Saturday, April 18, 2009


This is a shot through some brush on the Cricket Hill side of Milford Haven, just down the way from the Coast Guard. I was standing in the state road when I took the picture, so no trespassing was involved.

The sun has been shining brightly the past 24 hours, and "they" are calling for temperatures in the 80's here today. I sure hope "they" are right, because my bones are cold and my soul is weary.

My Saturday will be spent driving 55 miles to a lacrosse tournament, where Chesapeake Bay Daughter might play 5 minutes of each game due to the fact that she's 10 and most everyone else is 13+ but never mind all that.

I'll sit on the sidelines in my red chair that says "Baseball" on the back, because really that's what I have been training to watch most of my life, yet neither of my children were inclined to play after they reached the coach-pitch stage.

Pardon me while I go cry now since today is the first day of baseball at the Piankatank Ruritan Club, which is the home of the Mathews County Little League, crab cakes, BBQ, sweetened iced tea and hours and hours of baseball/softball.

The Accidental/Misplaced Lacrosse Parent Who Really Needs to be in the Bleachers Swinging at Every Pitch and Cheering Children Across Home Plate.

p.s. What will you be doing this Saturday?

I'll be dreaming about a low, inside pitch that I pull hard to the left, either inside the third base line or into left field.


Annie said...

well, I hope you have a good day anyway, dreaming about baseball while your daughter plays lacrosse..

maybe a grandchild will take it up (baseball) is the great American sport after all, isn't it?

we had a great day at the Smithsonian after a delayed start to the day, and an emergency trip to the Pentagon to pick up a mislaid package..more later!

and as usual little sister nonnie mouse is fast asleep after hitting the pillow 10 seconds ago!

but we did find out about the coffee have to make sure to pour the water in at the right place...I wondered why the bench was wet...and it isn't as if she has never used is I who hasn't! or haven't?

Night night!

TSannie said...

I shall be cleaning out/purging crap from my sis's place. And it will be fun.

Must say I was lucky enough to have a kids that loved and played baseball/softball. It was a good time, a very good time.

Grandma J said...

I hate to rub your nose in it, but I will probably be at a baseball tournament for A-Ron. It's like that every weekend around here...this weekend they will spend the night and Grandma J will come home to JJ.
On the other hand, if it's raining I will stay in my pajamas, make some cookies and pretend I'm skinny so I can eat as many as I want.
I love Lacrosse.

foolery said...

Lacrosse -- isn't that Michael Jackson's talent-free sister?

I shall be mowing the lawn, since I just learned how this evening. No, I'm not kidding. And I remembered WHY I had never mown the lawn growing up: I had bad allergies as a kid. And my allergies, which have been in remission since my teen years, reared up STRONG just after the mower overheated from the heavy cutting I asked it to do. I could breathe normally about two hours later.

If the mower doesn't get stolen overnight from its spot by the road where I left it in its overheated state, I shall mow tomorrow. And wheeze.

Ellen said...

Mourning Harry Kalas, voice of the Phillies.
Baseball lover too, and my son rows. That's okay, I like rowing now too.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Annie-When you use the word "emergency" in the same sentence as "Pentagon" I must know more! Glad you enjoyed the Smithsonian - there's so much to see downtown. Also, not sure how much time you have, but one of my favoritest (it's a word) places in Northern Va./DC is a place called Huntley Meadows (regional park, I think, in Alexandria), which is a trail through a forest which leads to a marsh/wetlands area. Lots of interesting birds and wildlife, and a great way to exercise without realizing it. (That's my kind of exercise.) I used to take my kids there when they were very young, and they loved it. (It is stroller friendly.)

TSA - At least you should have good weather for the cleaning process. (She says, trying to be otpimistic. I can't say I'd enjoy anything involving cleaning unless it was a plate filled with food.)

GJ - I'm jealous. About the baseball as well as the cookies.

Foolery - Good luck with all that. Maybe some of your parents' cows could come over and take care of that grass? I must say that with all those stories of you herding cattle in your high heels I thought for sure you were a professional at cutting grass. Good luck.

Ellen, I heard about his death earlier this week, sorry about your loss. Mathews has a great crew program, although I've never been to a _______ (meet? match? regatta?)

OK, headed now to get psyched up for a day of lacrosse, which means I am headed towards a full carafe of extra strong coffee.

Have a great Saturday.

Anonymous said...

10am Tennis match. 11:30 Victory Dance. 12noon Home Depot to get flowers for deck. 3pm tired....nap....or go shopping, depending on my priorities at the time. 7pm get ready for friend's 50th birthday party at Wild Wing. My fun-filled Saturday! :-)

-Middle Sis

Mental P Mama said...

Oh great. Now all I want is some BBQ and sweet tea. And, I'm sorry, but I have memories of sitting at little league baseball games WHILE IT SNOWED. I always packed a coffee cup full of cabernet. Because I'm smart like that.

Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned they hadn't seen me the last several weeks or so....followed by an "Oh My, I didn't realize, you're daughters have all grown up".

That was the slap, my realization that this is the 1st spring in 12, no 13 years that I'm not raking, chalking, hauling brick dust, cleaning equipment, fixing fences, unloading truck loads of candy, rewiring (yet again) hot dog cookers that should have been thrown away decades ago, cleaning bathroom stalls, reminding parents of the rules, selling soft-drinks, teaching children the rules, filling in as a pitcher, an umpire, a cheerleader, the team photographer, all while ignoring my every growing yard to keep 'another yard' in pristine condition complete with blisters, sore backs and tired knees.
I'm not going to miss the cheers, or the tears, the home runs or the strike outs. Not the anticipation of a batter who knows what to do to an outside pitch with a runner on 3rd. Nor the drama of the princes who 'knows for a fact' the pitcher is intentionally trying to hit her. It's cold and drizzling outside. My coffee is fresh and steaming hot...for the 1st spring in 12...make that 13 years.

And after I read the morning paper I might just go take a nap cause for the 1st time in a long time, I've got nothing else to do that can't wait until it's dry and sunny out.

Keeper Of All Things said...

My Sat. is filled with running to cheer competitions. 5 hours for 2.3 seconds.
Sigh...............hard bleachers and not a beer in sight.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually listening to The Cardinals on the radio, blogging, cleaning, & doing laundry! hehehe

I came over from Annie's page... she suggested everyone check out your page!


Daryl said...

Ah well Husband has on basketball and I just got back from the Chelsea area having met up with a local blogger .. we had a nice day and its warm and sunny here ...

Annie said...

Well, it wasn't quite what you might have thought. It involved a missing little money purse with a few cards in it. Discovered it missing after we bought our tickets at the station, luckily, so went back to look, and report it, and before we could say Jack Robinson or whatever it is you say over here, the station manager was calling me had been handed in at the pentagon (station)...sorry I left out the station bit ...for dramatic effect.

All's well that ends well, just lost $20 dollars only, donated obviously to someone in worse circumstances...just hope they didn't buy drugs with it, but I guess that is a high probability!

I am very thankful to get the few cards Australian driver's licence, etc. And the dear little leather purse was something I had bought in Ireland while visiting my niece some years back,, so it is nice to have it back too. No credit cards were lost (I don't own one) during the event. I am very thankful to the person who handed it in after the other person left it on the train ...all we had to do was catch the train to the pentagon and pick it up! Sorry that is pentagon station! I keep doing that, oops.

Well, I hope you had a good day, we did, although sightseeing is tiring!!


ps There was a ps but I have forgotten already..aren't you pleased!

Big Hair Envy said...

Today? I had a kick-off luncheon meeting for the June Walk-a-thon for the Foundation to Prevent Blindness. It was at Maggiano's, at Short Pump. I'm still full!!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Middle Sis - No doubt you won your tennis match. When are you going to go pro so we all can retire? And what is Wild Wing? What about the other wing, is that a tame one? Your Saturday sounds far more eventful than mine, hope it was good. Mark your calendar for July 16-19 por favor: Blog Fest.

MPM - You're a woman after my own heart. Although instead of a coffee cup I've been known to fill an empty pepsi bottle. Maybe. Perhaps.

Anonymous - Will you do a guest blog for me? Seriously, I could read your poignant comment 10 times and get something else out of it each time. On behalf of all parents who can be oblivious to the behind the scenes work, thank you for all that hard work. I hope you enjoyed your coffee, your paper and your nap, which by the way are the ingredients for a perfect day as far as I'm concerned.

Keeper - I hope it went well today and that your five hours was worth it. Also hope you were able to quench that thirst later this evening.....

Tricia - thanks for dropping in and thank you for telling me that TS Annie sent you. She's a sweetheart. (And on her blog today she has a picture of a vehicle in Northern Virginia with a license plate that says CBW on it. Go figure.)

Daryl - Sounds like a very relaxing day.

Annie - How fortunate you are to have the purse returned. Somebody was watching over you. I used to work in Pentagon City so am familiar with that metro stop at the Pentagon. (My grandfather worked at the Pentagon many moons ago, I believe it was during WWII.)

BHE -Maggianos at Short Pump is a food eating marathon. (Cheesecake Factory is there too....) When is your walkathon and where?

Have a wonderful evening and a great Sunday. - cbw