Monday, August 18, 2008

Public Landing

This is from the public landing down Town Point Landing Road. That dock is not the public landing, but someone's private dock. Directly behind me is a gorgeous house with all sorts of signs warning about trespassing. But if you will notice, there is a post in the right hand corner above that states very clearly "public landing." I just want it duly noted for the record that I am a member of the Mathews County public, and I was standing on the public landing property. I did not once trespass. Not this time, anyway.

Let's kick off Monday with a pop quiz, shall we?

1. A public landing is:

a) a place where the community can jump out of an airplane and land safely;
b) when, much like Chesapeake Bay Woman, you have a tendency to fall down frequently and many times in the plain view of the public;
c) an access to the local waterways where anyone can fish, picnic *, swim or, depending on the location, launch a boat.

2. The main reason people go to the public landing is:
a) to trespass on other people's property;
b) to go parking and watch the submarine races;
c) to gain access to the local waterways, perhaps launch a boat, fish, swim and, if they so desire, trespass on other people's property. If they were ever a young adult in Mathews, they very likely watched submarine races here as well.

*Nobody ever picnics at a public landing, in spite of what the tourist info says.

Answers: 1-c, 2-c

Mathews County has 19 public access points to the water, and two public boat ramps: one here at Town Point Landing (growing up I never once heard it called this, it was just "the public landing") and the other on Gwynn's Island at the Seabreeze Restaurant, where the eating is mighty fine and the view spectacular. All of a sudden I am starving for some popcorn shrimp. I really need some popcorn shrimp, it is essential to my survival. If I don't get some hot, salty popcorn shrimp right now, things could get ugly.

Today I pulled out a copy of a local publication that lists all of Mathews' public landings. It says, "Some uses are restricted at certain access points and some sites are bordered closely by private property; please avoid trespassing."

I'm here to tell you that the "please avoid trespassing" part is directed exclusively at us Mathews County natives (we have a transient vacationing population and a heavy influx of retirees living here, and it was not directed at them). More specifically, it is directed squarely at Chesapeake Bay Woman, who may or may not have trespassed in the making of this post.

Pleading the Fifth


Grandma J said...

You pick today for a pop quiz? I have a feeling you are up to no good....again!

So, I have a long drive to see the DR this morning, so I will have to come back to put more thought into my answer. Maybe copy someone elses. I didn't say that.
Good Monday!

Mental P Mama said...

Did they come out and yell at you? That's what happens to me when I trespass. Which I do so much because I am such a rebel.

Rebeckah said...

Well, even if you did have to trespass, what a pretty picture : ). Your place in this world is very beautiful!

bobbie said...

Guess it's the same everywhere. Here, there's always controversy going on re beach access. Don't know why they don't just run a nice rail fence or a hedge or something along the right-of-way. Wouldn't that simplify things?

Big Hair Envy said...

All I can say is that you were lucky that Farmer Brown didn't either shoot you, or let the dogs out on you. Not that we have ever experienced those things of course......... Life in the country is not for the faint of heart.

BTW - We missed the EWF concert. They were in Portsmouth July 17. I. Am. SO. Bummed.

foolery said...

In my rural slab of turf there are clear trespass warnings posted on the properties of those people who would probably shoot anyone who tried it. The rest of the property owners don't bother, because a) the threat of being run down by a german shepherd, an angry bull or a randy goat is too great, and b) one pasture looks pretty much the same as the next, so why trespass?


Mental P Mama said...

I just want you to know that I cannot get popcorn shrimp out of my mind. And it's basically the only thought I've had all day. Seriously.

tj said...

...Alright already with the popcorn I'm having leftover pizza tonight and now all I am craving is popcorn shrimp...dadgum it CBW! ;o)

...Around here "no trespassing" signs mean one of two things.
1) A person with money resides there and doesn't want anyone peekin' at all of his riches.
or 2) It's a meth lab protected by pit bulls and a strung-out meth head named "Bubba"

...And btw, my answer was "b" on both of 'em...

...Popcorn shrimp blessings girl...

Grandma J said...

I was going to say 1-b 2-c. Looks like i was only half right. Then again I have never been to Mathews.

Auds at Barking Mad said...

Resurfacing long enough to come out here and get my fix from your pics. At least today, the first in a long time where I haven't gotten sick or been terribly dizzy! I couldn't go to bed without saying hello!

I'll be back in the morning to catch up on the rest of your recent brilliance!

Psssst! Like stolen fruit from a tree, tresspassing always nets the most awesome discoveries...Even if the goat did chase me out of the field after trying to eat my watch!