Monday, August 25, 2008

The Glebe

The other day I went to a place in Mathews called the Glebe. No, that is not a typo, I did not mean the Globe. The Glebe.

The picture above is a soybean field and Someone's outbuilding down the Glebe. I did not trespass on Someone's property. I was standing in the middle of the road and used the zoom lens. I promise.

The trespassing part came later. I came to a dead end and some lady pulled up behind me. I was turning around in her driveway, and she was not budging until I rolled down my window. She wanted to know if I was lost. She was polite, but suspicious, even (or perhaps especially) after I told her I was taking pictures of the soybean field. People just don't understand.

Below is the historical information pertaining to the Glebe. This is the only way you will get anything factual from this post, because all the rest is piffle, which is a word I had never seen before discovering Foolery's blog. I lead a very sheltered life.

Most of what is written here on a daily basis is just that: piffle.

The Glebe is a section of Mathews that, back in the Whatever Century (for facts, please click on the photo above), supported the minister of Kingston Parish. Over time the land was sold off but the name still stuck. The Glebe refers to the area, and Glebe Road refers to the best drag racing spot in the county. Not that I have ever done that. As far as you know.

There are two things that immediately come to mind when I think of the Glebe:

1. Driving Very Fast
2. Basketball Practice

Glebe Road, which connects Route 198 to Church Street, is one of the flattest, most perfect straightaways in the county. I have This Friend who, whenever she drives down Glebe Road, feels compelled to gun it, floor it, punch it, and put the pedal to the metal. This Friend only does this when (a) she is not traveling with any children and (b)there's nobody else on the road. This Friend is rarely without children as passengers, so she doesn't get to do this as much as she'd like.

This Friend lives in a fantasy world most of the time, though, and she dreams about buying a suped-up hot rod (convertible) that is LOUD. She dreams of an imaginary starting line where she revs the engine in anticipation of the signal to go. Then, she is off like a bullet, hair blowing straight back, madly and wildly shifting gears leaving all her competition in the dust. Although because the road is so narrow, there really wouldn't be any competition. This Friend really has an active imagination.

And a secret desire to be a combination roller derby star and race car driver.

The other memory of the Glebe relates to basketball practice, when we would go joy riding down there just after school and prior to practice. There was lots of speeding, especially over this one dirt road that had a cavernous hole - we loved to bounce over it, dust flying everywhere, bumpers and other car parts scraping the road. We'd spin wheels, do doughnuts, throw bottles at road signs, and spend a lot of time in this little place called StupidityCausedByTeenageHormones-Ville. To get there, you have to pass through West Peer Pressure and bear left at YourMummaWouldDieIfSheKnewWhatYouWereDoing.

Thank goodness I don't visit those places anymore. But I do get the urge now and then to race down Glebe Road. Don't tell anyone.


tj said...

...Oh yeah, then you veer right onto LuckyYouDidn'tGetYourAssKilled Blvd., correct? lol...(sorry for the lil' curse word there CBSon)

...Gosh girl, you have lived the life. I hardly have any stories to tell of my teenage years, I was a dork. Seriously. (*sigh*) And the sad part about that is, some things never change...(*heavysigh*) ;o)

...Love the lil' outbuilding in the photo!

...Blessings... :o)

Mental P Mama said...

Ah, those days of racing down country roads...gravel and dust spitting everywhere. sigh. And I haven't thought about doing donuts in 30 years.

Big Hair Envy said...

The Surveyor used to do donuts in the Stinky Town High School parking lot. It was one of the first things that attracted me to him! hahahaha!

We had that same road in our little town. I think the signs still bear the dents from all of those pony "Coca-Cola" bottles:)

Caution Flag said...

I was so boring, and I married someone entirely not boring. Now I worry which one our kids will take after.

Grandma J said...

I love the history lesson, and the Glebe.
I wonder if CBW's children know about this crazy friend of yours.

foolery said...

The road that connects our road to civilization -- no, not really, but to a highway that leads to a wide spot in the road where bread and gas and cat food are sold -- is about 9 miles long. Lots of people used to race on the road, and probably still do, only I'm not paying attention. It's never been a good idea, with all of the deer/cows/sheep/dogs/cats/horses/raccoons
(and various other creatures I can't think of right now) who sometimes wander in to the road.

But there is nothing scenic about it, so once again, Mathews wins. :)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

tj - I have been extremely lucky. Now that I'm a mother I am mortified at some of the things we did. Actually, my life was very "normal" (a relative term, we were dysfunctionally normal at best) and boring, it is just that I have this compulsion to take Normal and Boring and make it sound like something more....which it ain't. I guess I just look at things through a different set of glasses. Some people see a yard full of green grass and say, ho hum, and I will look at that yard and make up a story about what's living in the grass, or what happened one time when I walked on that grass, or how much I hate cutting that grass, or any number of trivial and ridiculous things. It's all in the imagination, and I know you have that. You've got many stories to tell, you just have to think about your life in a different do have stories, I can assure you. Everybody does. (I loved that outbuilding too. There's another one right next to it. I might put that picture up in the coming days.)

mpm - I too roads. Take me home. To the place. I belong. Mathews County. (I am worn out from a long day at work, so I'm rambling. Forgive me.)

bhe - I absolutely understand how that would be an attraction. Absolutely. Oh, and I enjoyed many ponies. Several. Some. A few. Only one. Coca-cola.

CF - I seriously doubt you are boring. See my note to tj above. I can put a spin on your life that would make people envious of you. Again, it is all in your perspective. Nobody is boring. Nobody.

GJ - Son and Daughter may or may not know this friend, it is hard to say. Oh, they know who is crazy and who isn't, rest assured, I am just not sure they have seen this side of This Friend....

Foolery - I am so glad to see that cat food is on your list of essentials, because I spend the better part of my life purchasing it and serving it up (to the cats, of course, although Chesapeake Bay Children may wonder some times at dinner based on my "hit or miss" cooking). I always say the cats eat better/more often than I do. I've seen pictures of your neck of the roads and it is plenty scenic.

Have a great evening, everyone. It is only 5:30 here and I'm so tired I could collapse right now. (Hence the rambling above.)

Anonymous said...

Glebe!? Why haven't I been informed of such a place. Mom I think you've been working a little too hard.
Love you

Bear Naked said...

This *friend* seems familiar to me.

I wonder who she could be?

Bear((( )))

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Dear Son: I'll be happy to show you the Glebe, but just remember that the speed limit is 55 and you must always wear a seat belt. Hands should be at 11 and 2 on the steering wheel and eyes focused straight ahead. Don't ever talk on the cell phone and/or text when you drive in spite of what you see other people do. And if people ever ask you to drag race, come see me. I love you.

Bear - You might know this friend of mine....she is a lot like me except she's way more brave. And cooler.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Oh, and CB Son - The place you picked blueberries that time is down the Glebe, or at least in that area. It's a rather broad area. You know the road very well - it is the short cut to Sister's soccer field. I'll show you tomorrow. Love you bunches. - Mumma

Rebeckah said...

I love soybeans too. I think they are so green! My Daddy was a farmer a long time ago and he instilled a love for all growing fields in me : )I am glad the lady didn't get too mad at you. I wonder why she was suspicious. Aren't people from the country supposed to be friendly and unsuspicious?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Rebeckah - Yes, people here are friendly and unsuspicious, but sometimes the "Come Heres" who move here from other places don't immediately understand the country way of living, which is friendly and a little more trusting.

The soybeans are at their peak now. The green is incredible.