Friday, August 22, 2008

New Point Light

This is New Point Light, very close to the scene where I was caught trespassing the other day. People just don't understand what a woman could possibly be doing standing in the middle of a road with a camera, when 10 signs in plain view clearly state, "No Trespassing." I'm not sure I even understand it. The land depicted here, however, is public property. Just wanted to toss that out there.

Perhaps one of the most recognized landmarks in Mathews, the lighthouse at New Point is accessible only by boat although it is open to the public. So, if you happen to find yourself visiting Mathews, and you manage to make your way all the way down New Point, bring your hip boots (to wade through the marsh) and a bathing suit if you want to go to the light house, unless you remembered to bring your boat.

I would travel with my boat all the time, except it is full of water and sinking. And it's only 3 years old. I am personally full of water and hot air, plus everything on me is sinking, but I'm 43 and that is to be expected.

The lighthouse was authorized by Congress in 1801, and I could have sworn there was a connection to Thomas Jefferson. Maybe I just dreamed that. No! For once my memory is not failing me. I just found a brochure that says Jefferson commissioned it in 1804. Have I mentioned that I love Thomas Jefferson? He might be the one person besides Jane Austen I would like to talk to if I could pick anyone dead or alive to talk to. He was such a Renaissance Man. I love Renaissance Men. I think he would have been too short for me, though, but we're just talking about having a conversation, not a relationship, neither of which is going to happen.

Where was I? Oh. The lighthouse.

I have a book called Images of America Mathews County, written by Sarah Lewis. In it there is a picture of this lighthouse before storms eroded the land connecting it to the mainland. Just to the left was a keeper’s house (it was a two story farmhouse-type dwelling), and there was a sandy beach with a few pine trees.

Looking at it now, it seems impossible that all that existed. Hell hath no fury like Mother Nature when she’s in a bad mood, and, in 1933, somebody must have really pissed her off, because she let a hurricane loose that took care of any remnants of land connecting to the mainland. Folks still talk about The Great Storm of 1933 as if it happened yesterday.

As many years as I’ve spent in Mathews, I have never been to the lighthouse. I have never been on the Mobjack Bay. As long as we’re on the subject (where subject = things I’ve never done), I have never had the chicken pox, have never been called for jury duty, and never understood why you aren’t supposed to rip the label off a mattress.

And to keep with my predilection* for straying from any and all topics, what have you never done? Leave me a comment so when I come home from work tonight I'll have something to entertain me after 12 hours with no internet access.

*I had to look this word up to make sure I knew what on Earth it meant. Also, the first time I wrote it, I spelled it "predeliction," which proves I wasn't entirely sure I knew what I was talking about. I rarely do.


Living on the Spit said...

Lovely and beautiful post. It makes me want to boat from my side side of the water out to your side! Hmmm, things I have never done: I have never been to Italy but want to very badly, I hardly ever follow directions to a T, and I have never been west of the Mississippi. I hope you have a great weekend! You used the word correctly, by the way!

Keeper Of All Things said... it just me or are these pictures slightly erotic?
HMMM....Just me?!!
Maybe I should go shower.

MommyTime said...

Let's see... I've never skydived, eaten tripe, or visited Saudi Arabia. None of these are things I really plan on trying any time soon, and I'm pretty sure I can't do them by accident, thankfully. A few things I've never done that I would really like to do include: visiting Japan, kayaking in Alaska, and swimming with dolphins. And, I'll try most new food once, unless they once had more than four legs, but organs freak me out. (Not church organs; those are really amazing. Though not edible either.) Okay -- now must go have coffee. Obviously.

Mental P Mama said...

Oh we love TJ here, too. And he was taaaall. Like 6'3" or he could have been a contender. That is beautiful, and when I come visit, we can pack up some wine and go out there;) Have a nice day...

Anonymous said...


I've visited New Point Light in my bathing suit AND I WALKED THERE (perhaps waded would be a more correct term).

That should give you an idea of how freakishly tall I am (did I mention I was the center when I played basketball with Lil Sis?)

We took a boat to New Point Island, which of course is no longer connected to New Point Light, and then I intended to swim accross the channel, but I ended up just wading, 'cause the water never got up past my neck.

I am fairly certain Thomas Jefferson would have had to swim. OK scratch that! According to, John Adams would have had to swim -- both Thomas Jefferson and George Washington could have waded on over beside me. (and TJ was taller than GW, at 6' 2.5" and 6' 2", respectively, who knew?)

I, too, have long admired Thomas Jefferson (and Monticello is my favorite house on the planet, next to my mumma's). I've recently developed a sincere affection for old "GW" as well, after reading "1776". But TJ would definitely beat him out in the "conversation with anyone living or dead" contest. However, he'd have to get in line behind my grandfather.

There's a million things I've never done -- what I'd like to do most is go to Italy and see all the fabulous art and architechure there.

Your question reminded me of this song, which is burned into my brain from too much commuting with my kids listening to the "Veggie Tales." (how's that for off topic? my life is so random.)

Have a great weekend!

(Anonymous Mathews Native Residing in the Suburbs of Richmond)

Grandma J said...

I love that lighthouse! Imagine Thomas Jefferson skipping out to climb up it as a young water to obstuct his path. Ok, so he was never there as a young boy. It's funny how mother nature changes the landscape right before our eyes. My apartment was much bigger last month...then mother nature got involved...

I have always torn tags off of pillows and mattresses...or anything that had a tag that threatened me with live in prison if I removed it. I love to "double dare" those people who try to scare us with those tags.
Don't work too hard. No internet? Severe and cruel punishment at it's worse.

Bear Naked said...

You realize now that you have stated that you have never been called for jury duty that in next weeks mail there will be a notice for you saying "HA HA GUESS WHAT? You have tempted the Judicial Gods.
You are now one of the chosen!"

Just warning you, so you won't be too surprised.

Either that or you are going to have spots magically appear from the chicken Pox Gods.

Bear((( )))

foolery said...

I have never eaten an entire bag of Milano cookies by myself while watching television in my apartment late at night in college.

I have never been to the lighthouse, either. Nor have I been on the Mobjack Bay. That's because I have never been east of Kansas, except for Florida, Europe and the Caribbean. But I have had the chicken pox, TWICE, so I can heartily recommend you skip down to your doctor and ask about adult vaccinations, because MAN ALIVE you don't want chicken pox as an adult.

While I HAVE been called for jury duty, I have never had to serve. Tags on things are invisible to me.

Gorgeous photo, Miss Cheeky, as always.

tj said...

...Hi CBW! I love that lighthouse! I just saw on TV recently that they're selling so many lighthouses now due to the fact that they are falling into such a state of disrepair. Supposedly the public can purchase one cheap but it will require lots o' hard work and lots o' money to restore to be able to live in one... Not to mention, one needs a boat to be able to get to one. So sad that they let them go like that...

...Aww, I love you too 'MPM'! gack!lol... I know, I know, you're talkin' about Thomas Jefferson...I couldn't resist! lol... ;o)

...Happy Friday CBW!

...Blessings too... :o)

Anonymous said...

You've never been to the lighthouse! And I thought that you'd been everywhere in Mathews. I haven't been to the lighthouse either but I waded up pretty close to it. HAAAAAAA

see you tonight mom

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Happy Friday, everyone.

LOTS - Thank you, and you should definitely take a boat ride over here. You won't want to leave.

KOAT - Slightly....

Mommytime- I want to see Alaska badly. I have, unfortunately, eaten tripe.

MPM - I don't know why I thought he was short. I think it had to do with the length of his bed in Monticello, but I am certainly glad to know he was tall. I love tall. And yes, I will give you the royal tour when you visit. I am taking reservations for the fall/winter season if you care to make any special requests.

AMNRITSOR- Excellent contribution! Little Sis did tell me some basketball stories, but I didn't realize you were so tall. I'd like to see Italy, too. I hear you can get a glass or two of decent red wine there....

GJ - I knew I liked you. What a rebel, pulling off those tags and risking a life sentence. Are you ready for supper at Foolery's Tuesday?

BN - I tempt every possible shred of fate with every second that goes by. I am actually hoping I DO get called for jury duty. I am starting to wonder why I haven't before. Maybe it is because I'm registered as an "independent" voter, and they don't like the sounds of that. (I can be a bit of a rebel, too, sometimes. Don't tell anyone.)

Foolery - Your Milanos are my potato chips. And I confess that I have eaten an entire bag. Just yesterday. And I did finally relent to the chicken pox vaccine so hopefully that'll stick.

TJ (not to be confused with Thomas Jefferson) - They (whoever "they" is) recently sold another Mathews landmark - Wolftrap Light - to an individual, so that practice has already made its way down/over/up/whatever here.

Chesapeake Bay Son!! - I love you. Thank you for reading your mother's rambling stuff. Oh, and your room's a mess, we have to work on that. Love you!

Have a great Friday evening, everyone, and thanks as always for stopping by.

Karen Deborah said...

I have never looked good in a bikini. There are lots of things I've never done, like speaking fluent Japanese. One thing I would like to do that I haven't done is live in the country.
Love the photos, keep traipsing!

Golden To Silver Val said...

This is one woman who really does appreciate how you are taking your very life in your hands in order to produce such beautiful, rewarding and educational posts. I have visions of you returning home each day with your clothes in shreds, mud smeared all over you and bandages on your extremities. WHATTA WOMAN! Thank you, thank you.
I've never seen a Fiddler crab...I never knew they were talented.

Bayman said...

I actualy worked on the water one winter, dredging crabs, back in the eighties. I often cursed that lighthouse in the early morning, heading out in rough weather, freezing temperatures. But in the evening sun, after the winds had died, and the seas had flattened out, there was not a more comforting sight than to see it standing tall and proud. It is the symbol of Mathews, and I hope it is here for our grand kids, and theirs too.

bellalately said...

I have a soft spot for TJ in my heart as well. Mainly b/c he was a left like everyone else I know or am related to. (Seriously- my mom, dad, husb., best friend, grandmother.....the list goes on. I'm the only righty I know!)

I am old and the cockles of my brain are long decayed-- but I could swear to a girl scout clam bake on the beach across from the lighthouse at some point.