Friday, May 9, 2008

Moon, VA

This is a picture of the old Moon post office, conveniently located in downtown Moon, VA. The new/current post office is just down the road a spell and is much less interesting. Moon is another "section" of Mathews, similar to Hallieford and Hudgins. It's just the name of an area within the county, usually associated with a combination former country store and post office.

Moon became famous when the U.S. first sent a man to the moon. (By the way, my great grandfather, the blacksmith, thought the whole moon thing was a hoax. He never did believe a man actually walked on it.) (Editor's note: How many times can I say MOON in two paragraphs? Evidently a minimum of FIVE times.)

Folks from all over the country wanted stuff with the Moon, VA (we're now up to six Moons) postmark. Don't ask me how I know this, I just do. I either heard it or read it. Or dreamed it. Take your pick.

Another interesting factoid about this Moon (seven) post office is the incredibly sharp turn in the road located directly in front of this building. One time, Someone Who Shall Remain Nameless, was home from college and was terribly bored. She wanted to go down Haven Beach and see if there were any submarine races going on, or if there were any cold beverages being enjoyed (Pepsi, silly, definitely NOT an Alabama Slamma or Purple Passion. Definitely not.) In order to get to Haven Beach, you have to pass by the old Moon (eight) post office and negotiate this severe turn in the road. Someone was too busy listening to Rick James on her 8-track cassette via the power booster that was conveniently installed in her green VW bug, meaning that everyone in the Moon (nine) vicinity was enjoying Rick James, too. Someone was going about 55 in a 35 mile per hour zone. Someone was in trouble.

Anyway, let's just fast forward and note that once Someone realized there was this sharp turn involved, even though she had been through there a thousand times and knew darn well the turn was sharp, Someone screeched on the brakes. Someone's VW bug did a 180-degree turn in that road and did NOT go in the ditch or into a tree, which is truly a miracle.

A Moon miracle, that is. (TEN moons. Unbelievable.)


BOSSY said...

You had Bossy at VW Bug.

tj said...

...Could CBW be that Someone? Hmmm?

...And is this your way of shootin' us the moon? lol... ;o) Seriously, 10 times? Good gravy woman!

...Cute story - you're so funny! I love it here... :o)

...Blessings and Happy Mother's Day!...

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I am so humbled and honored that Bossy would comment here. Bossy's is The BEST blog ever. And she's also the best person ever. I know 'cause I've met her in person!

tj - this may well be the closest I come to "shootin' anyone the moon." And Someone shall remain Nameless until otherwise identified....Girl, you are the reason I started this blog. I am so grateful to you.

Happy Mothers Day to you both. Amen.

heartshapedhedges said...

Such beautiful pictures on your funny blog. My husband lived in VA, and I sat here naming all the places you mentioned, and he hasnt heard of any of them?? Are you living in an undiscovered paradise?

Bossy signed your blog!! I remember when Bossy signed my blog, and my mom ( called me to tell me, she was so excited, it was as if Id won the lottery...which, come on, it kind of is like winning the lottery when the amazing bossy signs your, congrats to you :)

Ill stop my rambling for now, Ill be back.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Thank you, heartshapedhedges. I was so excited to see Bossy's comment I nearly fainted.

Yes, we are an undiscovered paradise here. Sort of a last frontier. We're fairly isolated and a bit off the beaten path.

Thanks so much for commenting.

tj said...

...Wow! You met Bossy in person? Where? And yes I agree - when Bossy comments on ones blog it does make one feel like royalty... ;o)

...Yes, I am so happy that you started this blog CBW. You have a genuine gift of writing and laughter and you've made many a day for me! "Happy Mother's Day" to you!

...Blessings too... :o)

cats said...

Yes, I have often wondered why that place is named Moon. I thought that was rather odd when I was a child. I don't know if it has anything to do with the moon or not. That corner, YEAH, it is a small wonder why more people don't wreck there. It is very sharp and comes without a warning. The sharp corners to follow aren't much better. It's kinda like if the first one doesn't get you the next one will. That 90 degree corner in front of Becky Gatten's old house.
Keep up the good stories,cbw.

foolery said...

Jiminy Christmas, I was just SURE the story would be about Someone Who Shall Remain Nameless MOONING someone.

I'm reasonably certain it's still a possibility. Someone Who Shall Remain Nameless is said to be cheeky, after all.

I'm not at all certain, however, that it's possible to enjoy Rick James at all, but otherwise, I think I need to visit the Moon post office.

Thanks, Cheeky. :)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

cats, I am so glad you can verify and validate my stories here. It means so much. And you're right about this being one of SEVERAL hairy turns on that particular road.

Foolery, your wit is incredible. I remain in awe of your talent. There MAY or MAY NOT have been mooning involved in this story.

I'd have to check with Someone about that.


Icey said...

Ah the green VW bug -- so many memories. My personal favorite was the night at college when we did not even have the 35 cents to pay the parking attendant after bar closing time so we used the entrance, crashing out through the gate. Another night of pepsi drinking, of course

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Icey, we even KNEW the parking attendant (what was his name? something along the lines of Kramer, a one-worder, but a last name, and he was plenty weird) and STILL plowed through that gate.

I loved that bug.