Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hole in the Wall

Hole in the Wall is the name of an actual place that is not located in my house, regardless of what the name implies.

This picture was taken from mainland Mathews near the old ice plant. The trees in the background are Gwynn's Island, and if you look to the right of the trees you'll see the Hole in the Wall. See it? No? Well, there are two very good reasons you don't see it. One, Hole in the Wall is just a name given to a particular spot of water where Gwynn's Island, Stutts Creek, and a few other important things such as I can't remember converge. It is also a popular fishing destination. (Or not, I can't remember that either, but I'm fairly sure my father used to fish there. Isn't it nice to come here and read factual, detailed, and highly accurate information?) Second, the picture above really doesn't show much of Hole in the Wall, which is technically a little farther to the right.

But for now, I just like saying Hole in the Wall. And honestly until today I never realized how odd the name is.

And, until just now, I completely forgot about the hole in the wall of my bathroom.


cats said...

This is a great fishing place. I hear people talk of it often. Isn't there a little island that you can go to in your boat. I've been there back in the day. I'm not sure if I'm thinking of the right place though. What is that place that is off of Hallieford? It has cow in the phrase, I think.
Nice picture.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

cats - Cow Point is what you're thinking of, perhaps? There's also another fishing spot near Hallieford called the Mudhole (another charming name). Yes, there is an island near Hole in the Wall - it's really shallow and makes for great swimming.

foolery said...

Some spots around my world: Grizzly Flats (no grizzlies), Gator Hole (no gators), and Bear Hole (again with the bears, although there ARE black bears, but it should be BARE Hole, because of the activities that go on there).

Sometimes a name is just a loose suggestion. Beautiful place, Miss C.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Gator Hole! That sounds like something my son would call his sister. Too funny.

Tom said...

I remember my dad (and others) trying to navigate the Hole in the Wall. Very skinny water - you do not want to go outside the markers!!! Most of the time they decided to go "up and around" the island, rather than take a chance of banging up the props.