dream of reviving it!...I Grew up in Port Haywood and had similar hot summer day memories of getting dropped off at a pool, only we got dropped off, or even walked/hitchhiked to Jackson's Beach House in Glebe, I must say it was a much different culture than the Islander but similar premise, bet you don't remember that place? Sounds like you are a little younger than me based on the names of your friends-Alda's Daddy owned the store in Port Haywood that we used to buy our candy, bologna, groceries etc, and she graduated with my youngest brother!
By the way, I did see a ghost at Haven Beach/Old House Woods on my Senior Day/night-LOL. Actually lost my class ring down there!!
I still live in the city, a suburb of the Motor City to be exact, but now the politics or should I say politicians has too many Sex, Text, Scandals-LOL, giving myself about 5-6 more years, then will retire to the peaceful surrounds of Mathews County...and maybe will one day own the Islander!
Great stories! Peace, signed: Mathews Home Girl

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Mathews Home Girl!!! I need comments like yours.

At least to confirm that I'm not insane, if nothing else.

Yes, Alda's Daddy ran the Port Haywood Market. I used to LOVE going there because we got free candy. And I'm ALL OVER the free candy.

I am so glad you found this site and I do hope you will continue to visit. I treasure comments from true Mathewsonians....however that is defined!

Mathews Home Girl said...

Yes!! Your response just verified that I did this blogging thing right? Still learning how to do this, haven't quite got the other parts yet, profile,etc though....I am a true Mathewsonian!! Was just there for my 31st Class Reunion in March..No you are not insane, at least I can't tell yet; we just met-LOL

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Ok, Mathews Home Girl - I, too, graduated with Alda, so I must know your brother.

Also, I'd LOVE to hear your ghost story from Haven Beach. I continue to be amazed at how many people have seen things there.

Thanks for stopping by, and PLEASE do come back!

tj said...

...Yeah, we go up or over around here... "Are you gonna go up to Hermann this weekend?" or "Are you headin' over to the fair?"...

...When I first read this, "My son and I were shocked to see what appeared to be BUFFALO washed up on the beach behind the scene shown above." I thought, "OMG! How did A buffalo wash up on the beach?!" But then upon further reading I realized you were talking about green squiggly stuff...lol... Whew - I was kinda glad too, I really didn't wanna see a dead buffalo... ;o)

...Blessings... :o)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

tj - I swear those mounds looked EXACTLY like buffalo. Or is that buffaloes?

Anyway, yes, it was the dried up green stuff, aka SEAWEED. Seaweed performs a great duty in the whole ecosystem of the bay (like I know what the heck I'm talkin' about!), but it is one devil of a thing to swim in. Creepy. And creepier when it's dried up in a buffalo-shaped mound on the beach!

Thanks for visiting.

Ann Marie aka Carly said...

see.. I live DOWN New Point LOL..